Standby: Episode 9 Recap / Summary

Pre-Recap Thoughts: Oh, show…you have really done it now!

I’m hooked!  

This episode was the first one in which I burst out laughing. Truly! Heh…Bentley gave me this weird look as I chuckled over the last scene. *happy sigh* I think our little show has finally found its groove and wormed itself firmly into my heart. Some points of interest in this episode? Soo Hyun’s “big” secret is revealed–to a surprising character–and Si Wan steps over to the “dark” side. Heh…

Recap: The episode opens with a guest appearance from Park Myung Soo (singer, comedian, MC, etc.) as he portrays a “genuine” fortune-teller. After filming his segment, he looks at Soo Hyun and comments that she has bad luck stuck to her. He gives her his phone number in case she ever wants to consult him.

Meanwhile, at Pasta Montant, Si Wan discovers that Simon D and some of Kyoung Pyo’s friends regularly place bets on whether Jin Haeng will mess up during his live broadcasts. At first, Si Wan declines to even participate in such a foolish wager, but then he remembers that there is this one college entrance exam prep book he’s been eyeing that costs $10 and he only has $5. Taking a gamble, he places his only $5 in favor of Jin Haeng–Jin Haeng will not mess up.

Of course, Jin Haeng totally messes up, and Si Wan loses his $5, a bill that he very reluctantly surrenders to Simon D.

As Kyoung Pyo and Simon D try to calculate what their earnings are, they find themselves challenged in this simple computation and hurry to reach for a calculator. In disbelief, Si Wan does the simply division and tells them what their earnings are from today’s wager.

At this quick display of mental math, Ye Won (Thanks for the name, momogi!) asks if Si Wan has an IQ of over 100. When Si Wan, in even more disbelief, says that he does, Ye Won gasps in awe, exclaiming that Si Wan is a “genius.” Heh.

As for our smooth-talking Ki Woo, he calls his sunbae Soo Hyun while driving and asks her to edit some footage for him since she’s so good at it and he’s a bit tied up at the moment. Completely susceptible to his flattery, Soo Hyun agrees. Unfortunately, Suk Jin is with Soo Hyun when she agrees, and he proceeds to tell her that Ki Woo is taking advantage of her. He suggests that Soo Hyun, as Ki Woo’s sunbae, show Ki Woo clearly who is the “boss” so that Ki Woo won’t try to get her to do his work for him ever again. Soo Hyun agrees to teach him a lesson by creating a near-disaster with one of his edits.

Fortunately for our Ki Woo, he overhears the entire conversation through his phone since Soo Hyun didn’t properly hang up. Wondering why Suk Jin is so intent on making trouble for him, Ki Woo resolves to go along with Soo Hyun’s scheme since she’s his sunbae. Aw….

When Si Wan returns home for the day, he witnesses Jin Haeng hearing an earful from his father about how Jin Haeng’s on-air mistakes are causing the father embarrassment. Geez, a little encouragement would be nice, Papa Ryu. Jin Haeng probably hears more than enough complaints at work. After finishing his diatribe, Papa Ryu retires to his bedroom, and Jin Haeng asks Si Wan for a glass of juice. The reason for the request? He’s thirsty after swallowing all of those curses and insults from people. Aw…Torn between whether to sympathize with Jin Haeng or to think similar thoughts of him for making Si Wan lose his precious $5, Si Wan tells Jin Haeng that there is no more juice in the house. Aw…even in that one little request, Jin Haeng is stymied. Poor Jin Haeng.  

The next morning, Ki Woo quietly takes Soo Hyun’s rebuke while Suk Jin–little sneak!–looks on to make sure she delivers her set down properly.

When the two leave, Ki Woo expresses some pent-up frustration and then thinks of a way to get back at them both. Ever the resourceful thinker, Ki Woo recalls the fortune-teller’s comment about bad luck following Soo Hyun and reaches for Soo Hyun’s cell phone. Finding the fortune-teller’s phone number, he replaces it with his so that whenever Soo Hyun calls the fortune-teller, she will actually be calling Ki Woo. Ohhh, you clever “tree”! 🙂

Meanwhile, Papa Ryu drops by the store to ask Si Wan to make a bank deposit for him while he goes on a hiking expedition with some buddies. He warns Si Wan that he knows exactly how much money needs to be deposited, so Si Wan had better not try to steal a few bills from the stack. Oh boy, Papa Ryu. The way you use words is so different from the way Ki Woo uses them…tsk tsk. 

