The Return of Superman: Song Triplets…in Saeguk Fashion!

Superman 49

By now, you should all know that I adore the Song Triplets, and in particular, Song Dae Han, hence the cover picture of just him by himself and without his brothers today. 🙂

Apparently, KBS is capitalizing on the widespread popularity of their newest and littlest stars by having them advertise the variety show, The Return of Superman…as if the show needs any more marketing. Heh.

If you’re curious to see what’s in store for us this May 17th, take a peek at the boys with their father here. Just be forewarned that you’ll probably squeal and gush when you see these three, so you may want to view the clip when you’re either by yourself or with “Kcraze-understanding” peeps. 😉

*For English-subbed videos of the episodes from the variety show, you can check them out here.

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