The Three Musketeers: Episode 1 Previews

The Three Musketeers


*returns to non-fangirl mode*

Yup, the previews for Episode 1 have just hit the airwaves, and I’m excited to see how Korea’s rendition of Alexandre Dumas’s timeless classic translates as the cast and staff take viewers back into a fictitious Joseon world of adventure, fidelity, intrigue, and humor…mustn’t forget how the musketeers, especially Porthos, have razor-sharp wits. AND it looks as though Jung Yong Hwa will be portraying the D’Artagnan character. Hee~!

Can you tell that I’m excited already? 😀 

Here are the previews for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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  1. Me too! I can’t tell you how many variations and versions of this ole favorite of mine. I’m really curious on the “Korean” version. Should be interesting.

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