The King 2 Hearts: Episode 7 Shocking Spoiler!

I’m going to try my best to recap episode 7 tonight before I go to bed…but I think this picture says it all: Long live King Jae Ha! So sad…what we feared has happened.

Ack! I couldn’t resist and fast-forwarded to the end. My gosh, the acting is superb and the ending so heart-wrenching and dramatic. I’m so looking forward to watching this episode and recapping it for you. Stay tuned…and I’ll see what I can do about episode 8 which aired immediately after episode 7.

Two big news to share with you regarding episode 7 from what I can gather: 1) King Jae Kang and queen are now dead…poisoned and 2) Jae Shin was thrown off a cliff and is now paralyzed from waist down.

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12 thoughts on “The King 2 Hearts: Episode 7 Shocking Spoiler!”

  1. *MOUTH WIDE OPEN WITH SHOCK AND DISMAY* Now all of that was unexpected!!! I hope DramaFever gets this up post haste now! Looks like a Saturday viewing for me. So sad :-< I read this with regret!

    1. Well, we did suspect it a while back because of the title. The King 2 Hearts–>Jae Ha as king and 2 hearts (one for Hang Ah and the other for his country/duty). Sigh…why, oh why, does the hero’s journey have to always require the death of the mentor figure?!

  2. Oh Twinkie, say it isn’t so! (not only Jae-kang, but Jae-shin, too? Nooo! :()

    This plot twist actually worries me a little, because I’ve enough bitter, vengeance-y darkness on my plate with Equator Man, thanks.

    But maybe it won’t be as angsty as I fear? Maybe? *clings to hope*

  3. I swear I am about to cry T^T omg there will the first ever tsunami in Ohio now…the tears….I’m scared to watch!!!

    1. I know it’s sad and I shouldn’t smile over this comment, but the image of a tsunami of tears in Ohio–loved my eight years there–made me chuckle. Don’t cry too much…and I’m right there with you…afraid to watch…but…I…must…in order to…recap. 🙁

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