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Episode 5:


(The episode opens up with a quick video recap of the previous events and then picks up from the point when the judges are deliberating on the actresses.)

Kang Hee states that if the scores are tied, then her selection is…and then she rips up her score sheet for dramatic effect. (gotta love the prima donna! She definitely knows how to wield her power.)

As they wait, Bok Ja and Eun Bi discuss the situation with Bae Kang Hee and Hong Jae Lee, and Eun Bi tries to down play the situation. During their talk, they find out that a decision’s been reached as to who will get to double cast with Kang Hee. Yoo Jin comes out to the theater and congratulates Eun Bi on her selection, much to Eun Bi’s surprise since she was impressed by her competitor’s musical skill.

Meanwhile, the “runner up”/contender packs up and leaves but is waylaid by Kang Hee and a gift of a cup of coffee. As they talk, we find out that Kang Hee and she started in the business around the same time. The actress admits that although she may have sung the auction piece more skillfully, she admits that Eun Bi represented the role of Do Ah more accurately. She then tells Kang Hee that Eun Bi reminds her of Kang Hee when she first started out in the business. At the time, she had wondered how such a girl like Kang Hee, who couldn’t sing well, would ever make it in the business. Now, look how far Kang Hee’s come and where she is, still auditioning for parts. They share a laugh over memories.

At the director’s bar, the theater company celebrate Eun Bi’s selection.

Seated in front of the TV at Yoo Jin’s house, Jin and his fiancé discuss the audition interviews. Ra Kyung comments, much to Jin’s surprise and dismay, that Eun Bi’s interview was quite memorable. While others talked about how exciting it might be to be part of the musical or other such comments, Eun Bi spoke solely of the role, expounding upon her thoughts of the character.

Walking back home from the celebration, Jae Hee dotingly tells Eun Bi that no matter how much he looks at her, he doesn’t seem to ever get bored. Eun Bi accuses Jae Hee of seeing her as some toy or hamster. Jae Hee clarifies and says not so much a hamster but perhaps a Maltese or a Chihuahua. (LOL) He then praises her for her performance on stage.

The next morning, Eun Bi goes on her usual milk delivery, making sure to write her daily personal note to Kang Hee and bowing in respect before heading to her next delivery stop on her bike. Sang Won brings in the milk and exclaims that whoever delivers the milk shows dedication. Kang Hee agrees and then feeds the milk to her cat. (How sad…Eun Bi probably thinks the milk is for Kang Hee) Sang Won then tells Kang Hee that he’s headed off to a workshop with the musical crew and is surprised when Kang Hee says that she’s going to be joining them, too, but will make separate travel arrangements.

On the bus ride down to the workshop, Bok Ja speculates as to Kang Hee’s reason for joining them. She explains how top stars like Kang Hee usually only show up after everything’s been set up instead of labor with the crew in the beginning stages.

Yoo Jin couple and Kang Hee couple ride down separately in a sedan and discuss how Kang Hee doesn’t usually attend these workshops. Kang Hee defends herself and says that she’s attended hundreds of these in the past.

Once at the hotel, the location of their workshop, a production member (someone who later displays interest in Ra Kyung) assigns everyone to their rooms. Jae Hee pays particular attention to Eun Bi’s room number. (OMG, this man is incorrigible! He’s probably going to visit her regularly.)

Jae Hee tries to visit Eun Bi’s room with coffee (Yup, didn’t take him long. LOL) but is rudely surprised when Kang Hee answers the door. Apparently, she came by to give Eun Bi some pointers and invites Jae Hee into the room, stating that she was craving coffee and hopefully he won’t mind if she has some of Eun Bi’s.

Seated around the tea table while they drink their coffees, Kang Hee comments on how Jae Hee makes really good coffee. When Eun Bi admits that she’s not really a connoisseur of coffee, Kang Hee tells her that’s a good thing and cautions her to not start anything that might become an addiction like coffee, alcohol, or tobacco. Those things can be disastrous to a female musical actress. Bok Ja adds that men can also be disastrous, but Kang Hee corrects her and pointedly says that love is actually helpful to an actress. She then asks Eun Bi to join her for some singing practice. Eun Bi is thrilled to be getting a private session with her idol/role model and jumps at the chance. As they leave—much to Jae Hee’s dismay again—Bok Ja laughs out loud and tells hims an analogy of who gets hurt when there are two sparring sides…the one in the middle, leaving the moderator to laugh out like as she’s doing now. (LOL Bok Ja’s enjoying this way too much. LOL)

The musical company all meet in the auditorium for rehearsals with Jae Hee directing the vocal warm-ups. Kang Hee jumps in and partners with Eun Bi and coaches her. As the others look on, some begin to feel as though Kang Hee’s mean reputation is a misunderstanding when she’s so kind and considerate to Eun Bi. Bok Ja wonders if that’s really the case. She then points out how the husband (Sang Won) doesn’t seem so thrilled by Kang Hee’s actions. Seated in the auditorium viewing the scene unfold, Yoo Jin comments to Sang Won that it looks like they won’t have any conflicts with the cast and that Bae Kang Hee is truly a professional. Sang Won repeats with deeper meaning that she’s indeed a professional. (Dang, what an interesting relationship…to love a woman knowing all her undesirable traits as he does)

That night, the cast feast on BBQ and Kang Hee feeds Eun Bi and continues to shower concern her way. Jae Hee looks on in unease, wondering what Kang Hee’s up to.

