The King 2 Hearts: Episode 7 Broadcast Status Update

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I just checked and have confirmation that Wednesday night’s broadcast was preempted by election coverage. Korea is/was holding elections, and the results are in with the usual media-blitz coverage.

What this means for our beloved show is that episode 7 will air tomorrow (Thursday), a rare occurrence that gives this little twinkie the opportunity to catch up on her Standby recaps. I’ve got episode 1 and 2 to recap, and although it’s taking me a while to warm up to the characters, I’m definitely liking some more than others right now. You’ll see what I mean once I write the recaps. 🙂 However, since this was the same feeling I had with High Kick 3, and I incidentally loved that series, I’m not worried that I’ll enjoy Standby as well.

Let’s just hope I can last through all 100+ episodes of recapping. In all honesty, looking back on my posts, I don’t think I’ve ever recapped a FULL series. The King 2 Hearts and Standby will be the first two to be recapped in their entirety.  Interesting….

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23 thoughts on “The King 2 Hearts: Episode 7 Broadcast Status Update”

  1. Will wait patiently for you, TS! Been readin up on what’s going on with Rooftop and people are AAAAAAAngry. Meh, it’s why I wait for the dramas to finish while reading recaps to watch it all in one go.

    1. Really? What happened? Uh-oh…I was going to start recapping it from next week.

      Hmmm…are you referring to the preempted broadcast? LOL…if so, these preemptions are life’s little ways of reminding us that the world does not revolve around our kdramas…no matter how much we may wish it. 🙂

      On a side note, my parents seem pleased with the results of the election in Korea and even speculated on the possibility of a woman president next year for Korea. How cool would that be?!

      1. SBS announced that they would air 2 episodes of RTP on same day to give way to the elections..but at the last minute they announced that there will only be one episode to be aired tonight..that’s why some viewers are disappointed since they all expected to watch 2 episodes in a row..others think maybe they don’t want to rush editing ep8 that’s why they decided to postpone airing it..well for me, as long as it would be for the better of the show i would accept that..besides i’m really loving RTP so i will still spread the love for the show…i’m glad you’ve decided to recap it, i’ll be waiting for it…thanks so much twinkie.. ^_^

      2. Yep @Sam! That’s the reason. When I told people to chill out, I got chewed out. It actually made me laugh.

        And I just realized I called you “TS” instead of “ST”. Sorry about that.

        A woman president?! Now if the U.S. would get on the ball. Ugh, I live in “That there little lady should be in the kitchen” state. Well, that’s not fair. It’s not just the state but how I was raised, which irks me more.

        Honestly, I do love both Roof and King. Strangely tho I feel I can wait for Kings episodes and recaps. With Roof, I feel so much of a rush to find out what’s going on that I’ve blocked myself from watching till it’s done and I can watch it all in one day.

        1. @Niema

          I’m loving both Rooftop and K2H, but I agree with you on the waiting front: I enjoy K2H and always love every episode, but I don’t have the same sense of anticipation for the show as I do for RP. Perhaps it’s because the main pairing fell in love so quickly in K2H, but whatever the reason, I don’t find it as cracky as RP (which is not to say that I don’t think it’s awesome, or that I’m saying I think one show is better than the other – that’s not the case; I just love them in different ways, is all :)).

        2. i also feel the rush Niema…hahaha…it’s a torture waiting for the subbed episodes of the show..i promised myself not to read spoilers on soompi before i could watch the episode but i can’t help it…i’m still finding myself reading and smiling…so crazy…i love the writers & director of the RTP for making each episodes so intense yet funny..they know how to mix those emotions every week…now i’ll try really hard not to open forums tonight i might read spoilers,,,i’ll try to be patient..but i won’t promise..hehe.. ^_^

        3. Totally agree! Waiting for K2H I can do but RP? I am dying to see what happens now that the sisters are truly pissed off with each other!!

          1. I actually told them to go to youtube and listen to “That’s Life” … same thing really, lol. I am learning that some people are CRAAAAAAZY(ier) about dramas and kpop.

  2. Hi Twinke

    Long time since I joined in over here ** winks**
    Been busy and away from my laptop for a while now so missed quite a bit on commenting but am just like Niema, i will wait for the dramas to finish before i start watching. Avoid the angst of waiting every week, hehe
    The only one i started while it was showing was ATK, aand to be honest I haven’t finished watching the last 6 episodes. Only read your recaps and basically lost interest after reading everyone elses comments
    I just started watching Moon/Sun last night, at episode 5 now and still can’t understand all the hype that was going on about this dramas.
    Patiently waiting to see Kim Soo Hyun ( which will be why I started watching anyway)hopefully tonight

    So anyone who wwatched Rooftop let me know your views, any good??

