The Thursday Three: August 23rd

Whether we feel broken-hearted or joyful, wounded or celebratory, our friends are always there: to ease the pain, to calm us down, to help us blow off a little steam; what would we do without them?

In kdramas, friendships are, I think, often overlooked in favour of the romantic aspect of the drama; and while romance is, of course, a large part of a kdrama, I can’t help but think that a hero/heroine without friends would be a rather lonely individual (particularly, let’s face it, in the middle to late stretch of the show, when the inevitable separation begins and the angst really kicks in).

So my question today is: what do you think are the three best friendships in kdramaland?

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5 thoughts on “The Thursday Three: August 23rd”

  1. 1- Jae Shin and Yong Ha from SKKS: the bromance might have steal the show, but more than just fanservice, these 2 had a solid 10 years old friendship that defined their characters and actions.

    2- Ji Hyuk and Hyun Soo (and pretty much everyone) in Shut Up Flower Boy Band: the journey of a band being the metaphor of their friendship… In the end, they chose to save their friendship by disbanding. Bromance galore, but it was all hearts

    3- The main cast of Answer Me 1997: when your high school besties are still your good friends after 15 years, it’s great friendship!

  2. 1. A Gentleman’s Dignity: All four of our guys. I loved their stories as friends a tad more than the love stories.

    2. The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry: All three women. You have a triangle of awesome there. I love the kickass friend that doesn’t let you lie to yourself nor get away with anything but is still there for you.

    3. Hotelier: Suh Jin Young and Lee Soon Jung. I really dislike the word “frienemy” but they made it hilarious and I liked watching their friendship grow.

  3. Great question!
    1. Jae Shin and Yong Ha tops my list, too! (SKKS)
    2. The characters from Protect the Boss…loved the cousins together and Noh Eun Seol and Wang Ji Hye and Wrestler Girl LOL
    3. The men from Capital Scandal and how they were able to reaffirm their friendship/brotherhood 🙂

  4. 1. Jae Shin and Yong Ha from SKKS also tops my list-ditto for the same reasons as stated
    2. Dong Joo and Jun Ha/Maru from Can You Hear My Heart- next to #1, this was the best bromance ever! Sure they had a brief period of angst but they came back together like nothing had happened!
    3. Ha Dong-A and Lee Kana-Suk from Gloria-this gem of a drama is my absolute favorite drama considering its 50 ep. I’ve re-watched this a couple times. The relationship grows to be friends that back each other up. This is watching a friendship begin of 2 men from diverse backgrounds and it’s wonderful to watch!

  5. Hmm, I found this surprisingly difficult – not so much because it was hard to find good friends in kdramas, but because it was hard to narrow it down to just three.

    Okay, I’m going to be thoroughly predictable and will say:

    1) The Dream High gang. I love how disparate they all were in the beginning and how they came together to support one another through it all – through the petty rivalries and flower pots to the head; and the simpler, sweeter moments between them all (one such moment is illustrated above; ah, it was such a lovely, quiet beat between Hye-mi and Pil-sook). Love, too, that they’re remained friends in the flashforward. 🙂

    2) Nan-hee/Hyung-tae, Bottom of the 9th with 2 Outs. Lifelong best friends who know each other inside and out, who accept each other’s flaws, encourage each other and, oh yeah, fall in love. Even without the romance and the UST, I’d have loved this pairing for their fantastic friendship.

    3) Young-in’s two besties (Ji-sook and Yong-deok) in Who Are You. Man, talk about two friends who’re willing to do almost anything for you: get beaten up by gangsters, run away with you from said gangsters, pretend to be a girl even though you’re a guy just so your bff feels comfortable sharing your room because she’s nowhere else to go… Ah, their endless support and understanding makes me heart squeeze. 🙂

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