Standby: Episode 6 Recap / Summary

Pre-Recap Thoughts: This episode centers around the various misunderstandings that occur between the characters and how those misunderstandings are cleared up. Thankfully, no one is emotionally scarred in any permanent way. If nothing else, the main misunderstanding that happens within the Ryu household serves as a seed for the potential growth of stronger male-bonding among the four men, most noticeably with the three men pictured above.


Recap: The episode opens with Ki Woo pouring himself the very last cup of milk. Heh…Thou risketh being called Milk Boy if thou continue in this milk drinking, Ki Woo. LOL. He offers the cup to Si Wan, who politely declines since Ki Woo had wanted to drink it first. However, before either person can drink it, Papa Ryu sweeps in and drinks the offered beverage, declaring that he plans on trying to grow a few more inches. Heh.

As Ki Woo tsks at his father, Jin Haeng comes inside and asks Si Wan why he’s not attending the school field trip. Thinking that Si Wan passed on the optional field trip because of money issues and not because Si Wan just wasn’t interested, Jin Haeng asks his father for the $100 he borrowed from him and then promptly turns around and gives that money to Si Wan as he is about to leave for school. 

Si Wan looks at the check, realizes it’s for $1000, and tries to give the money back to Jin Haeng, but Jin Haeng, thinking it’s only $100, refuses to even touch or look at the money and tells Si Wan to use the money as allowance with the explanation that he had been meaning to give him allowance for some time now.   

As Si Wan leaves for school, he runs into Kyoung Pyo, who wants the new kid at school to carry his bag for him. Heh. When Soo Hyun cautions her brother about being nicer to Si Wan now that Jin Haeng has “adopted” him as his son, Kyoung Pyo tells her that Si Wan is only going to stay with the Ryus until he finishes high school. At this unexpected and welcomed news, Soo Hyun hugs and kisses her brother, much to his dismay and disgust. She resumes her crush on Jin Haeng sunbae. LOL

Later that day, Papa Ryu discovers that he’s missing a $1000 bill from his wallet and accuses Si Wan of stealing it, turning the bedroom upside down. Jin Haeng unwittingly finds it–after telling his father that if Si Wan took the money, then Jin Haeng isn’t his father’s son–and convinces his father to give him some time to talk to Si Wan so that the boy can return the money of his own volition.

When Si Wan comes home from school, Papa Ryu practices some “strikes” with his kendo stick. One hit for each ten-dollar bill. Yikes! Jin Haeng quickly takes the clueless Si Wan inside the bedroom to tell him a “story” about how he stole money from his father as a kid because he so badly wanted a video game. His purpose? To try to indirectly tell Si Wan to confess to his crime. Unfortunately, Si Wan misunderstands–and who can blame him since Jin Haeng gave him the money and refused to accept it back?–and thinks that Jin Haeng is hinting to Si Wan to buy some thank-you gifts with the money. 

Meanwhile, So Min meets Ki Woo on the street while helping a little boy get his balloon down from a tree and gives Ki Woo a bag of milk as compensation for dirtying his clothes the last time. Why the milk? Because her new part-time job is to deliver milk cartoons to people. LOL. Ki Woo tells her to not worry about it, but she insists on treating him “in style” later that night.

Unfortunately, Simon D teases her about her small scale when she explains that she plans to spend $30 on thanking Ki Woo, a bargain compared to the clothes she ruined. He tells her that since she promised to treat Ki Woo “in style,” she’s probably looking at waaaaaay more than $30, which is all she has right now. As she frets, Simon calls Ki Woo and tells him to have some fun with this piece of information, his little present to his hyung who is too busy these days to have some fun. Ah, Simon…when will you learn that you can’t bribe your way onto TV, at least not with Ki Woo. Heh.

And so, the fun begins…Ki Woo starts with a pitcher of beer and plate of fried chicken–just the two items So Min was hoping he would order. LOL. Then the additional ordering starts: sausages, a spicy dish, etc. Pretty soon, So Min gives up calculating the cost and simply sits numbly by as Ki Woo enjoys not only his meal but her discomfort. As he gets ready to leave, So Min tells him to go ahead since she has something to do and strategizes a way to pay for the “in style” meal. Fortunately, Ki Woo paid for everything in advance, and So Min’s utter embarrassment is curtailed before she’s humiliated. And since he’s already paid for everything, she downs the almost full pitcher of beer since Ki Woo hardly touched it; he doesn’t drink much. Her reasoning? Why waste something that’s free? LOL. As for Ki Woo…Smart, man. I knew I liked this milk-guzzling healthy tree. 😉

Of course, the alcohol does her in, and she begins to imagine a baseball cap stuck high up on a tree while Ki Woo leaves her momentarily to hail a cap.

Only, it’s not a tree she climbs, but rather our milk-loving tree boy. LOL. Still deluded into thinking he’s a tree, she celebrates by grabbing hold of the baseball and waving it about in victory, her tree-climbing skills obviously quite developed. LOL

Meanwhile, Papa Ryu realizes while he examines his wallet at Pasta Montant that he accidentally gave Jin Haeng the $1000, who then gave that large bill to Si Wan as allowance money. Rushing home, he tries to stop Jin Haeng from accusing Si Wan of theft but to no avail. Jin Haeng, seeing Si Wan come home with a shopping bag, demands to know how he can go shopping with that money instead of returning it as Jin Haeng had hoped. Incensed and extremely disappointed in Si Wan, Jin Haeng rants and raves until he sees the thank-you card and reads it. Puzzled and momentarily stumped, he finally listens to his father, who explains the whole misunderstanding. Aw, Jin Haeng, what a horrible time to start living up to your name (“progress”/”proceed”).

Of course, Si Wa walks out of the house to gain some composure, and Jin Haeng follows after him, apologizing to him that he should have been the one to fully keep believing in Si Wan’s integrity and that he will never again to anything to disappoint Si Wan… 

…and just at that moment, Jin Haeng smacks his head against a tree branch and falls down to the ground, clutching his forehead in pain. As for Si Wan, completely unaware of Jin Haeng’s position, he simply tells Jin Haeng that he’s all right; he’s not hurt by the misunderstanding and that Jin Haeng doesn’t have to worry about disappointing him.

Post-Recap Thoughts: Finally, Jin Haeng lives up to his name…but at the wrong time!

This episode was definitely enjoyable as we got to see a bit of development between Ki Woo and So Min as well as the three men–Papa Ryu, Jin Haeng, and Si Wan. I especially appreciated how Papa Ryu isn’t the petty type to keep his misunderstanding to himself but quickly goes home to try to admit to his mistake and stop Jin Haeng from making one as well with Si Wan.

All in all, not bad for a sixth episode. 😉

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  1. I love So-min and Ki-woo scenes! They’re the best! But I still hope we’d get more than 5 minutes of airtime for the couple, but I guess that’s sort of impossible since each episode is only 30 minutes long…

    Is it telling to say that every time I see a new recap of Standby posted, I squeal in glee? LOL!

  2. so fast- thanks for the recap! standby has a different feel than high kick 3, but i’m loving it just as much, especially the characters. 🙂

  3. Me too! (LOL) I definitely hope to see a BTS of So Min climbing on Ki Woo. I loved that the Dad straightened out the misunderstanding too. Thanks again for another great recap!

  4. Angie at Couch Kimchi posts links to the raw vids almost immediately after they go up – she hasn’t missed a single episode yet! (if anyone needs links to watch it)

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