With his phone number now entered into Soo Hyun’s cell phone under the fortune-teller’s name, Ki Woo sets stage 1 in motion: tell Soo Hyun that there’s a rumor going around the studio that she and Writer Kim (the man with the magical bag) are secretly dating. Incensed, Soo Hyun asks how anyone could possibly think such a ridiculous thought. As Soo Hyun fumes, Writer Kim postures the same indignation but secretly doesn’t seem to really mind being linked with Soo Hyun. LOL.

Ki Woo suggests that Soo Hyun call the fortune-teller and ask how she can get rid of this bad luck.

Soo Hyun takes the bait and promptly goes out of the office to call the fortune-teller. And of course, Ki Woo answers the call, changing his voice in a convincing imitation of Park Myung Soo’s “Ya, ya, ya!” complete with chicken dance. LOL. He tells her the reason for her call, surprising her, and suggests that she do something about the tall man in her life, a tall announcer-type who is handsome on the outside but is inwardly odd that he can’t find a girlfriend. Ki Woo thinks to himself that this will point directly to Suk Jin, but Soo Hyun mistakenly thinks the “fortune-teller” is referring to Jin Haeng. She refuses to do what he suggests in order to remove the bad luck: pluck 30 strands of hair and burn it. O-M-G! She explains that she’s known this man for some time now, and it’s ridiculous to suggest that he’s all of a sudden responsible for her bad luck.

Meanwhile, Si Wan leaves Pasta Montant to make that bank deposit for Papa Ryu when he unexpectedly hears someone calling his name, “Si Wan hyung!” He turns around and sees no one…until he realizes that his coveted book is beckoning him, all luminous and radiant. The book asks why Si Wan isn’t taking him home; isn’t the upcoming exam important? Si Wan answers that he wants to but that he can’t because he doesn’t have the money. Heh…I love how Si Wan prizes this book so much that he’s having a conversation with it. Heh heh…Hurray for students who love to learn! 😉 The book suggests to Si Wan that he should use a bit of the deposit money to place a wager on the next broadcast and win enough money to make the correct deposit and buy the book. LOL…this is definitely a unique twist to the good-angel-bad-angel-on-shoulder scenario.

Soo Hyun ends up calling the fortune-teller again at Ki Woo’s prompting, and this time, fortune-teller Ki Woo tells her that she can trust his remedy if he can predict the future. And his prediction? That someone will fall backwards but end up with a bloody nose. Soo Hyun scoffs at this and exclaims how that’s possible. Heh…with Ki Woo, many things are possible. 😉

Having a cozy meal together, Jin Haeng tells Si Wan that he’s passing on the sautéed black beans. His reason? He’s afraid that he’ll drop one of the beans while he eats. He’s noticed that he always makes a mistake during his live shootings whenever he drops something. At Si Wan’s question of how today has been, Jin Haeng tells him that he’s been extra careful today not to drop a single thing. Si Wan takes the opportunity, while Jin Haeng steps away from the table, to grease the water cups with some cooking oil.

The result?

Jin Haeng reaches for a cup–just as Si Wan suspects–and then goes through an elaborate series of kicks and pushes with both hands and feet to try to catch the slippery cup…but alas, he fails and the cup drops loudly to the floor. 🙁

As Jin Haeng gasps in horror and fear of the upcoming broadcast, Si Wan turns away and silently apologizes to Jin Haeng for his treachery.

Back at the studio, stage 2 of Ki Woo’s plan is set into motion. While they eat their lunch, Soo Hyun and Ki Woo both get up to reach for an item, bump, and down falls Ki Woo…backwards. And just as “fortune-teller” Ki Woo predicted, Ki Woo is “shocked” that he fell backwards but has a bloody nose. LOL. Soo Hyun runs outside to call “fortune-teller” Ki Woo now that the seemingly impossible prediction has come true while Ki Woo wipes away the fake blood that he acquired from the make-up department. When Soo Hyun calls, Ki Woo repeats to her what she must do. Reluctant to do so but determined to remove the hex from herself, Soo Hyun asks tentatively if she might be able to date this person once she burns the 30 strands of hair. Perplexed, Ki Woo wonders if Soo Hyun secretly likes Suk Jin but quickly dismisses the idea.

