The King of Dramas: Episode 3 “The Return of the King”

They may not like each other, but they’re starting to work together for their collective success. Tiny step after tiny step, the duo CEO-writer team is slowly starting to make their mark on each other…just barely. With overwhelming external forces working to sabotage their efforts for a comeback, it’s only Go Eun’s pure heart and commitment to keep her word that keeps World Production hanging on by a thread.

Nutshell:  The episode resumes with Anthony gasping in shock over the execution. As he backs away from the shed in horror, he stumbles over some rocks and alerts the gang inside the shed. Luckily, he’s saved by Akiko, Watanabe’s young wife, who covers for him by entering the shed and greeting her husband and his men. She lets them believe that she’s the one who made the noise and walks her husband back to the main residence.

Later that night, she meets with Anthony, who is freaking out with worry, and cheerfully fills him in on her husband’s occupation: Watanabe is the top yakuza (Japanese mafia). Speaking to Anthony in Korean and revealing that she knows he lied during his translation to Go Eun, she reassures him that she won’t tell her husband about Anthony’s lying. When Anthony asks how she knows Korean, she cheerfully answers that a genuine fan of Korean dramas needs to know the Korean language. LOL. She’s such an odd duck, completely unfazed by her husbands executions. She then fills him in on why the drama needs to air before the end of the year: her husband is in the final stages of stomach cancer.

As Akiko leaves his room, Eun sees them together and assumes the worse, calling him a “low life” for having “an affair” with Watanabe’s wife.

Tossing throughout the night, Anthony resolves to just suck it up and do all that he can to grab this last opportunity to regain his position in the entertainment industry. Besides, if he doesn’t, he may very well die at the hands of a dying man.

The next morning, Watanabe calls Oh Jin Wan of Jaekook (Empire) Production and informs him that he’s decided to give the contract to World Production. At this information, Jin Wan curses Anthony.

Arriving back from Japan, Anthony informs Go Eun of the need to really buckle down and work. From here on out, it’s war. They have to produce a drama before the year is out. She really doesn’t know anything aside from what Anthony told her in Japan. Then taking her to World Production, he has his assistant show her the new accommodations, which are quite pitiful.

As Go Eun tries to adjust to her chaotic surroundings, Jin Wan comes to “congratulate” Anthony and then reveals that he wished for Anthony’s complete ruin. After all, he was the one who provided the newspapers with such accurate details of the quick service delivery man’s death. Anthony demands to know why the betrayal, and Jin Wan pours out all of his suppressed resentment of how he would do all the work and Anthony would receive all the credit. Warning his sunbae to remain quietly “ruined,” Jin Wan leaves Anthony reeling from this bombshell.

Sensitive to Anthony’s mood, Go Eun quietly tidies up the trash around the office. As she heads out for the trash can, however, she meets Jin Wan who takes her to a luxurious apartment, coaxing her to accept his offer of a $200,000 contract, this luxurious apartment, and the opportunity to have her drama air by the end of the year for certain. Revealing that the Watanabe contract was won by the strength of her script alone, Jin Wan leaves her alone in the apartment with a card key to think over his proposition. As long as she’s with Anthony, she’ll continue to get tricked by his lies and never see her drama get completed.

Back at the office,  Anthony begins to worry when Go Eun doesn’t return from her trash run and his assistant can’t reach her. The reason? Go Eun is still at the apartment, contemplating her choices, knowing that Anthony is definitely someone she cannot trust. She calls her mother and asks her what she should do: trust someone who has proven to be untrustworthy or select a secure future? The mother plainly tells her to select the secure future, an answer that Go Eun already knows but still questions.

The next morning, Anthony worries more and more as Go Eun remains incommunicado. He waits with increasing anxiety as the time for their company’s 3PM meeting draws near. Meanwhile, Jin Wan visits the apartment again, certain that Go Eun will accept his proposal, only she’s not there. The only thing he finds is a note and the card key to the apartment. In the note, Go Eun thanks him for the opportunity but informs him that she doesn’t want her first drama to be used to ruin someone. Instead, she intends for it to bring hope to people.

Scene cuts to Anthony waiting in dread as the 3PM meeting time comes and goes with Go Eun nowhere to be seen. She races up to the company at 3:03PM, much to Anthony’s relief. Of course, he doesn’t let on that he’s relieved and demands to know why she’s late. Pffft.

Intent on preventing World Production from gaining a broadcast spot, Jin Wan calls an emergency meeting and arranges to have Elegant Revenge 2 start production this year rather than next year as planned, an announcement that freaks out his assistant. Likewise, Anthony and his company go through a similar meeting, eliminating potential actors for the lead role. Go Eun merely listens in stunned silence as things she never suspected about some of Korea’s top actors become knowledge to her.  With only two male actors left, Anthony categorically rejects Kim Jin Woo, an actor that Go Eun actually likes, and refuses to tell her why. We learn the why from Jin Wan’s meeting as an assistant informs Jin Wan’s right-hand man the story behind Kim Jin Woo and Anthony–Anthony had “stolen” Jin Woo’s girlfriend–hence the obvious selection is Kang Hyun Min (Choi Si Wan).

Not losing a second, Anthony finds Hyun Min at a hotel at a fan meeting (not the best of first entrances) and gives him the contract to look over. He leaves Hyun Min, confidant that Hyun Min will agree because of the money.

As Hyun Min comically celebrates his imminent rise to certain international stardom, he receives a call from Jin Wan, who plants a seed of doubt about Anthony’s ability to pay Hyun Min and instead offers Hyun Min the lead role to Elegant Revenge 2. Needless to say, Hyun Min, who’s not really known for his intellect, debates whether to select the contract with World Production because he likes the script or go with Jaekook Production because of the security.

