The King 2 Hearts: Episode 1 Recap

Pre-Recap Thoughts: I’ve always loved Ha Ji Won in her roles, and this one is no different. Once again donning her tough, I-can-beat-any-man-in-combat persona, she provides a nice blend of deadly force and girly innocence. It’s clear from the beginning that this drama–if it stays true to the tone set by today’s episode–will be quite a kdrama ride. I hope you’re all ready because I certainly am! 😉

Mini-Recap: Mini-recaps until my schedule lets up. For a more detailed recap, please visit dramabeans.

The episode opens with reports of the unification of East and West Germany. The time is 1989, and the Berlin Wall has just crumbled. Lee Jae Kang, the crown prince, joins his father on a couch in the palace residence and watches this historic event unfold (Personally, this was a great moment, one that I witnessed on TV as well). As they watch, the father shares with his son a hope that someday, the two Koreas will reunite in just the same manner.

Later, Jae Ha, the younger prince, goes to visit his brother Jae Kang at Jae Kang’s school. Seeing his brother physically cornered  in an empty classroom by three boys, Jae Ha barges in and wrecks havoc on the bullies. Unfortunately, one unfamiliar boy takes out a pen and stabs Jae Ha in the arms. Later, as Jae Ha is locked inside a classroom by Jae Kang to contemplate his “bad” actions and behavior, Jae Ha sees the same boy just outside the classroom window. On the ice-frosted window, the boy writes with his finger, “I am KING,” and promptly disappears.

The show speeds forward 23 years, and it is now 2012. The crown prince is no longer the crown prince but rather the king. His father’s portrait hangs on the wall of ancestors at the palace. Jae Kang announces the momentous joint event of North Korean soldiers training side by side with South Korean soldiers in the upcoming WOC (World Officer Championship), a sort of military Olympics. Meanwhile, Jae Ha (Lee Seung Ki) is serving his mandatory military duty in the army, making his usual ruckus. LOL

Around the same time, on the other side of the 38th Parallel, the North finally convinces a reluctant Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won) to serve as the team leader for the WOC. Her stats? Part of the elite special forces division and daughter to one of the top generals. Her reluctance? She wants to get married, and this WOC will not improve her chances. If anything, it’ll probably diminish them. LOL. Her commanding officer bribes her with the promise that if she participates, he will personally assume responsibility for finding her a husband. Her response? She’s game! LOL

Back in South Korea, Jae Ha completes his military duties and reunites happily with his brother…until he discovers that his presence is required in the WOC. He complains that he just got out of the military. He has no plans of going back into another military situation. However, faced with the ultimatum of participate or get kicked out of the palace without any income or benefits, Jae Ha agrees, albeit unwillingly. From his encounter with another team member to his actual meeting with Kim Hang Ah and her team, he acts out and is his usual reckless and ill-mannered self. So much so that Hang Ah fakes a need to use the restroom and asks him to accompany her “little ol’ me who can’t do anything without a man” and even check the bathroom stalls for any peeping toms.

Jae Ha grudgingly complies with her request and is rudely surprised when she locks the bathroom door and then proceeds to teach him a thing or two about herself.

With him pinned down to the floor, she repeats for him what she’s always told the soldiers under her command: “Prince Lee Jae Ha: Kill on sight.”

Post-Recap Thoughts: Great ending!

OK, let me be completely honest: I did not know that The King 2 Hearts had even aired today until one of the twinkles told me. LOL. And I had such high hopes of being able to work in “free” time to write some awesome recaps of this drama. Oh well, these little recaps will just have to do until I have more time. On the positive side, for those of you who are pressed for time yourself, these mini-recaps will save you time yet provide you with the basic gist of the episodes, right? 😉

I was pleasantly surprised by this first episode. It has quite a number of comedic moments, especially Hang Ah’s gushing over Korea’s male actors (I know some of you can relate…heh) and Jae Ha’s boyish tomfoolery. However, the series snagged my attention because of its two stars’ ability to switch from the silly to the dead serious in a moment’s notice. An example? When Jae Ha tells Hang Ah that he’s “not doing the comrade name thing.” Nicely delivered, Lee Seung Ki!

Anyhow, I hope this brief post suffices. I knew March – May was going to be a killer in terms of drama overload (remember how bad it was last year?), but I had no idea it was going to be this bad. Not only did The King 2 Hearts debut this week but so did Rooftop Prince (Micky Yoo Chun) and Fashion King (Yoo Ah In)…oy~

Happy viewing, everyone! I think, for the sake of my sanity, I shall simply contain my kdrama viewing to High Kick 3 and the King 2 Hearts…at least for the time being. After all, how can I possible resist these two as they face each other head on?

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  1. haven’t read ur recap above..but i’ve heard good feedbacks of the show…honestly i’m more excited to watch Rooftop Prince coz i think it’s much lighter in terms of the storyline…and i really like bromance (with the three guys guarding the prince) also the time-traveling stuff..but both shows i think had a pretty good start based on the reviews..seems you’ll be busy doing another recap of a new drama…hehe =)

  2. Glad to hear its going well but alas, won’t read the actual recap until I actually see it! But I am so happy you will be covering it. Thanks Snoopy!!

  3. Thanks twinkie for the mini recap of TK2H. Knowing you ll be doing the recap i ll start watching it. Started watching Fashion King (eps1&2 are out with subs) and boy did i like it!! Thanks again, and dont work too hard! Take care!

  4. I really wanted to watch this yesterday on epdrama but they didnt have the english subbed version. Im at school on my Ipad so i cant verify if this is an english subbed one (since the school blocks videos) but I will thank you for the link and Im excited for your future recaps of this drama! 🙂

    P.S. I watched the Rooftop Prince trailer!! It was so good.

    1. Uh-oh, my drama links are usually the raw (unsubbed) versions. I only use English subbed links for my movies. Sorry.

  5. I wasn’t so sure on this one BUT I do adore Lee Seung Ki and Ha Ji Won. Thank you for the recap (even baby ones) =) I want to try this out but I’m going to do what I did for other dramas, and wait till it’s finished. I am not a patient person and it kills me to wait for the next episodes so these recaps are awesome for me.

  6. Seung Gi doesn’t work for me so I’m just going for Fashion King and Rooftop Prince. Actually downloading epsiode 1 of Rooftop but might wait for it to finish before I start bcos I hate waiting a whole week to get 2 episodes.

    1. Have fun with those two dramas and let me know your thoughts. Who knows? I may add one of the SKKS boys'(Yoochun and Yoo Ah In) dramas to my recapping schedule…oh yeah, I’m definitely looking to hurt myself, huh? 😉

  7. I read the recaps over at Dramabeans and it sure sound like Rooftop is fun to watch, maybe you might jump ship few more episodes down, who knows?? lol

    Can’t help it, just happen to be a big fan of JYJ, hehe (so am real biased )

    1. I watched episodes 1 and 2. I have to say, even though I like King2Hearts and will continue to watch, Rooftop was better. Episode 2 was the funniest! I can’t wait until next week!

      1. i super agree…!!!i already watched ep2 more than twice…really funny…!i saw the preview for ep3 and that alone made me laugh…i loved SKKS because of Ah In & Joong Ki (Yoochun is my least fave out of the them)…but here in RTP, i came to love his character (and only a week has passed since it’s aired) & his portrayal is really believable…wednesday please come faster…?hehe.. =)

        1. Ack! I haven’t even seen K2H ep.2 yet, and you have me not only wanting to watch it immediately but also start RP. LOL.

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