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The episode resumes with a recap of the previous episode in which Eun Bi gets selected for the role of Do Ah. Jae Hee hugs Eun Bi and tells her she did a great job up there on the audition stage. Kang Hee starts to spend calculated time with Eun Bi. Jae Hee tries to explain to Eun Bi that she is different from Kang Hee, but she misunderstands, resulting in his angry outburst. Yoo Jin asks Jae Hee to take a more serious interest in the musical than as just a vehicle to showcase Eun Bi.

Picking up from the previous episode’s ending, Ra Kyung falls to the ground, burning her left arm in the process. Eun Bi takes charge with her medical skills and quickly gets the situation under control, transporting Ra Kyung inside one of the rooms and cooling her burn. She then calls one of her medical seniors, asks him for information on the nearest hospital in the vicinity, and dresses Ra Kyung’s burn with a basic first aid kit. Within minutes, she accompanies Ra Kyung, Yoo Jin, and Joon Hyuk (the staffer who’s interested in Ra Kyung) to the hospital, leaving the rest of the musical cast and crew amazed and impressed with her medical efficiency. As Jae Hee turns to return to the hotel, Kang Hee waylays him and asks for a meeting between writer and actress. Jae Hee reluctantly agrees and goes back to the hotel with Gu Jak as Sang Won takes in the scene. (Ugh…here we go…Kang Hee’s getting ready to make her move…ugh!)

At the hospital, Ra Kyung gets treated by Eun Bi’s senior who informs the group that unless Eun Bi’s really a fantastic musical actress, they should kick her back to medical school. When she left medical school, all the professors were upset to lose such a medical prodigy. Even one of her professors, Professor Kang, had called him, asking him to try to convince Eun Bi to come back to school. He pretty much makes Eun Bi out to be the top medical student at their school. Once finished dressing Ra Kyung’s burn, the senior asks the group to wait outside while Ra Kyung rests a bit. Yoo Jin gives Ra Kyung’s hand a squeeze of reassurance and leaves. Joon Hyuk, however, lingers to lower Ra Kyung’s bed for her comfort and then notices her burned clothing before leaving. (*Sigh* Ra Kyung’s going to start noticing that Joon Hyuk’s always the first one to help her and the last one to leave her pretty soon if Yoo Jin doesn’t get his act together. After all, Joon Hyuk and Eun Bi were the first ones to her aid when she got burned while Jin came later. Joon Hyuk was also the one who carried Ra Kyung to the hotel, and now, he’s the one to see to her every little comfort at the hospital while Jin left with Eun Bi.)

Out in the hallway, Joon Hyuk tells Yoo Jin that he’ll be right back. (Yup, the man has a bad case of one-sided love for Ra Kyung. He’s probably going out to buy her something to wear.) Meanwhile, Jin uses the time while they wait to ask Eun Bi if she didn’t take a leave of absence from medical school as a first year. When she confirms that fact, he comments that she must be brilliant then because her skills are those of a resident. Eun Bi chuckles self-consciously and minimizes her intelligence and skill.

Back at the hotel, Jae Hee asks Gu Jak to come with him to discuss the musical with Kang Hee, but Sang Won asks Jae Hee to go on ahead since he and Gu Jak were discussing some things. With no other choice, Jae Hee goes to Kang Hee’s room by himself, hesitating in front of her door. (I’m thinking he’s hesitating before going inside the Lion’s Den…ah, Kang Hee, you sure know how to emasculate men.) Kang Hee opens the door at that moment and asks him to come inside. Meanwhile in the other room, Gu Jak continue to entertain Sang Won, who seems to be trying a bit too hard to be amused by Gu Jak, probably in an attempt to pretend that he’s not bothered by Kang Hee’s marked interest in Jae Hee still.