Back at rehearsals, Eun Bi sings the female lead’s theme song as the rest of the cast listens enraptured by the performance. Jae Hee looks satisfied by her performance as it accurately portrays his image of Do Ah. However, Kang Hee speaks up and suggests that the opening can be sung a bit differently as well. Giving Jae Hee a knowing look, she then proceeds to sing the song a bit more forcefully, and the entire cast burst into applause. Jae Hee tries to stem Eun Bi’s willingness to follow Kang Hee’s interpretation by asking her about her own interpretation, which he prefers. However, Eun Bi, awestruck to be even in Kang Hee’s presence much less be sharing the same role with her and receiving instruction from her, quickly says that she likes Kang Hee’s interpretation better. (Foiled, Jae Hee! You have to be more direct with Eun Bi if you expect to penetrate through that idol worship of hers.)

Later that night as Eun Bi is asleep, Jae Hee texts her and berates her for listening so well to Kang Hee’s interpretation. Irritated, she texts back, “what’s wrong with listening to her advice?” Jae Hee then asks her to meet him outside. Grudgingly, she agrees and meets him outside the hallway where they both eventually crack a smile and head outside.

Once outside seated on a bench (love the view of the stairs), he plunks out a few notes on his cell phone app/program and scolds her for throwing away her interpretation so quickly. Eun Bi grabs his cell phone and plunks out a few notes herself and sings, “That’s not the case. Please go easy on me.” She then tells him how she saw Bae Kang Hee perform for the first day when she started medical school. Since that time, she’s always been moved by Kang Hee’s performances. And this great star, whom she’s idolized all this time, is helping her. She would have been content all her life simply to share a piece of the stage with her as a silent extra. But here she is double casted in the same role with her idol! Bae Kang Hee is synonymous with the word musical to her. Jae Hee, understanding Kang Hee’s huge presence in Eun Bi’s mind, takes hold of Eun Bi’s hand and gingerly tries to explain that Kang Hee and Eun Bi are different. When Eun Bi agrees that she knows they are different, Jae Hee loses his temper with her and shouts that that’s not what he means. She thinks that she can’t compete with Kang Hee while he wants to tell her that she’s beyond Kang Hee. (Poor man can’t seem to convey his thoughts to Eun Bi properly. *sigh*) Startled by his outburst, Eun Bi disengages her hands from his and bids him good night. She then runs up the stairs back to the hotel to sleep. Jae Hee follows her back, deep in thought. Unobserved, Yoo Jin sees Eun Bi run back, Jae Hee slowly following, and Kang Hee watching them from her balcony above. Jae Hee spots Kang Hee taking in the scene as well; they make eye contact and then Kang Hee pointedly leaves the balcony and steps back into her room. Seeing this entire scene unfold and suspecting what this might portend, Yoo Jin then heads inside, not in the best of moods. (What a headache for him! He’s probably thinking that if they’re not careful, his multimillion dollar musical investment can go up in flames. One thing’s for sure: he’s intrigued by Eun Bi as evidenced by his putting down his phone unconsciously when he spots her….loving his reluctant attraction to her…heh heh)

The next morning, the entire cast jog around the hotel grounds like an army platoon. Meanwhile, the producers and director look over the contracts and finalize logistics to a 2.5 hours show and a 5.5 million dollar budget. Completely shocked by the scale of the production, the director swears to make this musical a success.

Meanwhile, Yoo Jin’s cousin and the shady producer meet over an expensive lunch to scheme about how to replace Yoo Jin as the musical fund manager. (With Yoo Jin on the seat, the producer can’t keep siphoning money from the fund and Yoo Jae can’t mismanage either)

The cast listen to Jae Hee’s score. As they clap and gasp at his genius, he tells them that this is just a sampling made quickly as a MIDI and that there will be a live orchestra accompanying them during the performances. The cast ooh and ahhh. As Jae Hee is about to walk out of the auditorium, Yoo Jin stops him and asks what he’s willing to stake for the sake of the musical’s success. Jae Hee asks for clarifies, and Yoo Jin specifies how so many people have put so many things on the line for this musical and expresses a wish that Jae Hee would take the musical more seriously rather than simply putting on a performance for the benefit of one person…meaning Eun Bi.

