The Return of Superman: Song Triplets Extravaganza

Song Triplets CF

If you haven’t heard by now, the Song Triplets are taking Korea–and then some–by storm and charming everyone with their cuteness. What’s the secret to their charm? Hmmm…let’s just say that there’s power in numbers, and our Song Triplets have a combined force of not one or two, but THREE little adorable personalities that demand attention wherever they go. Plus, they’re incredibly well-mannered, and who can resist a well-mannered little boy, much less THREE little boys who seem to care for each other and are considerate of others?

Are you ready to feast your eyes on this special extravaganza of the Song Triplets? Hopefully, you’ll enjoy these few clips…! 🙂

*For English-subbed videos of the episodes, you can check them out here.

In this first video clip (compliments of Superman Is Back Show via Youtube), we have the famous CF that the boys did with A-list stars Ha Ji Won and Kim Soo Hyun. *impressed* They’re just barely three, and already they’re rubbing elbows on camera with two of Korea’s top-notch stars. LOL. Hmmm…the star power must run in the family, huh? 😉

In this second video (compliments of 기아자동차 via YouTube), I initially mistook the clip for a segment of The Return of Superman and was pleasantly surprised when I realized that it was a commercial filmed in the variety show’s style. 🙂 It’s quite cleverly done, playing off of Song Il Gook‘s recent camping “experience” with his boys, this time making sure that it’s a “success.” 🙂

This third clip is from today’s episode of The Return of Superman (compliments of KBSEntertain via YouTube), in which Song Il Gook takes his three boys to see a snake and is stunned–although he tries not to let his shock and fear of the reptile show in front of his boys–that his boys are fearless before the gargantuan snake. Hmmm…if you wait for it, you’ll actually see our little Min Guk say, “Oh. My. God” when the snake wraps itself around his entire body. LOL. So adorable~!

This final clip (compliments of KBSEntertain via YouTube) features another clip from today’s episode in which Song Il Gook tries to encourage the boys to brush their teeth, reminding them NOT to suck on the toothbrush but rather to use it to brush their teeth. Surprisingly, the little boys start reciting the lyrics to EXID‘s recent hit song, “Up & Down.” O-M-G. LOL. These boys are too cute. Seriously, will EXID’s song soon became a song to encourage little kids to brush their teeth? “Up, down, up up, down.” Pffffft.

Of course, when Man Se dawdles in his teeth brushing, Papa Song slyly mentions that Choo Sa Rang nuna likes boys who brush their teeth well. *laughs hilariously at the memory of Man Se’s reaction* Our youngest Song then proceeds to brush like a crazed man. LOL. *happy sigh* I guess he wants to look and do his best for his first love nuna. 😉

I think this is enough to fill up the “Song Triplets Extravaganza” post. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed watching some of their cuteness. Hmmm…I think it’s only a matter of time before these three garner the nickname, “National Triplets” or “National Kids,” wouldn’t you say? 😉

Long live our Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se~! *waves Korean flag for emphasis*

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  1. SO MUCH CUTENESS!!! Thanks for these vids, Grace! What a nice way to perk up my morning! I think my favorite has to be the tooth-brushing rap tho – now I can’t get that catchy phrase out of my head! XD

    1. Seriously, right? Who would have ever thought of that song as the perfect song to help kids brush their teeth? lol

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