The King 2 Hearts: Episode 6 Recap

Pre-Recap Thoughts: The two Lee brothers are adorable, but throw in little Lee sister, and we’ve got ourselves a whole lot of fun! So many developments in today’s episode! Kyahhhh is all I can say. Without further ado, I give you my recap….

Recap: Picking up from Kang Seok’s reading of Hang Ah’s rejection letter, Jae Ha rants and raves in front of Dong Ah, who advises him to put on a game face because there’s still that press conference the both of them have to attend at the conclusion of the trip. Jae Ha agrees that he’ll have to cajole her into parting with him on good terms–the official line is that they love each other but their cultural differences are too great–but how to do so is the question. Incensed, he declares that Hang Ah has crossed the line; he won’t be content anymore with simply rejecting her. He’s going to scheme to make her think that he’s in love with her so that she lives the rest of her sorry life self-deluded in his love and unable to marry anyone. Then as she lies dying in bed, he’ll tell her: I. NEVER. LOVED. YOU. Heh…I’d be careful if I were you, Jae Ha. You might get caught in a web of your own making. LOL

Barely hiding his exasperation, Dong Ah points out that in order to do that, Jae Ha has to get her to love him in the first place. There’s only 3 days left. With a clear deadline, Jae Ha places a call to Shi Kyung, who’s having a quiet dinner with his father, demanding to know how Shi Kyung bewitched Hang Ah. OMG, he so did not ask Shi Kyung that? When Shi Kyung denies ever doing such a thing, Jae Ha abruptly hangs up…but not before threatening that Shi Kyung is dead once Jae Ha arrives back in Seoul. Overhearing the conversation, Secretary Eun suggests that his son help the prince out one more time; he was successful the first time. Shi Kyung ruefully confesses that that is the problem. The prince doesn’t like the fact that he was so successful. Saying that he may not be as smart as his father but he won’t shame him as a soldier, Shi Kyung excuses himself to pick up the princess, paying for the dinner now that he’s working and bringing in a paycheck. His father watches him leave with some concern.

Meanwhile, Shi Kyung and a small group of royal service agents locate the whereabouts of Princess Jae Shin using her cell phone’s GPS signal to track her…to a night club of all places. On stage, a blond-wigged singer insults Princess Jae Shin when someone comments that she looks like the princess. Shi Kyung has her brought to him in a private room and then calls around to see if any of the others have located her. They reply that her cell phone’s been activated again…right in his room.

Reacting with quickness as befitting an officer with his training, he pins the blond singer to the couch, demanding to know what she’s done with the princess…

Change scene to Princess Jae Shin, now dressed in “appropriate” princess attire, who reenters the room and receives salutes from the royal service men. Patting Shi Kyung down, she fishes out his name tag–when he tries to stop her, she reminds him that she hasn’t finished receiving his salute so put his hand back up–and derisively comments that she guesses the clothes determine the status of a person. In much the same vein as Jae Ha, she switches tone and coldly asks if she did not make her wishes to arrive by taxi alone clear to the palace. Shi Kyung answers that his commanding officer thought an escort would be wise. At his reply, she wonders when the wishes of the commanding officer started to supercede hers.

On a roll, she rebukes the soldiers for judging people by appearances; she adds that this is why the palace gets criticized by the people of Korea. As she leaves to play a bit more with her friends, she turns back and reminds the soldiers that she hasn’t finished receiving their salutes. LOL…I love this girl already!

Back on Jeju Island, Hang Ah eats breakfast alone. Jae Ha has decided to comply with her wishes and leave her alone, much to her disappointment.

While the two lovebirds engage in a battle of wills, the queen mother volunteers at a food line and has to deal with the comments of her people weighing in on how they don’t want a North Korean princess. Poor mother…her grins and suffers through the ordeal.

Nicely ensconced in the palace and having a warm tete-a-tete with her brother the king, Jae Shin teases that her brother, the king of South Korea, can surely muster more than a mere $10 in allowance money for his dear little sister, whom he hasn’t seen in a long while. Grinning, Jae Kang playfully complies but also cautions her on behaving more appropriately; their mother would have a fit if she knew Jae Shin went to Hong Dae, the musical district of Seoul, and sang dressed like a rocker. Jae Shin smugly points out that she is the least of their mother’s worries. She then smiles and asks after Hang Ah. She suspects that things will soon become amusing.

Having landed in Korea, John Meyer requests an audience with the king, and Secretary Eun goes to not only deny him his request but also to notify him that as a potential threat to the safety of Korea, John Meyer has now been banned from entering Korea until March of next year, the ban effectively immediately. Infuriated by this type of reception, John raises his voice and tells Secretary Eun that he will show them what type of threat he can really become and stomps out.