As for the live broadcast, the usual crowd is gathered in front of a TV at Pasta Montant, watching anxiously for a mistake.

Jin Haeng has a near mishap when a fly buzzes by…

…and Simon D wonders if the fly is going to go inside Jin Haeng’s mouth. Fortunately for Jin Haeng, but unfortunately for Si Wan, the fly buzzes off.

Then as Jin Haeng nears the end of his segment, he develops a nasal itch and tries to hold back the sneeze…but to no avail. He lets out a loud and disruptive sneeze in the middle of his closing.

And pandemonium ensures at Pasta Montant as Si Wan, Kyoung Pyo and Ye Won win their wagers while the rest of the crew lose their bets because they were certain Jin Haeng wouldn’t make a mistake two days in a row.

On the way home that night with his prized book clasped tightly to his chest, Si Wan drops by a convenience store. He purchases a bottle of orange juice as a sort of compensation for sabotaging Jin Haeng and promises to never do so again. From here on out, he will only root for Jin Haeng’s success. Aw….

Back at the studio, Jin Haeng hears an earful from Joon Geum, who is in top form, berating him for sneezing in the middle of a live broadcast. As Joon Geum piles insult upon insult on Jin Haeng’s head, Ki Woo spots Soo Hyun and silently urges her to do her deed, for this is the perfect timing. Aw…what a sweet brother to want to give his brother a break from Joon Geum’s diatribe.

However, his look of anticipation and glee slowly turns into one of horror as Soo Hyun, in slow motion, runs and reached out for those 30 strands of hair.

On Jin Haeng’s, not Suk Jin’s, head. Ouch! Clutching Jin Haeng’s head, she rails at him for ruining yet another broadcast. PffttLOLHeheh…I didn’t know Jin Haeng’s hair was curly!?! LOL

And in the ensuing calm, Ki Woo realizes that the person Soo Hyun likes is none other than his brother, Jin Haeng (cover picture).

Post-Recap Thoughts: Seriously, how can anyone not laugh out loud at Soo Hyun’s expression? With her two hands tightly fisted with those “30 strands” of hair?! LOL

This episode solidified for me the show’s secure place in my heart. 🙂 The characters are developing quite nicely with some depth…and definitely with humor. 😉

*happy sigh*

Anyhow, it’s close to 2AM now, so I’m going to end the post-recap here. I hope you enjoyed reading this recap! I wish you a relaxing weekend! 

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  1. LOL Now i finally understand why Soo Hyun took some strands of hair from Jin Haeng and did a physical count of the hair in the next episode. I’m looking forward to what Ki Woo’s reaction now he knows Soo Hyun likes Jin Haeng.

    Thank you so much for staying up till almost 2AM to do this recap. Your effort is indeed appreciated. Without your recap, the fun is not totally complete. Happy weekend 😀

  2. Just wanted to thank you for all these recaps of Standby! Now that I understand what’s going on, every little thing is just so much funnier! Hehe… this episode especially. It’s probably my favorite so far! Like you, I cracked up the most watching this one. Oh man, and the very last scene was priceless. The slo-motion and Star Wars music that was playing when Soo Hyun trekked down that hallway… her determined expression like she was a woman on a mission… and the bewildered and almost horrified look on Ki Woo’s face when Soo Hyun lunged for Jin Haeng instead of Suk Jin were all way too hilarious!! Oh goodness I wonder what other tricks Ki Woo is going to play on the unfortunate Soo Hyun now that he knows her secret! Hehehe…

    Thank you so much again!! I look forward to spending the next 6 months watching Standby with you! xD

  3. Finally getting a chance to read this, THANK YOU! I wondered what Ki Woo was up to this whole episode, he does seem to be full of tricks. *hee* Watching this raw I’m always left wondering about a specific sequence of events and you always manage to explain exactly what I’m wondering about.
    Thanks again, great recap!

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! love your recaps and your dedication!! thank you again!! :DDDD also love jung so min in this especially after playful kiss!

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