The Return of Superman: Song Il Gook and His Three Boys…Dumplings!

Superman 41

So…I was taking a short break and stumbled upon this video clip, and rather than wait for the English subtitles to become available for you all, I just had to share this precious moment with you. The boys have quite the voracious appetite! But then again, the boys only take after their dear papa, no? 😉 You can check out the raw clip here.

Premise: The boys go out for some dumplings with their dear dad and wait while Song Il Gook cools their dumplings. Min Guk gets so happy from his food that he starts to sing his songs while his two brothers continue to plow through their trays of dumplings. When Captain Song asks if the boys are up for another serving, they all chorus for more. However, when Dad tries to tell them that they’ve had enough, the three take it upon themselves to call for the server (“Eemo! Please bring us more food!) Ultimately, the three kids and their father demolish 8–count them, 8!–trays of steamed dumplings. And at the completion of the meal, when Man Se expresses a longing for yet still more dumplings, Song Il Gook tells him that they’ve eaten 8 and that Man Se will be able to eat more if he waits for dinner. LOL.

To be completely honest, though, Papa Song ate about half of those 8 trays! I hope you enjoy the clip and are immensely entertained for a good five minutes! 😉

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    1. LOL. Did you catch Captain Song’s it’s-so-good-I’m-dying reaction? The one that Min Guk copied almost immediately? *wipes away laughter tears*

    1. Welcome to our Musings community, wenny! Hopefully, someone in the community knows the answer to your question.

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