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Pre-Recap Thoughts: YES!!! The prediction I made after watching episode 3 is coming true: I liked episode 4 more than I did episode 3. *Happy humming* This means that as much as I liked episode 4, I’ll like episode 5 even more. Imagine how much more I’ll end up liking/loving this series by the time we’re ready to wrap up the very last episode in about 6 months from now?

Hmmm…Did I just say 6 months?

Oy~why does that sound sooooo far away…not that I want the series to end quickly…but I just realized that I’ll be recapping for 6 months. =O.o=

Let’s just I hope I can last the test of time. 😉

Recap: The episode begins with Jin Haeng meeting Si Wan in front of his after-school study center (hak kwon) as he tries to convince Si Wan to come live with him. After a cute scene in which Si Wan points out bird poop on Jin Haeng’s shoulder and Jin Haeng then freaking out about having to launder his blazer immediately because of the smell, Si Wan agrees to come live with the Ryus…just until he graduates from high school and becomes an adult in the eyes of Korean society. 


Apparently, So Min was fired from the sauna for letting a minor live there, and before she left, she had urged Si Wan to go live with Jin Haeng. She told him that at least with the Ryus, Si Wan will be able to eat a warm bowl of rice each day; according to So Min, “A Korean lives by the power of rice, not ramyun”…something his mother used to say to him. In the flashback that Si Wan has, he recalls his mom telling him that “even after I die, promise me that you’ll eat rice and not ramyun.” Aw…it’s interesting how it’s always the little things people remember that help them make the more significant decisions in life. And by moving in with Jin Haeng, he’s in some small way honoring his mother.

As Si Wan packs and leaves the sauna for Jin Haeng’s house, So Min dances. Why? Because she has just gotten a temporary job at the Italian restaurant, Pasta Montant, and Simon, who lies to her about dancing and rapping being a requisite for the job position, wants to see her skills. O-M-G! The owner –Jin Haeng’s father–walks by at that precise moment and smacks him on the head for lying. Heh…Jin Haeng’s father then tells So Min that if she’s smarter than the two goofballs Simon and Kyung Pyo, she can become a permanent employee. Excited, So Min resolves to do her best…

…until she discovers that Ki Woo is the boss’ younger son and that he is hosting an after-work party for his production team at the restaurant that very night. Wanting desperately to keep her job and avoid being recognized by Ki Woo, whom she remembers from all of her embarrassing encounters, she hides her face while she takes down everyone’s orders. Unwittingly, she confides in Simon, who then goes directly to Ki Woo and tells him who So Min is in the hopes that such “precious” information will help him land a spot on Ki Woo’s television show as a singer. Ha! Unfortunately for So Min, Ki Woo had forgotten all about her and only remembers her when Simon tells him. Poor little thing…The two men–boys more like–pretend that Ki Woo doesn’t recognize her and that Simon hasn’t told Ki Woo her secret.

Wanting to tease her a bit, he even goes into the storage room later that day, a room that Simon told So Min would be a perfect place in which to hide. However, both men think that So Min is hiding in a huge metal cabinet when in reality, she’s dangling by her fingers just outside the window! 

Thankfully, Ki Woo isn’t one to play meanly (He’s mature enough to know when enough is enough) and leaves the storage room quickly in order to go to a meeting. No sooner does he sit on his scooter–chosen so as to avoid the massive rush hour traffic–than So Min falls right behind him. LOL

Not looking at the driver, she apologizes and asks him to drive her away quickly because she needs to avoid someone. Ki Woo asks if this someone is someone who was the recipient of dirty water and other such embarrassing moments. At this, So Min finally looks up and realizes that Ki Woo is sitting right in front of her.

After they clear the air, Ki Woo asks her for a favor: Hold Simon so that he won’t follow Ki Woo to the television studio. And at that moment, Simon comes out in high spirits, ready for his singing debut on Ki Woo’s broadcast station. Heh…sorry, buddy!

Meanwhile, Si Wan arrives at Jin Haeng’s house sans Papa Ryu, who is going to be at Jeju Island for 2-3 days. Thanking this perfect timing, Jin Haeng prepares for Si Wan’ arrival and promises himself that he will tell his father after the Jeju trip. 

