The Thursday Three: August 16th

Ah, kdrama kisses. There’s nothing quite like the moment when the hero (or heroine) realises, I think I have feelings for this person. And these feelings, they might just be… romantic! Cue fluttering hearts, sidelong glances and, oh yeah, smoochies.

Today’s question is all about the locking of lips (or lips to forehead/cheek/hand/neck – hey, we kdrama viewers take whatever we can get). So I’d like to know, of all the kisses (sweet, romantic, friendly, comforting, angry, passionate, tender…) in all the (kdrama)land, which would you rate as the top three?

Leave your answers below, and if you’ve any queries, comments or complaints (though hopefully not that last one), you can contact me on twitter, or email. 🙂

14 thoughts on “The Thursday Three: August 16th”

  1. -Secret Garden:Christmas party kiss.
    -Queen In Hyun’s Man: Tip toe kiss.
    -Me Too, Flower: Magkeolli kiss.
    In no particular order. All exceptional and intense.
    If I had a bit of room left, the scar kiss of Princess Man was cool too.

  2. Top 3
    1. Yuchun and Han Jimin during their wedding kiss in Rooftop Prince
    2. Yuchun kissed Jimin’s lips and eyes and said ” Go and rest, otherwise I would punish your lips and eyes some lessons!”
    3. Lie to me’s COLA KISS

  3. Lie To Me- Cola Kiss

    Secret Garden- Christmas Party Kiss

    And idk about the third most favorite kiss, there’s been so many but the top two still make me giddy thinking about them.

    Have a great Friday Twinklings!!! ^.^


  4. Hah I was wondering when we will get to this topic, lol

    There’s too many I can’t think straight so I will go with my favourite Sungkukwan Scandal elevator kiss, Secret Garden and last I Do, I Do – in her apartment heh can’t remember the episode now, must re watch tonight

    Wonder what will next Thursday question be, hmmm

  5. Copying from above
    -Queen In Hyun’s Man: Tip toe kiss.
    -Secret Garden:Christmas party kiss.
    -The Princess’ Man scar kiss- talk about a kiss being sensual without lips! WOW!

  6. 1. Lie to me – Cola Kiss. In Lie To Me all the kisses were great.
    I enojoyed every single moment between Gong Ah Jung and Hyun Ki Joon.

    2. King 2 Hearts – The kiss from 6 episode (I think) Refrigerator Kiss, it was sweet and also fun.

    3. A Gentleman’s Dignity – Episode 6 Bubbles kiss.

  7. No particular order:

    1) Shining Inheritance/ Brilliant Legacy – when Hwan grabs and kisses Eun-sung on the bridge. Can’t remember how many times I replayed and watched that one.
    2) Queen In-hyun’s Man – Boong-do and Hee-jin in the car. Or maybe the tip-toe kiss. Oh, i’ll just go with all their kisses.
    3) Shut Up: Flower Boy Band – Ji-hyuk and Su-ah on the rooftop.

    1. I forgot about Shining Inheritance/ Brilliant Legacy kiss, it was a great one, I enjoyed the outfits, the view and Le Seung Gi.

  8. ** City Hunter – Rooftop midnight kiss
    ** Queen In Hyun’s Man – Tip toe kiss
    ** Coffee Prince – Let’s go as far as we can go kiss!

    (Whether you’re a man, or an alien. I don’t care anymore. I tried getting rid of my feelings, but I couldn’t. So let’s go, as far as we can go. )

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