The Return of Superman: Tablo and Haru…at the Dentist

Superman 29

It’s been said often that children are more resilient than adults think, and today’s segment with Haru demonstrates this quite clearly and definitively: Our spunky marine-life-loving 5-year-old girl puts on a brave face for her anxious father.

*warm fuzzies* Our little girl is growing up into such a strong young woman…I LOVE it! 🙂

If you’re in the mood for a heartwarming moment to ward off the Monday blues, take a look…

Video: Compliments of KBS World TV via Youtube

Whoever said little girls aren’t strong obviously never saw actual little girls! Lee Haru is growing up to be a remarkable girl who exhibits all the best qualities of both of her parents. 🙂 Can you tell that I’ve already become a staunch supporter of our oldest kid on The Return of Superman? 😉

Happy Monday, Twinkles! May we all bravely face our weekly duties in much the same way that Haru faced her dental pain and fears!

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