The Master’s Sun: Episode 9

MS 9.

It’s official. The Hong sisters are killing me with their push-and-pull strategy. I was diligently working on finishing up my recap to episode 6 and snipping screencaps for the episode 8 recap when it was time for me to get on the treadmill this morning to watch episode 9. Yes, I’ve been multi-tasking in order to justify watching my beloved series. Heh.

In any case, I am so riled up by the push-and-pull that I’ve decided to type a quick recap before I jump in the shower to get ready for work. Hmm…this may be too much information, but still…you get the idea, right?

If you want to know the bare bones of today’s episode, read on. If not, just be prepared to have the Hong sisters make you squee with excitement and then scream in frustration the very next second. Gotta love their version of push-and-pull…NOT~! But on a more intellectual and objective note, the story just got THAT. MUCH. MORE. INTENSE. LOVE!

Link to the actual episode: here or here  

Recap:  We pick up from Gong Sil comforting Joong Won and cursing Hee Joo out on his behalf. Aww…I love how he’s comforted by her defense.

MS 9.1

Joong Won is preparing for his week-long trip to China, and during that time, the VP is in charge of a huge event at Kingdom: a night of music with the world-class pianist, Ruyi Jang, who is mourning the recent death of his wife. There’s a cute series of scenes in which Joong Won buys a sun pendant for Gong Sil to “ward” off the ghosts while he’s away, but he just can’t get himself to give it to her.

Meanwhile, Jang uses a minor scuffle with Kang Woo as an excuse to not play, citing damage to his hand. And Kang Woo? He has been apprised of Gong Sil and Joong Won’s special relationship by Gong Sil herself. As a way to make amends, Gong Sil tells Kang Woo that she can see ghosts, which prompts Kang Woo to spend a sleepless night and incur panda eyes of his own.

When Yi Ryung tells him that he and she are dating, Kang Woo coolly replies that fine, they can date. And just like that, he breaks up with her in the next second, thanking her for a meaningful 1 minute and 3o some odd seconds. Later, when he asks what she would do if she liked someone from a different world, Kang Woo fully accepts Yi Ryung’s advice that she would simply like the person more so that the scary things don’t scare her anymore. Kang Woo leaves her, commenting that the answer to his problem is as simple as that.

To help Kang Woo and Joong Won, Gong Sil manages with Joong Won’s walnut-cracking help to convince the pianist into playing at the concert later that night as planned. Why? She tells him that she can see his dead wife’s ghost.

MS 9.3

When the pianist inadvertently learns that Gong Sil can also lend her body to ghosts, he drugs her so that his wife’s ghost can enter Gong Sil. His plan? To leave with her for France immediately after the concert and resume their lives.

MS 9.2

Joong Won learns from the VP right before he’s about to enter the boarding gate that Gong Sil is dressed oddly and has become Ruyi Jang’s muse.

MS 9.4

He immediately rushes back to Kingdom and confronts the dead wife’s ghost, who asks how she can possibly tell him Gong Sil’s secret–how Gong Sil sees Joong Won–if she were to poof out of Gong Sil’s body so quickly. She then asks why Joong Won continues to keep Gong Sil around when her presence is no longer needed and the figures to justify her presence just don’t add up. Perhaps he doesn’t want her to see his secret.

MS 9.5

Joong Won tells her to watch closely then and get lost. And then he kisses her. FINALLY~!

MS 9.6

As Gong Sil sags against him–the ghost is gone and she’s still drugged up from the sedative the pianist gave her–Joong Won reels as he assesses the situation.

Back at the airport, having left before Gong Sil wakes up, Joong Won asks Secretary Kim why he kept trying to keep Gong Sil next to Joong Won. His trusted secretary admits to the scheme but adds that it was only because Joong Won seemed to be changing with her beside him. Joong Won tells him that he doesn’t like the change, and as long as she’s beside him, he’ll continue to change.

MS 9.7

And just like that, a week goes by, Joong Won returns just before Gong Sil finds the sun necklace he left with the trash can ghost, and Gong Sil rushes to greet him…only to learn that Joong Won has gotten himself engaged while on his trip to China!


Musings: I did mention that the Hong sisters are doing some major pushing and pulling, didn’t I? And if this cliffhanger doesn’t rile you up after the hopeful kiss and Gong Sil’s excitement at finding the gift from Joong Won, the preview to episode 10 is enough to make you want to pull your hair.

My only hope is that the Hong sisters take pity on their viewers and cut the engagement short. And I mean short. Kang Woo’s 1 minute and 30 some odd seconds version would be nice. 😛

Why couldn’t the episode have just ended on the kiss, hmmm? Oh right, that would be too simple. We “need” to have angst.

Well, it looks as though we’re going to get plenty of that in episode 10 if the preview can be believed as Kang Woo tries to get back together with Gong Sil while she tries to move on from her heartache. Joong Won’s last comment in the preview, though, of “Why didn’t you come to me?” simply kills me. Ugh~!

The good news is that Kang Woo, now aware of Gong Sil’s special talent, is on equal footing with Joong Won…sort of. And Joong Won’s displays of concern and jealousy were priceless to watch! 🙂

Again, Hong sisters, why couldn’t you have ended the episode with this kiss? Why? -.-

MS 9

Here’s the video clip of the scene:

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