    1. I just caught up on it last weekend, and I’m liking Rooftop Prince a lot.

      It’s laugh-out-loud funny, the characters are pretty rootable and the chemistry is cute. I can see where it might get a bit tiresome with certain situations and characters, but it hasn’t so far, so I have hope. 🙂

    2. I broke down and started watching Rooftop. It’s just.. so funny. It’s what I needed. Then I switch over to King to find out the hype and bust out laughing with that one too. I’m back to waiting. I can’t handle too much angst!

      Honestly, I LOVE Moon/Sun. I have to find the OST… then some money to own it, lol. Something funny I read about Moon/Sun was that on the ratings of minute by minute when Jung Il Woo showed up, it shot up to 41%. I honestly watched it for all the actors involved. Still super jealous that Han Ga In passed for such a young age! lol

      I rewrote ATK in my head. It’s the only way I feel better about it all.

    3. hi Nayoung…!!!if you would read all my comments it’s obvious i love Rooftop Prince and still loving it more after watching each episode…it’s really funny, touching & mind-boggling..i love the mysteries here and the subtle hints in every would know when you watch it..the story’s really interesting and i find it’ll love the characters especially the so-called “Joseon F4”.they’re hilarious..and the chemistry of HJM-PYC is adorable…!!!Even the 3 main characters’ story/loveline in their Joseon era is beautiful…I’m also enjoying their OST..Esp. Baek Ji Young’s & Jay Park’s…if you already watch it i would also like to know what you think about RTP..i love reading comments regarding the show..hope this will encourage you to watch it,,hehe..

    4. You sure you won’t be tempted to cave in like Niema? 😉 Think of all the fun and angst you’ll miss by watching the show after it finishes. LOL

      1. Yes thinking of starting maybe when its halfway through, having finished Moon/Sun ( which I found to be better than The Princess Man, even though I love Park Shi Hoo ) am wondering which drama to start
        Actually watched bits here and there of Fugitive Plan B, my sister was watching and I was just hanging around, lol
        can’t resist Rain!!

        1. Well, it’s almost at that point now. *Sigh* The drama is taking quite a dark turn. 🙁 Make sure to brace yourself for the “drama” component.

  3. Hi Twinkie, hi! *waves madly*

    They’re broadcasting episodes 7&8 of K2H back-to-back tonight though, aren’t they? Whereas Rooftop only gets episode 7, which is apparently riling people up. Eh, that’s life, what are you going to do?

    As for Standby… I’ve watched the first two and I have to agree with you: there are some I like far more than others. But I’ll wait for your post to discuss further.


    1. Hi, Jules! *waves back madly*
      I got caught up with grading last night–a set of midterms for a class–but am planning on recapping Ep. 1 while I wait for K2H ep. 7 to hit the Internet waves. Looking forward to your thoughts on the sitcom as well. 🙂

  4. Hi Twinkie, I am so glad that you are enjoying TK2H and that you are now a noona fan of Lee Seung Gi. I am a huge fan myself and so addicted to the drama. I love reading your recaps, thank you so much. I am dying here, waiting in anticipation (and impatiently) for episode 7 onwards. TK2H fighting!

    1. Hi, Tk2h4ever! This is your first comment on our site, right? Welcome! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the recaps…hope to hear more from you in the future! 🙂

      1. Wow, you actually reply to all the comments? You are wonderful! I am an avid fan of LSGi and if your recap etc is related to him and his drama I will definitely comment more ! Thanks once again for your wonderful recaps.

        1. Aw…thanks! I try to reply to all of the comments that are directed at me, but sometimes I miss a few here and there.
          Anyhow, I’m glad you’re part of our kdrama community! And yeah, I’m becoming quite the LSG fan. LOL

  5. I honestly havent watched K2H since like episode 4…I need to catch up lol I think Ill wait for Sunday and watch 4 episodes all in one go xD

    As for Rooftop, I stopped after episode 5?? I guess I should catch up on that one too…so much to watch! I just dont have the time these days because of school…and I recently got a twitter so Im stalking—i mean following my Korean stars! 🙂

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