To keep Yoo Jin from worrying, Eun Bi keeps talking, telling him about how she entered medical school as a way to do her filial duty to her grandmother and cure her illness. Jin comments that the grandmother must be very sick then, and Eun Bi denies that the grandmother’s really that ill. She then relates how when Jae Hee came to bring her back to Seoul and she was late for the train, she had no idea that her grandmother could drive like that. Jin adds, “Like a taxi bullet?” Chuckling in agreement, Eun Bi states that her grandmother is now her biggest supporter. At Eun Bi’s talk of only her grandmother, Jin hesitantly asks if Eun Bi’s mother passed away at an early age. Using the familiar form of the word “mother” that Jin uses, perhaps to indicate her lack of resentment toward her mother, Eun Bi repeats, “My mom? She disappeared one day, and my grandmother has taken care of me ever since.”

Eun Bi’s grandmother watches Jin’s father as he fixes her laptop of viruses. She then thanks him, and their conversation switches to Ra Kyung’s visit and how Yoo Jin still doesn’t know about his mother’s illness. Jin’s father sadly comments that in the type of family he’s from, he has to keep it a secret from even his son, who wasn’t able to leave that environment with them.

Back at the hospital, Jin slowly asks, “Then have you forgiven your mother?” Eun Bi clarifies that rather than forgive her mother, she’s just decided to think of her mother as having tried her best for as long as she was possibly able. After all, her mother is a mother. Things must have been extremely unbearable for the mother to leave her only daughter and her own mother behind. She thinks the mother must have tried to stick it out for as long as she could until she could no longer handle the situation. That’s how she’s decided to think of her mother’s disappearance from her life. Jin comments more to himself, “Eun Bi, you’re a good person after all.” Sensing Jin’s conflict, Eun Bi carefully asks if his relationship with his parents is rocky. Jin flashbacks to his college memory of receiving a phone call from his father and trying to reason with his father and mother to not make such a rash decision knowing the grandfather’s temper and personality. Jin asks to speak to his mother, thinking she can talk some sense into the father, but the mother only confirms the father’s decisions, asking Jin to continue with his studies and reminding him that he’s now an adult. Grimacing in pain, unbeknownst to Jin, the mother says her final words of apology and asks him to forgive them and hangs up, silent tears falling down her face. Jin immediately tries to call back but gets forwarded to the voicemail system. Back in the present, Jin makes a comment about the state of parenting. (Sorry, I couldn’t catch what he says.)

Seated inside Kang Hee’s room, Jae Hee emotionlessly answers Kang Hee’s various questions about the musical. She leans over his shoulders and tells him that she hasn’t forgotten a single thing about their relationship. Jae Hee counters that there’s one thing he hasn’t forgotten either—she was the one who abandoned the dream they had together. In turn, Kang Hee reminds him that he was the one who left her. He points out that it was because she refused to leave with him; it was her choice. She clarifies that he also chose—he chose to accept her decision and left. However, she concludes that her choice doesn’t really reflect the heart since she’s never once given up on her feelings for him.

Eun Bi is surprised to learn that Yoo Jin’s parents are down in Daegu. She tells Jin that her family is also in Daegu. She asks what they do down in Daegu. Jin says his father paints since his dream was to be a painter. And since then, he’s never seen them. Eun Bi asks why he hasn’t gone to see them, and Jin explains that it’s because of his grandfather, the chairman of the corporation. Jin flashbacks to his meeting with his grandfather, who rants that if his son wants to abandon his father, then the father can just as easily abandon the son. From here on out, the grandfather won’t have a son. He then asks Jin whether he is to lose a grandson as well. At Jin’s surprise, the grandfather explains that if Jin promises not to see his parents, the grandfather will pay for the rest of his education and provide him with a position within the corporation once he’s done with school. (Wow~the grandfather sure knows how to manipulate.) Back in present time, Jin notices Eun Bi’s disbelief at such an outrageous “deal.” She asks if his family members play poker with each other, a funny comment that causes Jin to almost choke over his drink. She then suggests that Jin can always secretly go down to visit his parents while still maintaining his position with his grandfather. Smiling a bit, Jin asks, “Like taking a leave of absence and lying?” Eun Bi says that when he phrases it like that, she sounds like a person with serious psychological problems. They chuckle together, and this is the scene that Ra Kyung walks into. She stops short, wondering how Jin can so easily laugh when she’s hurt. The doctor, who accompanies her, tells Jin and Eun Bi that Ra Kyung is all cleared to return. Joon Hyuk comes back around this time with a new top for Ra Kyung to wear. As Jin helps Ra Kyung put the red sweater on, Jin and Eun Bi share a look of camaraderie, one that Ra Kyung sees and finds unsettling. (The music that accompanies the end of this scene and begins Kang Hee’s scene with Jae Hee is so reflective of how the man’s heart is leaving the woman…so sad!)

