Standby: Episode 8 Recap / Summary

Pre-Recap Thoughts: We finally get to see Suk Jin as Ha Soo Do (What a name! See recap below for the Korean pun.) This episode not only gives us insight into Ha Suk Jin’s past with Ryu Ki Woo, but also the lingering complex Suk Jin has about his adolescence. Also, So Min moves into what I hope will be her “permanent” home for the duration of the series. In much the same way that Jin Hee of High Kick 3 lived with Ha Sun and Ji Won, I’m hoping for much hijinks and fun with So Min living with the Kim siblings, especially in terms of Soo Hyun’s crush on Jin Haeng. 🙂

Recap: The episode opens with Soo Hyun calling her mother and complaining about how Kyoung Pyo tried to borrow some money from loan sharks to buy a video game component. He retorts that he wouldn’t have done that if she had only given him some allowance money; he adds that the elementary school students these days are super good at gaming. LOL. She smacks him on the head with a rolled up sheet of paper and hangs up with her mother before Kyoung Pyo can tattle to his mother that Soo Hyun is using violence on him. Heh. At his complaint that he didn’t get a chance to snitch on her to their mother, Soo Hyun tells him that he can tell their mother directly because mom has requested that he return home to Hawaii, a comment that has Kyoung Pyo now worried about what he should wear to the airport. He declares that “airport fashion” is so important. O-M-G, this brother is killing me!

Meanwhile, So Min thanks Si Wan again for helping her out; since his phone call to Simon D, she hasn’t had a single request or threat from Simon D. Then she coaxes Si Wan into saying something again in that Pusan accent. Uh-oh…and just as I feared, Simon D walks in at that moment, realizes the truth, learns from Papa Ryu that Si Wan is not his “grandson” but a typical part-timer–part-time employee #3 actually, and quickly decides to tell Papa Ryu everything. Oh, you rat! Blaming So Min for the increase in electric and water bills–although Si Wan tells him that So Min always washed up in public bathrooms and lives in the dark–Papa Ryu tells her to find her own lodging, or she can start looking for a new job. 🙁

At the studio, Soo Hyun announces one of the next broadcast’s topic–eating raw garlic. She asks Suk Jin to eat some, but he tells the staff that he will not eat raw garlic. Hmm…I sense a back story here. Joon Geum refuses since she has a physical exam the next day and needs to fast the day before; she reminds them that physical exams are no joking matter. Heh…I guess we can’t have an episode go by without her famous line, “– is no joking matter.” Ki Woo urges Suk Jin to be “the man” and eat a few cloves of garlic. Joon Geum comments that this would be the perfect opportunity to have Jin Haeng eat the garlic, but he’s unfortunately with the new recruits. Surprised, the writer asks if Jin Haeng sunbae is training the recruits. Joon Geum laughs and asks sarcastically how they can possibly leave the responsibility of training new recruits to a mistake-prone Jin Haeng; she sent him there to receive training…with the new recruits. Aw…poor Jin Haeng.

As Suk Jin continues to refuse to eat one or two garlic cloves, Ki Woo asks if he’s allergic to garlic because he once knew a kid in high school who was allergic to them. Ki Woo then comments–much to Suk Jin’s discomfort–that the high school classmate even shared the same last name: Ha. Soo. Do. (same as the Korean word for “sewage drain” Oh-no…what a pun on Ha Suk Jin’s name. LOL…It’ll be interesting to see if Suk Jin’s personality resembles that of a sewage drain).

Suk Jin goes to the restroom and flashes back to his “traumatic” experience with Ki Woo:

They were high school students, and Ki Woo came over one day to get a taste of Soo Do’s “expensive” lunch since Soo Do always brought food from home. Mistakenly thinking that Soo Do did so because Soo Do came from a rich family and that he was just being snobby, Ki Woo ate some of the cherished side dishes while Soo Do was called to the office.

Before Ki Woo could stop his classmates, several of them crowded around him for a “taste” as well. Afraid that Soo Do would throw a fit at his nearly-devoured lunch, Ki Woo and the others filled the empty space with some of their side dishes…to diastrous results.