Anthony waits for Hyun Min to show up and sign a contract with him and then belatedly learns that an article has already hit the Internet, announcing Hyun Min’s selection has the main lead to Elegant Revenge 2.

Knowing that time is of the essence, Anthony tracks down Hyun Min at a birthday party for a fellow actor and then advises him to reconsider his decision to work with Oh Jin Wan. He tells him that working with Jaekook Production is fine, but Oh Jin Wan is someone he shouldn’t trust. To underscore this, he replays for Hyun Min his taped phone conversation with Oh Jin Wan, who spelled out for Anthony exactly why he chose Hyun Min–because he’s a way to get back at Anthony. Jin Wan doesn’t think much of a man who can’t even read Chinese characters and only cares about money. In front of all of Hyun Min’s peers at the party, Jin Wan’s disparaging assessment of the actor is heard clearly throughout the room.

A battle for Kang Hyun Min begins as Hyun Min accepts Anthony’s contract and Jin Wan pulls down  Anthony’s Internet articles only to repost his articles. The confusion prompts the CEO of S Broadcasting to call the two presidents into his office. He tells them that he’s not interested in their little battle. He just wants to the confusion to stop. Whoever can produce Kang Hyun Min in his office the next day will receive the coveted and ONLY broadcasting slot left before the year ends.

Anthony asks for an illegal favor with a detective he knows to GPS Kang Hyun Min’s phone while Jin Wan threatens Hyun Min’s roadie into revealing his star’s whereabouts. Apparently, Hyun Min goes into hiding, taking with him all his video games. Heh. As both competing parties learn the location of his hideout, Yangpyung, only Go Eun is close enough to reach Hyun Min before anyone else can get there. What was she doing so close to Yangpyung? Interviewing an old professor for some historic details regarding her script.

Anthony interrupts her interview and relays to her the importance of reaching Yangpyung as quickly as possible, and Go Eun takes off running…literally. Forcing a minivan to give her a ride to Yangpyung, she makes it to Hyun Min’s hideout and locates Hyun Min, embracing a fully clothed woman while he’s half-naked. Yup, there’s your eye-candy scene. LOL

As Hyun Min plays a shooting video game, Go Eun gathers her wits and frantically knocks on his door. At his silence, she threatens to spread strange rumors about him and that female actress if he doesn’t open the door immediately. At his continued silence, she sneaks inside the house and physically tackles him, and then threatens him at “gunpoint” to leave with her. LOL. She gets him in the minivan, which she’s had waiting for her all this time, and forces him into the van. Unfortunately, his attempt to get the “rifle” away from her backfires and the van veers off the road. It’s only then that he sees that the rifle is in actuality an umbrella. He attempts to storm away, but Go Eun detains him by clinging to him for dear life. She asks him to hear her out for just a minute before he leaves. She confesses that she knows this drama hinges on him, but she promises that this script that’s she’s written for the past years for herself, she’ll now be writing for him…and show the world exactly what value and range the actor Kang Hyun Min is capable of. Obviously moved by her commitment but hiding it from her, he tells her that this is exactly why she is a rookie writer. Of course, drama writers write for the main lead actor.

Scene cuts to Jin Wan calling the CEO of S Broadcasting with news that he will be bringing Hyun Min into his office–when he doesn’t even have him–while Go Eun gets picked up by Anthony and drives silently back to Seoul.

At the S Broadcasting meeting, the board decides to go with Jaekook Production, regardless of whether they actually have Kang Hyun Min, when Anthony bursts into the meeting with Go Eun in tow. Apologizing for the interruption, he presents the board with Kang. Hyun. Min. Woohoo~

Musings: This may be a drama, but it’s littered with comedic moments. From Choi Si Wan’s ridiculous “Volume up” comment to Jin Wan and Anthony’s antics to get the best of each other, this show is establishing a solid footing in its storytelling. 

The writing subtly weaves in the inner workings of the entertainment industry, so that as Go Eun learns of the behind-the-scene stuff, so do we. It’s definitely a meta experience.

As for the long-awaited Choi Si Wan’s entrance, it was quite…disappointing. His piano playing at the fan meeting didn’t really create the impact that I had hoped. By the time we actually got the eye-candy scene that we were all anticipating, it was diminished by his silly antics in front of the mirror. If you don’t believe me, take a look:

Okay, so maybe the picture makes the scene seem more “muhshisuh,” but I’m telling you that it was anything but that. Heh. Still, I appreciate the kookiness of the character Kang Hyun Min and look forward to seeing just how this character grows and how the writer will position him to give Anthony some competition for Go Eun’s affections…because we know this is where the show is headed, right? It wouldn’t be a rom-com if there’s no third side to the love-triangle, right? 😉

And just as a side note, now that we have the basic gist of the story down with episode 1 and 2, I was really planning on “nutshelling” this episode. However, as you can see by the length of this post, this so did not happen.

As Jules so astutely pointed out in a recent email to me, my nutshells are nothing more than recaps without pictures. Muwhahaha. Yes, but these “nutshells” of ours–and I do mean “ours” because Jules does it, to0, heh heh–are so much better than the intended few sentences, right? *Deep sigh* I’m such an incorrigible nut. The good thing is that I’m in great company, right Jules? 😉

You can check out the episode here.

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  1. Hey, my nutshell for ep 4 is a lot shorter! Er, probably. *shifty eyes*

    As for Siwon (시원)… I was actually kind of impressed with his acting here (perhaps because my expectations were really, really low – hey, I’ve seen him ‘act’ before, okay?) and found his character to be really shallow, but funny with it.

    I hope the character keeps up this tone and pace, because it’s awesome.

    Thanks for the great nutcap, ST! 😉

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