Movie Monday: Will You Be There? (2016)

Starring: Kim Yoon Seok as Soo-Hyun (present), Byun Yo Han as Soo-Hyun (past), Chae Seo Jin as Yeon Ah, Kim Sang Ho as Tae-Ho (present), Ahn Se Ha as Tae-Ho (past), Kim Ho Jung as Song Hye-won, and Park Hye Soo as Su Ah.

Rating: PG-13, subject matter and some violence

Running Time: 111 mins.

Twinkies: 4 1/2 stars

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Movie Monday: Wonderful Nightmare (2015)

Starring: Song Seung-Heon as Sung Hwan, Uhm Jung-Hwa as Yeon Woo, Kim Sang-Ho as Director Kim, Seo Shin-Ae as Ha Neul, Ra Mi-Ran as Mi Sun, Jung Ji-Hoon as Ha Roo, and Lee Seung-Ho as Kyeong Ho

Rating: PG-13, some language

Running Time: 125 mins.

Twinkies: 5 stars

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