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MS 10.3

The Hong sisters definitely know how to leave us squeeing and hanging on to the very last moments of an episode! If you’ve been following me on facebook or twitter this morning, you know that I’ve barely managed to get some work done before watching this episode.

just finished watching episode 10, and it’s so incredibly adorable with plenty of romantic development on all sides. The episode is all about secrets and confessions sprinkled with several dashes of humor and cuteness as all four people–Gong Sil, Joong Won, Kang Woo, and Yi Ryung–finally get confirmation of each other’s feelings.

Let’s dive in…quickly! 😉

Link to the actual episode: here or here  

Recap: Episode 10 picks up with Gong Sil learning about Joong Won’s upcoming wedding just as he and his financee join them.

MS 10.1

Although he tries to ignore Gong Sil, he finds himself unable to pretend that she doesn’t matter. When his fiancee mentions that his employee keeps looking at them, he sends her up ahead without him while he turns back to talk to Gong Sil.

MS 10.2

Once alone, Gong Sil asks if he’s really getting married. Joong Won asks her if she has the right to know such a thing. Is she someone in his life who could potentially influence his decision to marry? She answers no. He then cryptically comments that her secret’s not really a secret when it’s so clearly evident to him.

Gong Sil realizes later that Joong Won may know her secret–that she likes him–when she learns from Kang Woo that Joong Won had come to see her that night of the piano concert. Although she now confides in Kang Woo, her announcement of her secret comes as a death knell to Kang Woo.

In an attempt to do some damage control, Gong Sil rushes into Joong Won’s office and congratulations him on his impending marriage.

MS 10.4

He doubts her well wishes and tries to needle her about her secret, to which Gong Sil replies that the secret isn’t that big of a deal. It’s just that she likes someone…Kang Woo. Ha~ She tells him that all she expects from him is a safe hideout in his basement, and if he doesn’t want to do that, he can simply have a son with his same abilities. She won’t need to bother him then. She’ll be his son’s nanny. LOL

MS 10.5

Meanwhile, the featured ghost of this episode is a gentleman scholar ghost who seduces unsuspecting people who admire the celedon vase that it inhabits. Joong Won’s aunt is taken with the priceless vase that Joong Won received as an engagement gift from his financee’s family. Gong Sil, when asked to take a look at the vase, tries to warn the aunt that the vase is dangerous, but the aunt pays no heed and instead gets riled up, thinking Gong Sil has just insulted her. When the aunt calls Joong Won over to complain about Gong Sil, Joong Won ends up taking Gong Sil’s side.

The end result? The VP ends up rooting for Gong Sil as well as Joong Won. LOL. So let’s see…Gong Sil has Secretary Kim and the VP on her side now. 🙂

MS 10.11

Meanwhile, Kang Woo uses the engagement, which he learns is purely a business arrangement that will most probably dissolve within the week, to his advantage and makes a date with Gong Sil as well as give her a Gong Sil doll, Dooly’s girlfriend. He has Dooly on his desk. Heh…I love these cartoon references. First Candy, and now Dooly.

Unfortunately, on his nightly round before leaving work to eat with Gong Sil, Yi Ryung pops unexpectedly in front of him, freaking him out. At his cute freak out, Yi Ryung becomes more enamored with her “boyfriend.”

MS 10.12

When she learns that Kang Woo is on his way to have a late dinner with Gong Sil, she plants a kiss on his chest and suggests they go together to show Gong Sil…how her lipstick and the kiss mark on his chest are the same color.

MS 10.6

Kang Woo wisely calls Gong Sil and cancels while he deals with the persistent Yi Ryung. Gong Sil wonders if Joong Won is still around so that she can catch a ride with him. Seeing the light in his office, she’s nonetheless freaked out when she finds Joong Won watching her from the shadows. Heh. She comments that she’s very popular with the ghosts, and Joong Won cryptically comments that he’s not a ghost, but why is he acting this way.

Inside his office, he tries to set her up as his mistress so that she can fit nicely into society’s view of her in his life (and also make it thus easier for him to dismiss her later), but her answers to his offer defy all of his calculations. The big house? She doesn’t want it because there are too many places for ghosts to hide. The car? Although she has a driver’s license, she doesn’t want a car in case a ghost pops up in the midst of driving. School? She can now take a test with a ghost beside her, so she doesn’t really need his help with that.