Hang Ah asks for Dong Ah and learns that Jae Ha is suffering from her rejection. Bowing respectfully, Dong Ah relays the message that Jae Ha will see her at the press conference.

Standing outside Jae Ha’s window, Hang Ah watches the silhouette of a pacing Jae Ha, who turns off the lights for an early night. Kang Seok surprises Hang Ah by commenting from behind her that it seems too early for Jae Ha to sleep; perhaps he’s in there watching an erotica movie. Ah, you deviant-minded SNSD fan..heh heh. In defense of her Jae Ha, Hang Ah glares at him and asks why he’s not watching SNSD on TV; they’re having a special. In a severe stutter, Kang Seok tells her that he’s kicked the addiction but then quickly scurries to catch the broadcast, even tripping over the steps in his rush.

From inside Jae Ha’s room, Dong Ah (he was the silhouette!) peeks through the window and notifies Jae Ha that he can start in about 3 minutes.

1, 2, 3…

Cue beautiful piano playing by none other than our illustrious Prince Jae Ha. Mesmerized by his music, Hang Ah slowly creeps forward, only to turn swiftly around when she sees Jae Ha look her way. In consideration for her feelings, he pretends to leave, but she calls him back and asks what he was playing just now. He replies, “Ave Maria.” She tells him that she knows “Ave Maria,” and this isn’t it. He explains that he was playing the prelude and invites her to play a duet with him. Tempted, she sits to play and is amazed that it’s true; he’s playing “Ave Maria” and her duet part fits! Then entranced by the music and the moment, Jae Ha leans forward…


He abruptly gets up–without kissing her–and tells her it’s late. He had better turn in. He walks away, leaving Hang Ah numb…so much so that later that night, she ignores her father’s phone call. Uh-oh, Jae Ha’s planning is working….LOL 

The next morning, Dong Ah reports that Jae Ha’s plan last night was a success. The maid told him that Hang Ah’s expression was numb when she went to deliver her breakfast this morning. Pulling out a palace-designed USB, Jae Ha tells him to deliver this gift to her–the next stage of his plan. At Dong Ah’s comment that this might be a bit too old and obvious, Jae Ha “lectures” him on the ways of messing with a woman’s heart. LOL…the master-disciple scene here is simply H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. I love how Jae Ha corrects Dong Ah’s answer that their mission is to reject her. “No,” Jae Ha corrects, “it’s to make sure that she pines for me for the rest of her life.” When Dong Ah asks, “But what if she changes her mind?” Jae Ha replies that she won’t because she has her woman’s pride. LOL. Oh, I cannot wait to see what she does.

Receiving the present, Hang Ah watches the video clip of all her moments with Jae Ha…and then loses herself in her thoughts as her memory supplies her with more memories than are on the USB. Then later that night, she watches from her window as Jae Ha paces the grounds, obviously pining for her. heh…

Sneaking a glance at her window and wondering if she saw him, Jae Ha turns to retire for the night, but what he sees leaves him frozen and speechless.

Just what did he see?

Hang Ah running towards him…barefoot…and in the snow.

And as she clings to him, a shocked expression spreads over his face as he experiences an unwelcome emotion…

…and his arms wrap around her of their own volition, tightly enfolding her in his embrace. Heh…Jae Ha, I did warn you….

The next morning, he lies on the sofa, staring blankly up at the ceiling. Enter Dong Ah, who bursts out that everyone is atwitter over last night’s event. Apparently, a number of the staff saw the entire scene unfold before their eyes. Dong Ah asks Jae Ha which route he plans to take: simple rejection or life-long pining. Slowly sitting up, Jae Ha hedges that his plan may be too cruel. PfffftttMwuhahahahaChuckles. Attaboy, Jae Ha! Caught…well and good! 😉

As if in a daze, he tells Dong Ah that Hang Ah is a pitiful woman, who’s never even had a boyfriend. Dong Ah quickly assesses the situation and advises that Jae Ha opt for the life-long pining but leave out the deathbed taunt. However, Jae Ha wonders if he can secretly date her while publicly announcing their separation. LOL. Suspicious, Dong Ah asks if Jae Ha is beginning to like Hang Ah just a little bit. Jae Ha hotly denies it and gets ready to finish what he’s comes to do.

Still acting the rejected suitor, he tells Hang Ah that they’ll end their “relationship” and announce their separation at the press conference. Embracing her fate, Hang Ah tells him that she’ll accept him. Surprised, Jae Ha angrily confesses his entire plan to her, telling her that she should have known better. Everything, every last bit, was an act. He tells her that he doesn’t care if they ruin North-South Korean relations anymore. Storming out of the room, only to rush back to comfort her, he can only halt in front of her door, unable to do damage control.

