First Impressions: Let’s Eat Season 2

Let's Eat 2.2.1

tvN‘s 2013 sleepy hit Let’s Eat returns for a second helping of fun, hijinks, romance, and most importantly, mouth-watering Korean cuisine. Although the cast has changed–quite dramatically, in fact, with only Yoon Doo Joon reprising his role as the lovable Goo Dae Young–the series is surprisingly heartwarming and just as charming as the first season. It’s a bit too early to say anything yet–after all, I’ve only seen two episodes–but if the first two installments of this series is any indication of the rest of the series, I think that I may like the sequel even more than I did the original. *gasp* I know~! The sequel is rarely better than the first…but here’s why:  Continue reading First Impressions: Let’s Eat Season 2