The Return of Superman: Tablo and Haru…Goodbye

Superman 46

Sadly, just as everything has a beginning, so must it also have an ending. Such is the case with our beloved Tablo and Haru as they filmed their last segment for this variety show late last year. The English-subtitled video was recently made available, and it seemed only fitting that our community bid farewell and best wishes to this spunky little girl and her father as Tablo turns his full attention once again to his music.

Video: Compliments of KBS World TV via Youtube

I hope you get the opportunity to see this last segment featuring the Lees. There’s something quite heartwarming about a grandchild’s love for a grandparent, and when that bond continues even after death, that devotion takes on another layer of poignancy, especially when it helps to comfort a parent.

Recently, my little niece told me that her halmoni (aka my mother) is her best friend. *warm fuzzies* When you see Haru and Tablo together, you see the beginnings of a best-friend relationship that will span both their lifetimes. Here’s wishing Lee Haru and her parents all the happiness in the world! May she be a brilliant testament to her lineage! We shall miss you two….

Superman 47

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