Standby: Episode 5 Recap / Summary

Pre-Recap Thoughts: Episode 5 completes the framework of the show with Si Wan being finally “accepted” into the household. More than anything else, though, the two Ryu brothers continue to supply amply amounts of the funny as Jin Haeng provides the body humor and Ki Woo the verbal humor with his seemingly endless arsenal of witticisms. It’s a personal bias, but Ki Woo’s wisecracks amuse me more than Jin Haeng’s body humor, but then again, it might just be my love of words that has me chuckling over Ki Woo’s smooth-talking. LOL

Recap: The episode resumes with the last minute or so of episode 4 as Jin Haeng gets kicked in the stomach by his father after Papa Ryu learns of Jin Haeng’s “adoption.” He demands that Jin Haeng kick Si Wan out of the house immediately. When Jin Haeng pleads with him to accept Si Wan or else…, his father asks if Jin Haeng is going to threaten to leave the house like the last time. If so, he tells him to leave behind everything he’s ever bought Jin Haeng: toothpaste and other tiny items around the house. Listening to the conversation, Ki Woo asks in mock horror if that means Jin Haeng can take with him everything he’s bought for the father: refrigerator, dad’s designer watch, etc. The house will look so bare if that happens. LOL. At his younger son’s cheeky comment, the father attempts to kick him, but his leg only reaches so far (cover picture). Ki Woo comments in “surprise” that he thought his father’s leg was his arm; it’s so short. LOL.

Unable to convince his father to accept Si Wan into the household, Jin Haeng arranges to have Si Wan stay with Soo Hyun across the hallway until he can persuade his father and begins his Operation: Convince Dad.  

Despite Ki Woo’s offer of a “great idea” for $10, Jin Haeng decides on stage one, a peaceful protest by dressing in suit and tie and sitting in front of his father’s door. The result? Various items are thrown at him from stinky sock to the last item, a sopping wet clump of sea kelp/seaweed. Eewww…neat freak Jin Haeng cringes and retreats at the “dirty” assault.

Meanwhile, Soo Hyun goes to the studio on her off day to clear her head after agreeing to temporarily take in Si Wan to help Jin Haeng. There, she meets Ki Woo, who is settled down to diligently work through the night editing some footage. As a way to clear her head, she offers to do the editing for him, a suggestion that has Ki Woo packed up and ready to leave…literally in a blink of an eye. Ever the smooth talker, he asks she to send the finished product along to two other people once she’s done because she knows them better than he does. LOL…oh yeah, he just talked her into doing the all-nighter assignment for him. Commenting that she somehow feels as though she got hoodwinked, Soo Hyun turns her attention to editing…

…completely forgetting that she has to attend an awards ceremony the next day at work. With only 20 minutes left before the ceremony, she shows up to the office and is at a loss for what to do since she’s dressed in casual clothes and some of the executives from the studio will be there. Joon Geum suggests that wardrobe bring her an outfit.

Problem solved, right? That’s what she thinks until she raises her arms in the bathroom and notices a fertile growth of underarm hair. Uh-oh. Her solution? Just don’t raise her arms, a decision that causes her colleagues to look at her strangely as she barely raises her arms to accept her award. Heh…  

Back at home, stage two of Operation: Convince Dad goes into effect. Refusing Ki Woo’s “great idea” once again–this time, Ki Woo has raised it to $20–Jin Haeng goes on a strike…from doing any household chores/cleaning. Um yeah, I don’t think you’re going to last long, Jin Haeng. Dad retaliates with a plan of his own, Operation: Drive Jin Haeng Nuts. Stage one? Take Jin Haeng’s nicely organized drawer of underwear, each marked by the day of the week or the special occasion/holiday, and scatter them haphazardly around the room. He declares that he will be the first parent in the history of Korea to defeat his child. There’s a Korean phrase that says, “No parent can win over his child.”

Stage two? Take a strip of kimchi and smear its crimson-staining leaf all along a decorative sofa cushion. Ouch…that’s got to hurt.