On the plane ride back, Jae Ha suffers from guilt while Hang Ah chooses to ride in the back, away from Jae Ha.

As they prepare to hold their press conference, Jae Ha tells Hang Ah that everything has been arranged. They won’t have to say a thing; a representative will speak on their behalf, and the representative will explain that despite their love for one another, the two of them have decided to go their separates ways due to the overwhelming obstacles that block their way. 

Once inside the press conference, when asked who would like to address the audience first, Hang Ah speaks up, much to the shock and growing concern of Jae Ha. Oh yeah, revenge time, here we come! Surprising everyone involved in the engagement process, who incidentally was notified that the couple had decided to call it quits (The king and her father had just concluded their conversation, remarking that even the fact that the North and South could speak of such a union is progress indeed), she clearly and emphatically declares before the international news press that “I love Lee Jae Ha, the prince of South Korea. I will accept the engagement.”

And the press goes wild…and chaos ensues while Jae Ha sits numb. Watching the telecast, Dong Ah speculates that Jae Ha might still reject her while Shi Kyung reminds him that Jae Ha has already publicly declared his love for her. Still, Dong Ah insists, Jae Ha won’t meekly go along with the engagement, not with his personality.

Completely blindsided by her announcement, Jae Ha barely regains his composure and recites a poem about a flower when prompted by the moderator on his thoughts, a poetic recitation that leaves everyone scratching their heads in puzzlement. LOL

Cut to Jae Shin watching the news commentators dissect her brother’s poem. She expresses her confusion as to whether her brother rejected or accepted the engagement. When Jae Ha comments that no one likes the spring fading and that the winter doesn’t feed anyone, she concludes that it’s a rejection then and hurries to tell her big brother the news. However, Jae Ha waylays her by saying that he also implied an acceptance. OMG. The man-boy can’t make up his mind. LOL. Soliciting his sister’s help, he asks her to look in on Hang Ah and see how she’s doing.

Meanwhile, Hang Ah fields a phone call from an upset father who demands to know everything; why has she deviated from their original plans?! Putting on the front that Jae Ha treats her well and that she loves Jae Ha, she quickly ends the conversation when Jae Shin knocks on her door and spritely introduces herself as the youngest of the Lee trio. So cute! However, unknown to Hang Ah, the prematurely terminated phone call drives the father into a tizzy, and he orders a car…to South Korea. He notifies Secretary Eun to expect him in 3 hours. Yikes! Papa Kim is on the rampage….

Completely unaware of the impending storm, Jae Shin and Hang Ah chat like two sisters/girlfriends. Jae Shin asks if she can hear Hang Ah’s side of the story. She knows her brother’s personality well, and Jae Ha, without telling her anything, kept insisting that Jae Shin go talk with Hang Ah. She tentatively asks what her brother did to her “unni” while the two were in Jeju Island. Aw….

When Jae Ha quietly enters Hang Ah’s room, wanting to know if Jae Shin was able to smooth things over with Hang Ah and make her feel better (Aw…he cares), Jae Shin demands to know what he did to “unni.” LOL. She berates him on the cruelty of toying with someone’s heart. As she continues her lecture, Hang Ah sits hidden in another room, reflecting upon what Jae Shin told her: “Younger brother is awfully lazy. He isn’t the type of person to execute such an elaborate act if he weren’t the slightest bit interested; he probably isn’t aware of his true feelings. I’m sure of it.”

As Jae Shin continues to lay on the guilt, telling him that Hang Ah cried so hard that her face is…, Jae Ha rudely comments that that’s fine since she could stand to lose some weight. O-M-G. Jae Shin quickly glances over at the closed door to Hang Ah’s room and hushes Jae Ha, commenting that he’s really just asking for it. Jae Ha tells her that this is all Eun Shi Kyung’s fault. At his name, Jae Shin asks if he’s talking about Eun Shi Kyung of the royal secret service. Surprised, Jae Ha asks if Shi Kyung tried bewitching Jae Shin as well. LOL. Surprised, Jae Shin asks if Shi Kyung really bewitched Hang Ah, but Jae Ha merely says that Hang Ah was completely bowled over by Shi Kyung, agreeing to come to Jeju Island with his one phone call and giggling. GIGGLING!?! When Jae Shin counters, “Can’t unni giggle?” Jae Ha demonstrates. Oh yeah, show us, Jae Ha. LOL