Kang Hee tells Jae Hee that it’s a lie if he tells her that he’s forgotten her. She’s never once forgotten him and that she’s ready to resume their relationship because she’s never ended it. All Jae Hee needs to do is start again with her. Jae Hee tells her that he returned because he was able to put her and their relationship behind him. She argues that his mind may say that he’s over her, but his soul can’t forget the type of love they shared. Jae Hee untangles his hand from her grasp and tells her that when they first broke up, he wondered for months how she could have let go of his hand, but now he understands and has accepted the end of their relationship. As Kang Hee becomes more desperate to convince him, he tells her that he’s in love with Eun Bi, but Kang Hee stops him from finishing his sentence. He persists, though, and tells her that he doesn’t want to kick her out, so she needs to stop. He feels like he can now get on with his life. He then leaves her hotel room, running into Sang Won just getting out of the elevator. He offers Jae Hee coffee, but Jae Hee refuses and tells him that he and Kang Hee are already done. Walking into their hotel room, Sang Won sees the notebook on the couch and imagines for a brief moment Jae Hee and Kang Hee kissing on the couch. Quickly clearing his head, he offers Kang Hee a cup of coffee, but she refuses and walks out of the room to get some fresh air. Sinking down to sit on the arm of the couch, Sang Won calls Frank, a person affiliated with Broadway, and tells him that he’d like to reconsider the offer to produce Count Monte, a Broadway musical for the Korean audience. (Aw…Sang Won’s going to pull strings to save his marriage and keep Kang Hee away from Jae Hee. *Sigh* This is what happens when you try to force your love on someone who’s in love with someone else, Sang Won.)

Outside, Kang Hee calls Eun Bi on the phone, asking her to come see her as soon as she arrives back at the hotel. At the same time, Jae Hee tries to call Eun Bi but can’t get through. (I guess Eun Bi doesn’t have call-waiting.) Kang Hee looks calculatedly at Jae Hee’s window as she finishes her phone call. As Eun Bi ends her call with Kang Hee, Jin comments that she seems to be getting along with Kang Hee. His use of the familiar form (casual Korean language) surprises Ra Kyung and causes her unease to see how comfortable Jin has become with Eun Bi; she can already sense a connection Jin is forming with Eun Bi. Seeking reassurance and perhaps to remind him of her own presence, she reaches for Jin’s hand. Jin, unaware of her growing discomfort with his relationship with Eun Bi, smiles and clasps her hand. Jae Hee finally succeeds in getting through to Eun Bi, but she cuts the conversation short by telling him that she’ll call him back since she can’t really talk right now. (yeah, she’s in a car full of interested ears LOL) He then texts her to meet him as soon as she returns. She ignores his text.

Yoo Jae (Yoo Jin’s shady cousin) entertains two investors from the fund at a bar and starts to plant seeds of doubt that Yoo Jin may not be making the wisest decisions, casting an unknown in the main role.

As the car returns to the hotel and Eun Bi takes her leave of Jin and rushes to meet Kang Hee, Jae Hee tries to reach her again and she again ignores his call. Ra Kyung comments to Jin as Eun Bi leaves that he seems more comfortable with her and that she was concerned previously that he wouldn’t get along with her. Jin agrees that he’s more at ease with her now and that he may have misunderstood her at the beginning.

