The Return of Superman: Double Dose

Superman 37
There comes a time–or several–in everyone’s life when she/he just wants to crawl into bed after a particularly bruising day…and today was one of those days for me. And so, I give to myself and to any other Twinkle who’s had a particularly trying day this double dose of childish goodness to ward off all the adultish badness! 😀

Thank goodness for children and their joie de vivre! 😉

Video: Compliments of KBS World TV via Youtube

The Song Triplets never fail to bring a smile to my face!

Haru does the same thing and shoos away the bad blues!

Aw…these kids do my heart good! 🙂 I hope they provide you with as many warm fuzzies as they did me. Happy Monday, everyone!

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4 thoughts on “The Return of Superman: Double Dose”

  1. Sorry to hear you had one of those days, Grace – hope you’re rested now and feeling better!

    The triplets are such a hoot – poor Dad, paint alllll over the sofa is such a nightmare! XD And all for Mom’s birthday card. Awww. ^^

    1. Thanks, kfangurl!
      What I want to know, more than anything else, is the mom’s reaction because we all knew something like this was going to happen as soon as we saw the paint, didn’t we? 😉

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