Friday Fun: Angels (앤젤스) – “Always for You” (얼웨이스 포 유)

From time to time, I experience this odd nostalgia for Jang Na Ra, and today is one of those times. 🙂

I can’t explain why or when this happens, but for no apparent reason, I suddenly develop this intense craving to watch her in something or listen to one of her songs. And lucky you! You get to partake in my craving today! 😉

Perhaps it’s because she’s one of those Kdrama stars who represents for me some of my favorite and earliest Kdrama memories; I loved her in My Love Patzzi (2002) and absolutely adored her in Successful Story of a Bright Girl (2002).

So to celebrate her longevity in the Kdrama industry, what better way to indulge in my Jang-Na-Ra nostalgia than with this sugary music video from one of her recent shows, One More Happy Ending (2016)? 😉

In the immortal words of Sung Deok Soon (Reply 1988), “Let’s music!!!!” *chuckles* Where’s my Jung Hwan and his stunned look to complete this reference? 😛 Continue reading Friday Fun: Angels (앤젤스) – “Always for You” (얼웨이스 포 유)

Friday Fun: Jang Na Ra – “Sweet Dream”

FF 03-18-16

Happy Friday, Twinkles~!

It’s finally the end of another work/school week, and I thought that I’d take you way back into the past with one of my favorite songs by Jang Na Ra. Yeah, I’ve been on a Jang Na Ra kick these days since the end of her recent series.

As you usher in the weekend with today’s selection, don’t be surprised if the music video seems “current.” If you haven’t already figured it out yet, you’re going to learn with today’s video that one of Korea’s original K-pop “fairies” hasn’t aged much since her debut over fifteen years ago. 😉   Continue reading Friday Fun: Jang Na Ra – “Sweet Dream”

Bulletin Board: June 21, 2015


Happy Sunday, Twinkles! I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack~! *dances Happy Snoopy dance* Did ya miss me? 😉

Needless to say, I totally missed you guys! It’s kind of weird, though. After not writing anything for almost an entire month, typing this post tonight makes me feel a bit…odd. I just can’t explain it other than that I feel rusty. LOL.

Anyhow, for those of you who’ve been keeping up with all the Kdramaland news, you probably already know just how many announcements I have to share…However, in consideration of time, I’ll try–operative word being “try”–to keep today’s bulletin post to a reasonable length. Just keep in mind that I haven’t blogged for several weeks, so who knows just how long this post may actually be…Heh, you’ve been forewarned. 😉

Enough hemming and hawing. Let’s get started on this week’s announcements!

Continue reading Bulletin Board: June 21, 2015