Stage three? Take a handful of potato chips, crush the chips into infinitely tiny particles of oily flakes, and blow them all. over. the. kitchen. And as he does so, he taunts Jin Haeng to clean. O-M-G, the distorted sound and music are hilarious! Yeah, Jin Haeng doesn’t last long after this.

Meanwhile, Jin Haeng drops by sporadically to check up on Si Wan and to let him know that he’s almost convinced his father; Si Wan should be able to move in shortly.

Back at the ceremony, Soo Hyun is relieved that the awards ceremony is almost over…until she learns that everyone has to raise their arms in man-seh (hurrah). She wisely backs away from the line on the pretext of being tall and proudly raises her arms, Joon Geum and her hoobae‘s heads covering her underarms. LOL.

Unfortunately, at the after-awards drinks, she relaxes a bit too much with alcohol and dances at the karaoke lounge, which is perfectly fine in lightening the mood…until she takes off her jacket and shows off her underarms. L-O-L. 

At everyone’s shocked and embarrassed looks, Joon Geum quickly goes up to cover Soo Hyun’s underarms. Heh… 

Meanwhile, unable to succeed in his campaign to bring Si Wan home, Jin Haeng finally asks Ki Woo for help…at $50 now! Wow~Ki Woo is such an opportunist. LOL.

The idea? Utilize their father’s ambition for social mobility upwards and notify the local newspapers of their father’s “altruistic” decision to take in an orphaned high school senior. When a reporter drops by Pasta Montant to do an article, Papa Ryu poses for the camera and modestly says that it’s the least that he can do for this unfortunate “grandson.” As I said, Ki Woo, you smooth-talker, you! 

Once the reporter leaves, though, Papa Ryu makes it clear that he’s only accepting Si Wan into the house because everyone now knows about this situation and refusing Si Wan housing would be bad for his image. While Si Wan is here, the father refuses to spend a single won on him and moves the dishes away from Si Wan, claiming that when he was Si Wan’s age, he could live on the strength of just the rice. Aw…really, Papa Ryu? Do we have to be so petty? Hmmm…I’m looking forward to the day when the father starts to cherish our little Si Wan.

Outside on the balcony alone after the plain dinner, Si Wan promises his mother, looking at her photo, that he’ll make her proud by staying there, working hard, etc. He tells her that she doesn’t need to worry about him. Then pressing the photo to his heart, he gathers his strength to make good on his promise. Aw….

Post-Recap Thoughts: This episode seems to now have all the characters established in their positions: Si Wan with the Ryus and So Min working at Pasta Montant. It’ll be interesting to see how much more smooth-talking Ki Woo can become and to what lengths Jin Haeng will go to protect his “son.”

So far, I’m liking the show, although it doesn’t quite balance the funny with the poignant as superbly as High Kick 3 did, but then again, it’s still too early to tell. I didn’t start loving High Kick 3 until much later in the series, too. The good news is that we’re only into episode 5 of the recaps, and I’m starting to care for these characters, which bodes well for our journey with the Ryus. 🙂

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  1. thanks for the recap, really liking this show so far 🙂

    am i like the only one who kinda wants so min with si wan? i have a feeling it’s not going to happen though (i always end up rooting for the wrong couple)

  2. Awww, I felt so bad for Si Wan when he took out his Moms picture. (although I had no idea what he was saying) I teared up! I love how much Jin Haeng cares for this kid. Like you, I can’t wait for the day that Dad starts caring for him too. Great recap, thank you so much!

  3. thank you so much for this recap!
    i’ve been watching all the episodes raw,
    and well, since i barely speak two words of korean, you can imagine
    how much of the episode i could actually understand.
    and even though i can barely understand them, i still laugh
    at ki woo’s wits, because he just sounds so witty and cunning.
    and i laughed so hard at soo hyun’s body hair crisis!
    i love her character so much.
    and siwanie! even if he just sat there doing nothing, i’ll still love him. just because. keke~

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