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Link to Episode 4:

I want to encourage those who are looking  for a drama to check out The Musical, starring Goo Hye Sun, Daniel Choi, and Ok Ju Hyun. It airs only once a week, so it should be easy on anyone’s viewing schedule. 🙂

Today’s episode (episode 4) contained a number of cute scenes, all of which I won’t recount right now, but a few that stood out in my mind are the Hong Jae Hee and Ko Eun Bi scenes:
1. At the playground where Eun Bi exclaims that Hong Jae Hee’s actions are why artists gain a bad reputation (LOL)
2. His earnest efforts to protect and give her the spotlight in his musical and her subsequent actions to avoid favoritism and instead earn the part on her own merits with an open-audition
3. Her audition. I loved how Hong Jae Hee curls up in his seat as if to savor the performance…love the way he swings his knees to accent his enjoyment of the performance (LOL). The dramatic pause (Eun Bi’s interpreation) is inspired and really changes the energy of the drama as well as the audition scene. Every single judge is startled and then amazed at how she’s brought life and realism to the song with that one dramatic pause. The judges who hadn’t recognized her potential before then start to get an inkling of why Hong Jae Hee is pushing for her to lead. She’s definitely starting to show the beginnings of her star power as a future musical actress. Not only is she maximizing on the fact that the piece was written with her in mind, she’s adding her own artist interpretation to the musical in order to make the performance that much more believable…and she’s trying so hard to get to her rightful place in the musical world on her own merits, not on someone’s shirttails…LIKE!
4. Hong Jae Hee’s quietly uttered “Bravo, Ko Eun Bi” packs a whole lot of meaning. (So adorable) Bae Kang Hee had better watch out. Her coveted top spot in the musical world is about to be challenged! LOL
5. The short scene in which all the finalists are waiting for the results and Eun Bi has her head stuck between two plush theater seats. (definitely a Kodak moment)
6. This last one isn’t a Eun Bi or Jae Hee moment but rather a Bae Kang Hee one. The last scene when she turns, tears up her score sheet and then declares that if the scores are tied between Ko Eun Bi and the other finalist, then her answer is…and then the episode ends on that note. I love how Ok Ju Hyun’s charismatic character adds a palpable level of conflict, grudging acknowledgment of Eun Bi’s skills and fairness, etc. without sacrificing her role as the antagonist. She’s doing a fabulous job of presenting a conflicted and dynamic character in Bae Kang Hee. I especially appreciated the glances she threw Hong Jae Hee’s way during the audition to gauge his reaction.
Overall, this series is getting better and better with each episode. I wasn’t so sure when it first started, but with each subsequent episode, I’m liking it more and more. Check it out! I just wish more people in Korea would give it a shot. That’s all for today…I’ll write again probably Sunday night with the recap of A Thousand Kisses Episode 11. Until then, have a blessed weekend!

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  1. love u'r recap…actually I'm one of those who anticipated this drama every Friday…cAN'T WAIT 'TIL NEXT EPISODE, I LIKE ALL THE CHARACTERS APPEARING ON THIS DRAMA…SO NATURAL!!!

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