Eun Bi meets Kang Hee, who tells Eun Bi about her relationship with Jae Hee and how she loves him. The show flashes back to the conversation as Eun Bi’s left sitting on the bench alone after her conversation. Eun Bi taps out the tune that she used on Jae Hee when she asked him to go easy on her the other night as she remembers the conversation. In the flashback, Kang Hee tells her that she and Jae Hee were even engaged with a wedding date. She comments that Jae Hee is like a whirlwind, doing what he likes. She couldn’t help but love a man who created such beautiful songs for her and made her shine on stage. However, Sang Won cautioned her against such a relationship. Kang Hee then uses her relationship with Eun Bi as leverage and tells her that she hopes they can remain good relations; she wants to be the only woman in Jae Hee’s heart. (Ugh, so NOT liking her right now!)

Yoo Jae continues to plant seeds of doubt in the mind of the two investors.

The cast and crew continue in their group bonding with games, and Eun Bi tries to subtly avoid Jae Hee as Yoo Jin watches. Ra Kyung notices Jin’s interested observation. Meanwhile, Sang Won continues with his dealings with Frank from his balcony, watching Kang Hee’s marked interest in Jae Hee and Eun Bi.

At his home, Yoo Jae explains his plan to topple Yoo Jin to his father.

Eun Bi, now a bit drunk, takes part in the dancing and pointedly ignores Jae Hee as he tries to tell her how he feels. Unconcerned with the audience around them, Eun Bi goes to drink a bit more and tells Jae Hee she doesn’t want to hear anything from him other than the business concerning the musical. As he and Eun Bi’s conversation gets a bit out of control, Yoo Jin gets up from his seat to help her. Ra Kyung watches them leave while Joon Hyuk watches Ra Kyung, and Kang Hee just takes in the entire scene in pleasure. (Hmm…how many sides how this love polygon have right now? Is it a love pentagon? Yikes!)

Yoo Jin takes Eun Bi to her hotel room and tries to get her comfortably situated in her drunken state as Eun Bi screams for Hong Jae Hee to stay away from her. Once she’s calm and seated against the bed, Yoo Jin asks if she’s having a difficult time. She pours out her concerns that all she really wanted to do was perform in a musical, but the harder she tries, the harder it gets with other people in the picture. As Eun Bi cries, Yoo Jin imagines putting his arms around her shoulder and comforting her, telling her in casual Korean to hang in there. However, he resists the urge; the only telling sign of his desire to conformt is his twitching fingers, which he clasps together on his lap. When Bok Ja returns with some cold water, he leaves Eun Bi in her care. Bok Ja bids him goodnight but then wonders how Yoo Jin fits into this whole love triangle. (LOL…I love how that woman!)

Walking outside, Jin passes Jae Hee and tells him what Eun Bi said to him. Jin further explains that for someone like Eun Bi to say that she’s having a difficult time, she really must be having a rough time. He reports that she asked him to keep Jae Hee away from her. Jae Hee replies that he understands Jin’s point and will leave Eun Bi alone. (Make sure to check out Jae Hee’s dialogue when the subs come out…the man is ever the master with words.)

Ra Kyung waits outside for Jin to return.

Sang Won sees Kang Hee returning to her room and comments that she seems to be in high spirits. She agrees. (Who wouldn’t when things are going her way?) Sang Won goes to meet Yoo Jin and tells him about the offer from Frank. Jin speaks directly to Frank via teleconferencing and discusses the merits of the situation with Sang Won. Basically, in order to produce with exclusive rights in Asia the Broadway musical, Jin would have to pass on the Gumiho project, at least for the time being since producing both would be too costly. However, the chance to exclusive produce a Broadway hit in Korea and Asia is something he can’t really afford to easily pass up either.

