The Thursday Three: August 9th

Most of us will, at some point in our lives, be gainfully employed (we can hope). But whether you love your job or work simply for that handy paycheck at the end of the month, one thing is for sure: no job will ever be as cool as those found in a kdrama.

So today’s question (though I’m sure you’d never have guessed) is: what are the 3 coolest jobs in kdramaland? (and no, Gong Yoo’s girlfriend/stalker doesn’t qualify as a job – I checked.)

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9 thoughts on “The Thursday Three: August 9th”

  1. 1. A World Class Cook like we saw in Fermentation Family! I just loved that drama and the kimchis?! Anywhere I can go and find any that were highlight, I am on a search and eat mission!

    2. Joo-Won’s secretary assistant in Secret Garden. Imagine being able to watch those adorable children grow up.

    3. So Ji Sub’s van driver! One can dream! I don’t need to marry him, just ride and go wherever he goes!

    My list could go on but that’s my top three!

  2. 1. Joseon Musketeer wrangler and guidance counsellor – Park Ha, Rooftop Prince

    2. Masked crusader’s home help and mission minion – Bae Man-duk Ahjussi, City Hunter (he even gets the hero’s credit cards and lots of hugs!)

    3. Vampire Prosecutor. Nuff said!!

    4. (Can I have a 4?) A N Jell’s Manager Ma . . .

    (I’m not sure yet but advance warning makes it sound like being feisty ghost Arang or the twin lords of the gods in the upcoming Arang and the Magistrate are going to be pretty cool jobs too)

    Oddly, most of the coolest jobs I could think of are unpaid . . . grim reaper Jung Il Woo anyone? Superb best friend chaebol in Protect the Boss.

  3. 1. Coffee Prince jobs 🙂 how fun would that be?! Surrounded by cute guys, makin cute shapes on coffee >.< it would be such a chill, relaxed job ^^

    2. City Hunter. Fighting evil bad guys with epic kick-butt skills?! SIGN ME UP 😀 (tho is tht a job? o.o idk but now it is. I'm the Korean Batman :D)

    3. Secret Garden – Kim Joo Won (wait is that his name? Hyun Bin's character! Don't feel like googling lol) I wanna be that rich T^T how nice~~ to buy Italian, sequined (<<< is that a real word? Lol prolly not oh well!) jogging suits xD

  4. King 2 Hearts’s Princess Lee Jae Shin: You get to be a full time princess and a part time pop star, what else can you ask for, having Lee Seung Gi as your Oppa?? Oh wait…

    Boys Over Flowers’s Gu Jun Pyo (or any chaebol for that matter)to be born with a silver spoon, to have maid and to to go to an exotic location as easily as going to the town next door, what is not to love about that life

    Best Love’s Dokko Jin: nation’s top star, look cool enough 😛

  5. Wow, haven’t really thought about this before so find it a bit tough to narrow it down

    1. I’ll go with Kim Sun Ah’s in I Do,I Do since I love shoes and what better job than that?? LOL I will take the younger man / noona love too!!
    2. Sung YuRi’s role in Feast of the Gods – with a guardian angel liek Lee Sang Woo – yummy
    3. Yoon Eun Hye – Hye Na in Take care of the yourng lady/My Fair lady – rich, 2 guys one is a personal butler hehe

    ANy jog in K Dramaland – you can always leave during working hours to meet future in laws, rival or family, hehe

  6. Neat, I like this question!

    1. Photographer Jung Jin Young from Love Rain

    2. Baker Kim Sam Soon from My Lovely Kim Sam Soon (I know, it has a lot of names but that’s the one I like the best)

    3. Designer Seo Jae Hee from Me Too, Flower

  7. I second Wol on the Coffee Prince jobs! Anyplace where your co-workers are quirky but caring 🙂

    Can’t really pin down any particular job, but most of the dramas I’ve watched have featured the (poor but determined) heroine doing milk deliveries. I don’t suppose it qualifies as ‘cool’, really – it must be hard work – but look at all the people they get to meet in those milk rounds! And all the people who secretly support them on those milk rounds (doing the deliveries when they are sick, buying them bicycles)! And all the ways they can secretly leave milk for the people they love! Er. Obviously gotten swept away on a wave of romantic sentimentalism 🙂

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