The Return of Superman: Song Il Gook and His Boys…and Sa Rang (Part I)

Superman 48

If you haven’t heard already, you’re hearing it now: There’s a sweet little puppy love brewing in the tiny hearts of Song Man Se and Choo Sa Rang. 🙂

After the Songs’ visit to Japan late last year, the Choos decided to return the favor and visit the Songs and wish them a Happy New Year in Korea. Let’s take a look at how the two families are bonding! 

Video: Compliments of KBS World TV via YouTube

Of course, you know that I only watch the segments concerning the Triplets, but since KBS World TV was kind enough to upload the entire English-subtitled episode, I thought I’d provide you with the entire episode as well. 🙂 Enjoy! I’m off to work now! 😉

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2 thoughts on “The Return of Superman: Song Il Gook and His Boys…and Sa Rang (Part I)”

  1. I thought you uploaded the triplets clip only, I have rewatched this episode like 3 times I think!
    I find Sarang and Man Se so so so cute!

    I wonder if they will be together when they grow up? We can wish right?

    Grace, we are the same, I FF all the others and watch triplets only XD

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