Eun Bi sees Jae Hee, who’s sulking/reflecting in the auditorium. Although feeling extremely awkward, she tells him that she was drunk but that she remembers enough of what happened. Jae Hee asks carefully if he’s made her mad. She shakes her head. He confirms, though, that she’s avoiding him. She nods in agreement. She tells him that she’s like to simply maintain an actress-writer relationship with him. Jae Hee, ever the master with words, concludes that she’s thought of him as more than a writer. (LOL) Exasperated at his interpretation, she grimaces at him. He laughs in triumph that he’s finally able to see her face and gets her to smile.

Yoo Jin struggles inside the conference room what to do.

Eun Bi tells Jae Hee that she really respects Kang Hee and that she wants to do as her idol asks, which is to leave Jae Hee alone so that Kang Hee is the only woman in his heart. Jae Hee wisely points out that she nor Kang Hee can do anything to change his heart. That’s his decision. Besides, he adds, if their relationship were so close, would Eun Bi really be the one telling him this instead of Kang Hee. Asking her if she only wants to focus on the musical, he strokes her head and tells her then to work hard on the musical. If she continues, it’ll only be a matter of time before she’s bewitched by him and his musical. (LOL…This man is incorrigible! He’s got a way with words, that’s for sure.)

Washing up for the evening, Ra Kyung sees the red sweater that Joon Hyuk bought her and texts Jin: “I guess you still have a lot of work left. Don’t push yourself too hard. Good night.”

Jae Hee asks incredulously if Eun Bi’s really going to stay longer in the auditorium. He tries to woo her outside with offers of a drink, which she declines in light of her earlier bout with alcohol. He then leans close to her as she sits on the piano and tells her that text messages are not meant to be chewed (Korean slang for ignored), favored and then digested. Next time, she should answer his texts. She agrees and bids him good night. Of course, Jae Hee being Jae Hee tries to stay behind but hurriedly tells her he’s leaving when she threatens to leave so that he can have the auditorium then. He bids her goodnight, saying that he can sleep soundly now that he’s seen her smile. Once alone, Eun Bi proceeds to practice.

In the Han’s hotel room, Sang Won tells Kang Hee the good news about the new development regarding the musical. Excited by the prospect of performing the lead in a celebrated Broadway musical yet concerned about the state of Jae Hee’s musical, she bids her husband good night.

Eun Bi takes a walk outside the hotel and comes upon Yoo Jin, who is seated on a bench deep in thought. As she bows, scenes of Ra Kyung, Kang Hee, and Jae Hee out on their respsective balconies are shown. Yoo Jin asks Eun Bi why she’s bowing. She says it’s in apology. Yoo Jin then asks her to be his walking partner then if she’s sorry. She bows again. Chuckling, Jin asks if this time it’s an “excuse me” bow. Eun Bi corrects him and says that it’s a “thank you” bow, that it is due to him that she’s able to come this far. Yoo Jin comments that he seems to remember being more of an antagonist. Eun Bi quickly agrees that he was at first, and Jin repeats “At first, huh?” She then quickly explains that she has a difficult time lying. Yoo Jin merely gives her a questioning look as they both recall how they first met: Eun Bi lying that she was a man in order to be a part of a musical. As they start their walk, Ra Kyung and Jae Hee go back inside from their balconies while Kang Hee is the only one to see Eun Bi and Yoo Jin walk together. She smiles and walks back inside. Yoo Jin asks Eun Bi if she’s not able to act in the Gumiho musical, then…at Eun Bi’s startled look, Jin hedges that things are rarely settled in the musical world. Eun Bi asks if something has happened. The episode freezes on Eun Bi’s concerned face.

Teaser of Episode 7:
1. Kang Hee seeks Yoo Jin out to discuss the Broadway musical. In the process, she comments that the person in love is the last person to become aware of his own emotions.
2. Jae Hee and Kang Hee talk, and she comments that even though he asked her to stop, she’s not the one stopping. He asks her what she’s talking about.

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