The King 2 Hearts: Episode 3 Recap

Pre-Recap Thoughts: With tomorrow’s episode looming ever closer and my students’ papers still needing to be graded, I’m simply going to jot down some thoughts and leave it at that. After all, I’m sure most of you have already seen the episode and possibly even read multiple recaps because one viewing/reading is simply not enough for the series, right? 😉

Like the previous 2 episodes, episode 3 packs in the funny, the serious, and the OMGSeung-Gi Jae Ha-is-muh-shi-suh! factor. 🙂

Recap: After insulting Hang Ah and having her shed a tear in front of him, Jae Ha tries to make amends…until Hang Ah returns the favor and insults him right back. Getting him to talk about what type of woman men like, she then pointedly asks if any of those women like him…without his princely title. Pinpointing one of his secret fears, she smiles smugly. Point 2 for Hang Ah!

Throwing down his jacket, Jae Ha challenges her to a running duel…love his quick change of tone when he challenges her. As they begin to run, Shi Kyung realizes that the treadmills are rigged with bombs–a North Korean soldier’s leg was blown up just a few minutes after he received a text from Hang Ah telling him to start without her or Jae Ha since they had some unfinished business to take care of on the treadmill. Quick to realize the danger the two teammates are in, he races there in time to barely prevent them from getting off the treadmill. What ensues in the next several hours/half a day is Hang Ah and Jae Ha cheering each other on and the North and South pulling together as they sing and keep the two company for what has now become a literal run for their lives.

Meanwhile, Jae Kang discovers that John Meyer of M Society (aka M Club) is behind the bombing.

Jae Kang suggests to Jae Ha the idea of Hang Ah as a potential bride. After a hilarious misunderstanding in which Jae Ha thinks that Ja Kang is looking to install Hang Ah as a modern-day royal concubine to ensure the royal succession, he flatly refuses Hang Ah as a future wife, declaring that “no matter how much I may love her, no!” LOL

As he walks outside and lets off some steam, fuming at how his brother could possible suggest such a ludicrous idea, he sees Hang Ah frolicking in the snow, all demure and ladylike in front of Shi Kyung. Assuming incorrectly that Hang Ah is trying to incite his jealousy, he rudely interrupts her snow play by dumping a bucket of snow on her head. Smugly telling Hang Ah that he knows the way women think and her ploy to make him jealous is transparent, he is left momentarily disoriented by the realization that she was planning no such thing and that she might genuinely be attracted to Shi Kyung, not to mention that she now knows he’s jealous. LOL 

The episode ends with his upturned snarl as he takes in the idyllic scene of Hang Ah and Shi Kyung playing in the snow together. LOL

Post-Recap Thoughts: Wow~this must be one of my shortest recaps yet, huh? Ah well…I need to save up some time for tomorrow’s episode 5 recap. 🙂

Just a few thoughts about this episode that I just had to share:

1. The music is simply incredible…I’m thinking of getting the OST, one for me and another for a future giveaway to commemorate the end of the series 😉

2. The various camera shots (i.e. Jae Ha’s feet at the infirmary as he gets down from his bed to check up on Hang Ah)

3. The subtle way that Jae Kang shows how much he would like to let loose like Jae Ha once in a while. His pure enjoyment of Jae Ha’s undiplomatic yet universal curse, while he was sitting for his portrait, was funny but also sad for me to behold. How much Jae Kang must want to give in to his emotions and vent…as is clearly evident by the hard look he throws John Meyer when John reveals his role in the bomb threat. He obviously wants to pummel John into the ground but is restraining himself through sheer force of will.

4. The symbolic shot of the crows as Jae Ha, nicely zipped up in the body bag, complains to a now-absent Hang Ah. LOL…had me totally laughing as did many other scenes in this episode. In all honesty, I’m usually quiet when I watch shows, even the funny ones, but episode 3 had me cheering and laughing several times…out loud…with no one in the room…except my dog Bentley.

5. Jae Ha’s comment to Hang Ah that he saved her from international embarrassment. Had he allowed those two representatives to take her briefcase, all the world news outlets would have been talking about the locked up briefcase holding nothing but panties. PANTIES!!! LOL. And I love her gentle “thank you,” and the fact that Jae Ha doesn’t even hear it.

6. Kang Seok’s unfortunate infatuation with not only SNSD but Tiffany. He was soooooo close to shutting the TV off when Tiffany appears and sings, “DJ, put it back on.” The pink heart that implants itself in his brain is hilarious…and that makes his tortured cry of, “Tiffany,” while talking to Hang Ah that much funnier and poignant. Aw…he’s such a big softy who secretly wants someone to love.

7. The way the whole team gathers around her after Hang Ah discloses her “shameful” motives for joining the WOC. Point 3 for Hang Ah!

8. Hang Ah skipping away from Jae Ha, leaving him snarling in frustration, once she realizes that he’s jealous. While he fumes, she goes off to play with Shi Kyung. *chuckles*

*Sigh* The list could go on and on, I suppose, so I’ll stop here. All I can say is that this episode in particular showcased the love-hate relationship Hang Ah and Jae Ha share. We start the episode with the two bickering, then there are the awesome moments when they literally and figuratively hold each other’s hands, only to end up bickering again.

Jae Ha’s curled snarl speaks volumes! And through this constant bickering, Hang Ah and Jae Ha both reveal their vulnerabilities and strengths to each other, qualities that I’m sure will hold them in good stead once they take that walk down the aisle and become the second couple in line to the throne.  

Hope this recap was worth a read. LOL…looking forward to episode 5…only a few more hours away! 😉

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4 thoughts on “The King 2 Hearts: Episode 3 Recap”

  1. I’m enjoying both King 2 Hearts and Rooftop Prince, but with K2H I’m not quite as concerned that it’ll suddenly veer off into makjang territory (although if what we’re both thinking might happen does happen in K2H, all bets are off. :().

    Thanks for reviewing this show, Twinkie! 🙂

  2. These two episodes catapulted this drama to the top of my watch list! When Jae Ha does double speak explanations out of situations is priceless!! Even though I loved Seung Gi in his last two works, this role has solidified his acting chops! At first, I even question him playing along side my girl, but not only has he blown away the what-if someone else took the role, he is definitely holding his own brilliantly!

  3. This was the episode for me that I realized I adore this OTP more than any other I’ve ever watched. I love the “push-pull” they do, I want this type of relationship in my real life. (LOL) Body bag scene was priceless. LOVE her sticking out her tongue at him after shooting him dead. *hee* Thanks again for the recap! I’m glad you’re enjoying this one!

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