What disaster awaited the ignorant classmates?

Soo Do has a garlic allergy that causes him to have rampant diarrhea. While reading aloud in class, Soo Do felt the first signs of diarrhea and tried to rush to the bathroom but accidentally tripped over Ki Woo’s outstretched legs–Ki Woo was sleeping–and ended up pooping in his pants…in front of the entire classroom (cover picture above). Aw…When Ki Woo tried to apologize afterwards, Soo Do coldly refused the apology.

Cut to present day again, and Suk Jin faces his reflection in the mirror, muttering why he keeps getting tangled with Ki Woo; he even changed his name to distance himself from his past. Aw…poor Suk Jin.

Later that day, Kyoung Pyo and his friends and family gather at Pasta Montant for a farewell party. When his friend (we’ll call her meat-girl until I learn her name) gives him the gift of another select choice of beef and tells him to eat it before he arrives in the States. Kyoung Pyo and Simon D ridicule her for being stupid because Kyoung Pyo is going to Hawaii, part of Southeast Asia. Seriously, boys?! Ki Woo corrects them and tells them that Hawaii is part of the United States.  Ugh…Can I just call Kyoung Pyo and Simon D “Dumb and Dumber”?

As they talk about how Soo Hyun will no longer have an errand boy, So Min and Si Wan walk by on their way out to find So Min a place for the night. Hearing that So Min needs housing, Ki Woo suggests to Soo Hyun that So Min lodge with her; So Min can take the place of Kyoung Pyo as errand girl, and Soo Hyun won’t be so lonely with Kyoung Pyo gone. Seeing the wisdom of that, Soo Hyun readily agrees, thus beginning So Min’s relationship with Soo Hyun. 🙂

Once at Soo Hyun’s apartment, So Min tries out the bed, gas stove, and refrigerator as though she’s entered paradise. She tells Soo Hyun that this is the first decent home that she’s lived in since she’s moved up to Seoul. Soo Hyun welcomes So Min to her new home, and the two shake on what they hope will be a fruitful and lasting roommate relationship.

This moment is interrupted when Kyoung Pyo gives So Min a letter, detailing all of his older sister’s quirks. In a scene reminiscent of My Sassy Girl in which the male lead character tells the girl’s blind date all about the girl’s quirks and how best to treat her well, Kyoung Pyo writes down all of his sister’s likes and dislikes. For instance, he tells So Min to dance with his sister when she watches comedy/variety/gag shows. Touched, Soo Hyun tearfully gives her brother a hug and tells him that he shouldn’t have created a mess that necessitates his return to their parents. Heh… 

Meanwhile, at the studio, Ki Woo attempts to convince Suk Jin to eat the raw garlic for the show. When he refuses, Ki Woo speculates that Ha Suk Jin may be Ha Soo Do since they both hail from the same city. Asking his trusty writer sunbae for a pair of glasses and gum from the writer’s bag of tricks (ah, that visual gag is so cute!), Ki Woo proceeds to see whether Suk Jin resembles Soo Do. Feigning ignorance of anything remotely related to Ha Soo Do, Suk Jin reluctantly agrees to eat the raw garlic. Heh…Ki Woo, you smooth-talker, you! You got him to do exactly what you wanted!

And so, Suk Jin films the raw garlic segment without any problems, pausing meaningful before he eats a clove of garlic. He announces that the garlic is quite crispy and refreshing, reinvigorating his flagging energy after all those shows that he’s been filming.

Once the filming is over, Ki Woo tries to smooth Suk Jin’s ruffled feathers, but Suk Jin hardly acknowledges him, saying that he was merely doing his job. As Ki Woo leaves with a brief pat on Suk Jin’s shoulder, Suk Jin looks back and glares at Ki Woo’s retreating back, and we see what really happened.