Inviting Si Wan inside, Jin Haeng prepares a hot meal for Si Wan complete with the sappy heart-peas on top of a bowl of rice. When he offers to take off the peas, Si Wan tells him that’s all right and starts to dig into his food. Aw…this is probably the first real meal he’s had since his mother passed away. As the two spend what appears to be a father-son moment, Jin Haeng hears his father’s voice from the hallway. Apparently, Papa Ryu’s trip was canceled, and no one had bothered to notify him.

In s-l-o-w motion, Jin Haeng abruptly drags Si Wan away from the kitchen table and flings him inside his bedroom. O-M-G! Then spying Si Wan’s sneakers, he makes a lunge for them…as his father punches in the code to the door.

And in the nick of time, Jin Haeng is able to welcome his father back, Si Wan’s sneakers safely tucked inside his back pocket. LOL

When the dad sees the table set for two, he asks if Jin Haeng has a visitor, a suggestion that Jin Haeng emphatically denies. Instead, Jin Haeng tells his father that the second bowl is for him. At this, the father asks how Jin Haeng knew he would be home since he returned home unexpectedly. Jin Haeng’s response? “Telepathy.” LOL. And when dad sees the heart-shaped peas on top of the rice, Jin Haeng tells his father that he “loves” him. Heh…. 

After dinner as the dad sips on his daily pouch of herbal medicine, he ponders over the events of the day (Jin Haeng on the phone promising to make the person happy if that person will move in with him, the heart-shaped peas on the rice, and Jin Hae’s refusal to meet a woman on a blind date). His conclusion? Jin Haeng must have a woman hidden inside his bedroom.

Cut scene to Jin Haeng’s bedroom where Jin Haeng has been telling Si Wan for the past 30 minutes! that he’ll go outside and tell his father all about Si Wan, for it’s only right that Jin Haeng look after his deceased fiance’s son. Still unable to gather the necessary courage, though, Jin Haeng hesitates but has no choice but to go outside when his father tries to come into his bedroom. Before his father can see Si Wan, Jin Haeng throws Si Wan on the bed and covers him up. LOL…lots of throwing around Si Wan in this episode.

Telling Jin Haeng that he knows all about who is hiding in the bedroom, Papa Ryu insists on meeting the young lady. After worrying about whether Jin Haeng will ever become interested in another woman after his fiance’s death, the dad is thrilled that Jin Haeng is planning a romantic evening/weekend with a woman. As Jin Haeng tries to prevent his father from opening his bedroom door, Papa Ryu calls out to the “lady,” asking her to come out; he just wants to say hello.

And slowly, out comes the young “lady,” and Papa Ryu’s smile freezes into an expression of horror as he demands to know what Si Wan is doing in his house.  Uh-oh… 

As Jin Haeng tries to explain, Papa Ryu kicks him right in the stomach, causing Jin Haeng to fall against Si Wan and tumble to the ground in pain.

Post-Recap Thoughts: Ah…the sweet and the not-so-sweet aspects of family life are nicely exemplified in this episode as Jin Haeng tries to do right by his fiance and “adopt” his almost-stepson.

I enjoyed how So Min and Ki Woo finally cleared up any misunderstandings and can now work on building a relationship. I’m hoping for a romantic one, but one never knows with these sitcom writers. I’m going to hold off on hoping for a certain pairing until at least a few more episodes. I don’t want to be severely disappointed as I was with our beloved tokki couple (Jin Hee and Kye Sang)

Anyhow, I’d better get to bed. Hope you enjoyed the recap!

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  1. I’m debating whether to start watching this or not because I also want a romantic relationship between So Min and Ki Woo lol
    However I’m currently watching Hello Baby – the MBLAQ season lol its funny. babies are such odd creatures. So i will watch every episode of that and then come back to this drama, I’ll be reading your recaps till we figure out these budding relationships ^.^

  2. This episode was my favorite so far, I almost enjoyed the father/son moments between JH and SW more than the semi-romantic ones between Ki Woo & So Min. (yea, love sappy father/son stuff) But I’m really looking forward to KW/SM romantic moments. *hee* Thanks again for another great recap!

    1. My pleasure! I hear ep. 6 is really good! Sigh…will probably get to ep. 6 who knows when with the two Wed-Thur. monsters airing 5 episodes collectively! O.o

  3. this episode is one of my favorites and your recap helps me to appreciate it more. your such a big help to us non-korean speaking. once again, thanks a lot for your wonderful recap. hope you’ll be with us till the end 😉

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