Ra Kyung interviews Kang Hee and concludes that Kang Hee’s last comment about how even the biggest stars are ultimately still at the whims of the directors and producers for a chance to bring their beloved characteres to life was particularly notable and poignant. Eun Bi agrees. Then when Ra Kyung suggests filming Eun Bi’s interview there as well, Kang Hee advises that Eun Bi be always filmed and interviewed in a prepared state; she explains that interviewers will typically write about things that were said “off the record” when the actors’ defenses/interview persona is gone and they speak freely. That’s how the news of her marriage got leaked out. Eun Bi takes in every bit of advice as pearls of wisdom.

Downstairs in one of the open lobbies, the cast and production staff prepare and fine-tune the storyline when Eun Bi walks in dressed in a skin-tight black miniskirt with make-up. Everyone hoots and hollers in appreciation of her transformation, the director claiming that she’s become Do Ah, the character. However, Jae Hee simply looks on, not pleased by what’s happening before his eyes.

Surrounded by the cast who express their surprise and appreciation of how different she looks with make-up, Eun Bi sits down for her interview and explains that Kang Hee told her to always get interviewed in a prepared state and that Kang Hee even directly applied the make-up for her. Ra Kyung adds that Kang Hee suggested this place as an interview spot. The director exclaims that Kang Hee is wonderful to be taking care of her junior so well like this. Meanwhile, Jae Hee takes in the scene from downstairs with growing concern.

He seeks out Kang Hee privately and asks her what her motives are for helping Eun Bi so much. She explains that she wants to take over Jae Hee’s role as teacher and in the process of spending time together, Eun Bi will gradually come to know how much Kang Hee cares for Jae Hee. As Jae Hee concurs that this will then in effect shorten his time with Eun Bi, Kang Hee sharply asks if he’s set this musical up merely to spend time the girl rather than to help her grow as a musical actress. When Jae Hee remains silent, Kang Hee emphatically declares that she will act the role and help make Eun Bi a star.

Meanwhile downstairs, Ra Kyung continues in her interview with Eun Bi, and Eun Bi explains how her grandmother was responsible for helping her not only enter medical school but give her the strength and courage to try to live out her dreams as a musical actress. With tears welling in her eyes, Eun Bi says that it was through her grandmother’s encouragement that she’s been able to get this far. As Eun Bi tells her poignant story, Yoo Jin comes upon the interview and views the scene cynically. While Ra Kyung is moved by Eun Bi’s tale, he isn’t and emotionlessly asks Ra Kyung if she’d like coffee and leaves to wait for her as she cleans up after the interview. Eun Bi chases after him to ask if he doesn’t like her. Yoo Jin masterfully twists words around so that Eun Bi leaves thinking that she’s imagined his dislike of her; after all, does he appear to be the type of person to like or dislike a person when doing business. Ra Kyung overhears part of their conversation and realizes that Yoo Jin has shown a part of himself to Eun Bi that he’s never shown to anyone else.

Once inside his hotel room, Yoo Jin loses himself in thought while Ra Kyung makes coffee. She mentions that Eun Bi is very much like his father, and that’s probably why he gets so angry with her and shows a side of himself that he usually keeps under control, even from her. Yoo Jin tells her she’s imagining things and draws the conversation to a close.

Outside, the cast engage in another group-bonding activity by jumping on a trampoline. Yoo Jin watches as Eun Bi jumps, reflecting on a childhood memory of his father, who took him waterskiing. Ra Kyung brings him coffee and asks what he was thinking because she’d been calling him for a while.

At the company headquarters, Yoo Jin’s grandfather and uncle take part in a executive meeting. At the uncle’s unwise suggestion that the company expand into China based solely on a “trusted” relationship with a contact in China, the grandfather embarrasses his son in front of the others, citing the folly of venturing into such a huge business expansion based on the trust of one person. The meeting concludes with the uncle being rebuked for not knowing and acting like a CEO who doesn’t know when to curtail his employee’s unwise suggestion and is instead blinded by his devotion to his incompetent son.

Later that night at the workshop, the cast continue to play and build group camaraderie. The game is simple but actually reflects the inner relationships among the group. As Kang Hee volunteers to be “it,” the producers and director get a bit uneasy as Kang Hee has a difficult time breaking her way into the circle, indicating that she’s an “outside,” especially to Jae Hee who firmly blocks her entrance into the circle. Luckily, as Sang Won’s concern grows, Eun Bi weakens and lets her idol into the circle. However, when it’s Eun Bi’s turn, Kang Hee firmly stands her ground and keeps Eun Bi out, symbolic of her determination to alienate Eun Bi. Luckily before the intention is noticed by anyone else, Eun Bi breaks through via Bok Ja. As more hilarity and group bonding continue, Ra Kyung, who was filming the group, gets pushed and stumbles into the fire. The game master yells and runs to help her first while Yoo Jin stands up from his chair, momentarily frozen. The episode ends on Yoo Jin’s frozen form.


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