Before the filming, seated in his car (his safe haven LOL), Suk Jin whittled away at what looks like either a sweet potato or a chestnut…

…until it looked like a garlic clove. Telling himself that he will never let Ki Woo get the better of him, Suk Jin uses that clove in the filming, chomping on it instead of a real raw garlic. Ah-ha! Great idea, Suk Jin. Marking a third strike by Ki Woo’s name, Suk Jin vows to never let his former identity as Ha Soo Do be discovered.

Meanwhile, Soo Hyun and So Min settle in nicely as roommates. Soo Hyun, gazing at Jin Haeng’s broadcast through her laptop comments that her brother’s been gone a few days, but she doesn’t miss him while she really misses Jin Haeng sunbae. LOL. Of course, So Min chooses that moment to enter and wonders who Soo Hyun misses. Stammering that she misses Kyoung Pyo, Soo Hyun backs away from So Min as So Min advances slowly with an intent look on her face. As So Min draws closer and closer, Soo Hyun insists that she really does miss Kyoung Pyo. Then bam! So Min smacks a cockroach that was climbing on the wall and tells a relieved Soo Hyun that she is awfully good at catching cockroaches. Umm…TMI, So Min. I so did not need to know that. LOL.

Their little discussion is interrupted as Kyoung Pyo announces his return from Hawaii. Apparently, he almost ruined his father’s business in his attempt to get money for more games, and so the mother shipped him back to Korea to live with Soo Hyun again. At this unwelcomed piece of news, So Min desperately tells Soo Hyun that she can live in the livingroom; she doesn’t have to have a bedroom, but Soo Hyun asks So Min to leave since she feels awkward having So Min live with them now that her brother, an adult male, is in the apartment. Reluctantly, So Min packs up her belongings while Soo Hyun takes her luggage out to the elevator where she meets a returning Jin Haeng. Greeting her warmly, Jin Haeng thanks her for taking So Min in, especially since So Min helped Si Wan when he was all alone and struggling without any family or friends. Jin Haeng adds that he’s really impressed by her decision and really likes that about her.

At this compliment, Soo Hyun quickly tells So Min, who opens the door with the last of her belongings, to go back inside.

Once inside, Soo Hyun tells So Min that she’s changed her mind and that So Min can stay. She then tells So Min not to ever let anyone know that Soo Hyun had asked So Min to leave. Heh…she really wants to impress Jin Haeng.

Once in the privacy of her bedroom, Soo Hyun wonders at her actions and how she can change her mind so quickly just because of something Jin Haeng said. However, she doesn’t linger too much on that as she relishes his compliment of how he likes that aspect of her. She hugs herself, thrilled to have won favor in his eyes. LOL

Post-Recap Thoughts: I feel like the series is finally starting to find its footing as relationships are now starting to deepen. I’m looking forward to seeing how Ki Woo and Suk Jin continue to engage in their little battle of wills and what other antics will arise from this brewing conflict. And seriously, how many of you love the little notebook Suk Jin carries around with Ki Woo’s name and the scratch marks by it? I know I’m beginning to look forward to Suk Jin’s private moments in his car with that little notebook. LOL

As for Soo Hyun and Jin Haeng, the dichotomy between Soo Hyun the professional PD and Soo Hyun the woman with a crush on Jin Haeng is quite laughable. One has to wonder exactly what it is that she sees in Jin Haeng. Or perhaps that’s exactly what it is: She merely sees his entire handsome package and is simply awestruck into love-sick mode. LOL. I admit: Ryu Jin is easy on the eyes. 😉

With the So Min/Si Wan/Ki Woo love triangle, nothing so far, and I’m liking it that way. I rather like that Si Wan and So Min are just friends and “comrades in the trenches of life” right now while So Min and Ki Woo have a casual relationship as acquaintances. But then again, with 100+ episodes to go, it’s better to start slow and steady, building solid foundations in both storyline and character development.

Although I’m behind in the recapping, I’m liking what I’m seeing so far and definitely planning on continuing…so, stay tuned! My schedule may be hectic, but I will try to recap every single episode…yes! You heard right…every. single. episode. 🙂

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