Mwuahahahaha…he first demonstrates with one hand but then uses both to accentuate Hang Ah’s bewitchment by Shi Kyung. He’s amazed that such a scary woman versed in the deadly military art of assassination can giggle like the demurest of women. LOL. As he continues on his rant about how Hang Ah is completely taken with Shi Kyung and then momentarily loses his train of thought as he flashes back to Hang Ah running towards him that night in the snow, Jae Shin listens raptly and then asks in a knowing tone if he likes “unni” that much. LOL . Walking swiftly over to the folding door, Jae Shin opens it to reveal Hang Ah, crouched in a listening position. O-M-G these three! They’re killing me! And I absolutely LOVE how Jae Shin takes Hang Ah’s side, calling her “unni” as if Hang Ah’s already a part of the family. 🙂

Jae Shin exits the room to give the two “lovebirds” privacy to discuss the situation. Hang Ah wonders if South Koreans are complicated or whether it’s just men. She asks if Jae Ha likes her or not. Jae Ha counters, “What if I do?” He then lays out the reality for her: many marriages end in divorce, and theirs will be made harder by the added obstacles. What does she expect from him? He concludes that she was right; just as she said before, he’s trash. Having listened patiently to him, she tells him that no piece of trash calls himself “trash.” Then she tries to alleviate the situation by telling him that she, too, had an ulterior motive: she wanted to marry up and have an easy life. Oh, she adds that she may have had a tiny bit of desire for revenge, too. LOL. Laughing comfortably now, Hang Ah tells him that they’ll proceed as planned with the original announcement. Although she may be labeled an “easy” woman, she’ll agree to the broken engagement.

Concerned, Jae Ha asks about her future; she may never be able to marriage. Aw…concern and a bit of disappointment, Jae Ha? 😉 She pertly replies that she’ll go abroad and snare a rich Arab husband for herself then. No worries. Heh…She offers him a last handshake of farewell; they’ll say their goodbyes now since tomorrow’s departure will be chaotic enough for them to say a proper goodbye. She labels their goodbye a South Korean “cool” goodbye. Solemnly, Jae Ha tells her that they have another tradition in South Korea–a farewell party.

And so the two engage in a drinking fest…unaware of Hang Ah’s father furiously driving over the border to discuss matters with the king. Taking a big love shot together, the two down one drink after another. When Hang Ah nods in sleepiness, he offers her his shoulder, but she tells him that she won’t be fooled twice. He teases her that the kiss was a figment of her imagination/dream.

However, in the span of that moment, they both still their movements. Hang Ah quietly comments that her lips are virgin lips while he’s probably kisses hundreds of women.

Pulling her in abruptly, he clasps her by the waist and then gently holds her in his arms.

Jae Ha: So…? (cut to soldiers, king, secretary, and father marching towards Hang Ah’s room) I know…I’m your first…You won’t be able to survive.

Hang Ah: You wait and see…I’ll chase all of those women away.

Jae Ha: What about Jang Dong Gun?…Have you already tossed him away?

Hang Ah: I have no interest in another woman’s man.

Jae Ha: They all won’t do…Who will marry you?

Hang Ah: As long as it’s not you…it doesn’t matter.

And finally, the scene we’ve all been waiting for…

…they kiss.

Only to quickly be interrupted by a startled king, who walks in on them.

Their response?

Sheepish, looking like two little schoolkids, caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing. 😉

Post-Recap Thoughts: Oh my goodness, today’s episode was a beaut! And the recapping? A labor of love, love, love. 🙂

The plot really picks up speed as Jae Ha and Hang Ah confirm their deep affection of each other, an emotion that Jae Ha only acknowledges under the influence of alcohol and the reality that he won’t be seeing Hang Ah again. Ha! You are totally caught in your own trap! You could have let her simply walk away, but nooooo, you had to insist upon the farewell drinking. LOL

All in all, the inclusion of Princess Jae Shin certainly adds a new dimension to the plot, especially as the show maneuvers her to form a loveline with Shi Kyung, who is bent on protecting his “princess,” especially from the dangers posed by John Meyer, if I’m reading the preview to episode 7 correctly. 

And although we now have confirmation of Hang Ah and Jae Ha’s true feelings for each openly acknowledged by our two lovebirds, this does not make clear the diplomatic and public hurdles they must face as the South Korea public and royal family adjust to this new development. It’s definitely interesting to watch how the ups and downs of a simple romantic relationship is underscored by the potential political ramifications between the two Koreas as a result of this relationship.  

As a closing comment, I hope you all watch the last scene leading up to the kiss. The written translation doesn’t do the scene justice as Hang Ah and Jae Ha slowly speak their lines, their eyes riveted on each other and each other’s lips. 🙂 Enjoy! Glad I was able to recap earlier in the day before going to work! 

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