At her insistence that she doesn’t expect anything from him, he gets frustrated. Gong Sil asks if he’s that scared that she’ll want something more from him and reassures him that she doesn’t want to burden him. He then offers to take her home, especially when she admits to seeing a new ghost at the entrance.

MS 10.7

He gently walks her out and continues to firmly hold her hand, even when Gong Sil offers to just hold his pinky if he doesn’t want to hold her hand. She then tells him that while he was away, his pen helped her get through the week without him. Sometime in the future, she’ll be able to leave him, so he doesn’t need to worry too much. There will definitely be an end for them. At the mention of the talisman, he notes that Gong Sil isn’t wearing the sun necklace and wonders if she even received it from the trash can ghost.

MS 10.8

As the week progresses, Joong Won discovers that his aunt has been affected by the vase ghost and learns from his VP that Gong Sil suggested they break the vase. Seizing an opportunity to test Gong Sil’s feelings for certain–since he’s not absolutely certain about her secret since Gong Sil keeps saying otherwise–Joong Won asks her if he should break it. If she says so, he’ll break it, and she’ll have to take responsibility for the broken engagement. At her hesitation, he breaks it as Gong Sil wails, asking why she has to take responsibility for such a thing.

MS 10.9

At the end of the week, Joong Won, as planned, mutually breaks off the engagement with his financee and happens upon Gong Sil, who is at the same restaurant meeting her high school friends, a meeting arranged by Yi Ryung as a way to humiliate Gong Sil. Unfazed, though, Gong Sil relates the story of how she met Joong Won, leaving all the ghosts and radar talk out. When prompted by Yi Ryung that the ending is the most important part, though, Gong Sil admits that the man she loves, her very special person in the whole world, is marrying the daughter of a chaebol. At that moment, though, Joong Won interrupts and plays the dashing boyfriend who just broke off his engagement because of Gong Sil. Offering to pay for dinner, he takes Gong Sil out. (See earlier posts on ep. 10 for details…need to finish this post quickly to get to work.)

Once outside, he asks why Gong Sil made their story out to be so simple…ironic considering how he’s been trying throughout the entire episode to put her neatly into a Candy box. Gong Sil pulls away from him and tells him that she knows the reality; she is Candy to everyone who sees them together.

MS 10.10

As she tries to walk away, she runs into Kang Woo, who arrived with the intent to play her dashing boyfriend in front of her friends. Aw…Sorry, Kang Woo. You’re one step too late. At her tears, he asks what’s wrong, and Joong Won walks up and tells him that he came to get Gong Sil. They leave Kang Woo by the entrance to learn about what happened from Yi Ryung. He finally and clearly tells her that he loves Gong Sil, much to Yi Ryung’s dismay.

MS 10.13

Taking her away from everyone, Joong Won then makes the biggest confession of his life when Gong Sil tries to reassure him that he doesn’t have to worry about her wanting to be more than just his radar and he her safe haven: “Fine. Handle this first then. Miss Tae/Sun, I must be in love with you. How are you going to deal with this?”


*breathes deeply*

Now that I have this out of my system, let’s talk intellectually about this episode:

As much as I moaned and groaned about the baby steps the Hong sisters were taking to move this romantic story along–oh wait, you haven’t yet read my ep. 6 and 8 recaps to know this, huh? LOL–I’m loving the fact that we’re finally here at the confession. Woohoo~! And yes, I agree that the wait was worthwhile, especially since the series took the time to develop their friendship first. Because of the fact that Gong Sil and Joong Won see each other as confidants as well as potential lovers, their relationship seems that much sweeter and stronger.

Unfortunately, this is all I can muse…I really need to get to work now. I hope this little post suffices. Enjoy, Twinkles!

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    1. Life has to be fair, Jules. You have torrenting abilities; I have Korean listening abilities. 😉
      On a more serious note, the episode is sooooo good. I didn’t touch upon nearly everything Gong Sil, Joong Won, and Kang Woo talked about. 🙁 You’re going to simply squee with delight when you eventually get to watch it with subs.

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