Standby: Episode 7 Recap / Summary

Pre-Recap Thoughts: The physical/visual humor continues as Jin Haeng provides moment after moment of hilarity and stupidity, oftentimes simultaneously. LOL

Recap: The episode opens with So Min bidding Simon D goodnight for the evening, using the opportunity to sleep at Pasta Montant in order to save money that she would normally use for sleeping at a sauna. However, on that night, Simon D returns unexpectedly in order to retrieve his forgotten cell phone and catches her there. He promises to keep her sleeping arrangements a secret since their boss will fire her otherwise…for a “price.” He wants her to introduce him to a woman/date, a comment that So Min at first misunderstands and tries to protect herself. LOL.

Then telling So Min that he’s not picky, he raps out his requirements–no shorter than 170 cm, no heavier than 45 kg, must be pretty, etc.

Meanwhile, the Ryu brothers carpool to work together, and Ki Woo witnesses Suk Jin condescendingly telling Jin Haeng to use whatever extra time he has to practice his script more instead of straightening up the office. Apparently, Jin Haeng almost made another mistake in the last broadcast. As Suk Jin leaves, Jin Haeng comments that one of these days, he’s going to have to put Suk Jin in his rightful place for speaking disrespectfully to his sunbae like that. Ki Woo points out that Jin Haeng should have corrected Suk Jin now, not “someday.” Suk Jin doesn’t show Jin Haeng the proper respect of a hoobae to a sunbae.

Later that day, Jin Haeng learns from the writer–the one with the magical bag of everything–that Ki Woo really gave Suk Jin a hard time today during the filming. Insisting that the opening greeting needed to be smoother, Ki Woo kept requesting take after take until Suk Jin left the set with the excuse that he had to go work out now and that Ki Woo can use one of the many takes. Hearing about this, Jin Haeng assumes that Ki Woo is giving Suk Jin a hard time to “avenge” his big brother. LOL and aw…. 

Later that night, Joon Geum invites her staff to an after-work meal, and Ki Woo again brings up the request to re-film the opening, a conversation that suddenly gives the happy get-together a chilly atmosphere. Meanwhile, Jin Haeng drinks until he becomes inebriated and then calls Ki Woo outside for a talk. Wow…so much for Jin Haeng insisting that the brothers keep their private lives private and their work life professional. He shouts at Ki Woo and calls him by his first name rather than Ryu PD. Interesting…Taking Ki Woo outside of the dining room, Jin Haeng tells Ki Woo not to seek revenge on his behalf. Despite Ki Woo’s insistence that Ki Woo was only requesting multiple takes as a PD, Jin Haeng doesn’t believe him and even offers Ki Woo the belt that Ki Woo was coveting earlier that morning.

Meanwhile, So Min is unsuccessful in finding a girl fitting Simon D’s specifications. She even tries to ask Kyoung Pyo about his older sister, Soo Hyun, but the feckless brother shoots down the idea, claiming that Simon D is too good for his sister. LOL!

She confides in Si Wan, who from that day has started working at Pasta Montant to work his keep so that he’s not simply mooching off of the Ryus, a decision that Papa Ryu loves but the brothers don’t). Earlier that day, she had been upset with Si Wan when he barely acknowledged their close relationship, but Si Wan soon cleared up that misunderstanding by explaining that he barely acknowledged her for her own good; the boss/his “grandfather” doesn’t like him very much and claiming a close relationship with him won’t help endear her to the boss.

Hearing of her woes with Simon D, Si Wan decides to help her and devises a plan…

…one that brings Simon D literally to his knees.

How? He pretends to be So Min’s “cousin” from Pusan, a boss of a notorious Pusan gang. And since Simon D is from Pusan, he’s heard of this gang and is sufficiently scared enough to promise to back off, treat So Min well, and not pester/threaten her about the sleeping/blind date request.

Meanwhile, Suk Jin agrees to re-film the greeting since the rest of the staff–Joon Geum and Soo Hyung–agree with Ki Woo that the opening lacks of something. Ki Woo is pleasantly pleased that the issue was resolved while he went outside to speak with Jin Haeng. When Jin Haeng doesn’t return, Ki Woo just assumes that his brother went home early.

But that’s not what Jin Haeng did. He simply hunkered down and fell asleep on the street. When he awakes, he finds himself the object of attention, especially with an interesting poster covering him as a “blanket” (see cover picture).

He rushes to his shoot location where Ki Woo is already waiting. However, when Ki Woo keeps requesting retakes–just as he did with Suk Jin–Jin Haeng finally realizes that his brother was just doing his job…just as a professional should. Unfortunately, Jin Haeng doesn’t like the fact that Ki Woo is doing the same thing to him and pulls him aside. As Jin Haeng rebukes his brother for embarrassing him in front of the staff, Ki Woo reminds him that work is work.

Jin Haeng’s response now that kid brother isn’t looking out for him after all?

He demands that Ki Woo return that expensive belt he gave him and attempts to take it off right then and there. LOL

Post-Recap Thoughts: The show is settling nicely into a smooth groove with characters developing their idiosyncratic mannerisms and sayings. I personally love Ki Woo’s affection for milk and Joon Geum’s “Is (word of choice) a joke?!” Then, there’s also Kyoung Pyo with his stuck-like-glue girl friend who keeps bringing him select choice meats hoping to become his girlfriend.

I’m curious to see if Si Wan and So Min will develop a possible love/crush line…we’ll see. I’m not feeling anything for her with Si Wan or with Ki Woo, so only time will tell.

This episode shows us a side of Jin Haeng that explains a bit about why he hasn’t been able to move up the ranks: 1) He blurs the line between the professional and private 2) He doesn’t know how to prioriticize things to maximize his benefits. Overall, he’s a great person but not a great worker/professional. It’ll be interesting to see how the show develops his character and whether Jin Haeng will eventually become that successful announcer we all would like to think he can become.

As for Ki Woo…I love that the “laid-back” one is the one who is getting things done. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing him move rapidly up the ranks as a PD. 🙂  

Hope you enjoyed this recap. Have a great weekend!

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  1. I was clueless what Simon D and SoMin/SiWan were talking about! (although I figured some type of threat by the way SiWan was talking) LOVE the Pusan accent. Ahahaha! So thank you for clearing that little bit up for me. God, I love this show!

  2. i’m glad somin and siwan are getting close. at least, somin has now somebody who will somehow save her from the mischievousness of simon. thanks again 😀

  3. Thanks so much for the recaps!!! The show is short enough and parts are obvious enough to understand, but the recaps have been truly helpful to understand some of the deeper aspects of the show. For instance, the points you made about Jin Haeng’s stagnant career.

  4. Hi! Thanks for the recaps. 🙂 I’ve been following this series, but I’ve only been able to watch the raw videos. With your recaps I’ve been able to understand the vids. Thanks much!

    1. You are most welcome! I’m hoping to get one or two more done either today or Sunday. Thanks for reading, and welcome to our “Musings” community as a commenter! 🙂

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