Standby: Episode 3 Recap / Summary

Pre-Recap Thoughts: The show lays down more pieces to its foundation in this episode as the characters deal with life after Si Wan’s mother’s death. Episode 3 resumes 3 months after the end of episode 2’s shocking death. I still can’t believe the show just killed her off like that after only two episodes. Wow~Talk about gutsy!

Recap: The episode starts with Si Wan paying his respects to his mother’s urn…3 months after her death. Due to financial circumstances, he’s had to move out of his apartment and lives at a 24-hour sauna where he sleeps and studies after school. There, he meets So Min, who not only works there but also thinks that Si Wan is a college student. LOL. Even after she discovers that he is a high school student, So Min tries to help Si Wan evade who she thinks is a school official–Jin Haeng–by covering him up in the ball playpen and ends up almost kissing him when he slips and pulls her down with him (cover picture). Aw…Later on in the show, she locks Si Wan inside the cold room with Jin Haeng, who tries to convince Si Wan to come live with him. Si Wan refuses his kind offer and then stays to help Jin Haeng detach himself from the ice bar. LOL. Jin Haeng had spilled some water on himself and then gotten stuck to the ice bar when he slipped and fell. Oh dear…the episode ends with a shot of the two of them attempting to free Jin Haeng from his icy predicament. Heh.

Meanwhile, Ki Woo passes the competitive PD test and gets hired at Jin Haeng’s studio. He is assigned to Jin Haeng’s program, and Joon Geum quickly warms up to her new “young boy-toy” when she inadvertently feels his biceps. LOL…this woman is proving to be quit the hilarious cougar professional! However, it turns out that Suk Jin has a grudge against Ki Woo (I suspect a childhood/adolescent trauma) and rejects any creative idea that Ki Woo pitches to the two MCs. His reasons? He states 3 rules and refuses to comply to anything that isn’t youthful, wholesome, and an advocate of good. As the other PDs worry, Ki Woo tells them that he has a code of his own: fun, really funny, and absolutely funny.

With this in mind, Ki Woo and his sunbae pitch idea after idea:

1) Superman – Suk Jin rejects on ridiculous reasons of Clark Kent being an alien and a con man for fooling everyone (OMG)

2) Pororo (Korean cartoon penguin that’s extremely popular with children…you can search on YouTube for clips) – Suk Jin rejects this children’s phenomenon because Pororo irresponsibly advocates only fun and made one of his friends cry in one little episode (again OMG!).

How can anyone not like Pororo?! LOL…Look how adorable these two look.

However, Ki Woo tries one last idea, which Suk Jin has no choice but to accept since it completely adheres to ALL of his precepts: youthful, wholesome, and an advocate of good.

What is this incredible opening?

Joon Geum, dressed as an obstetrician, delivers the show’s new opening: Suk Jin as a baby…youthful, wholesome, and an advocate of good. LOL. As the rest of the staff celebrate this fresh new opening, Suk Jin suppresses his obvious dislike for Ki Woo but later gives into his intense animosity for the newest PD by writing Ryu. Ki. Woo. on his notebook. Oh no…I sense a battle of wills coming on. 😉 

Post-Recap Thoughts: I liked.

The third episode was better than the second. And the second was better than the first. So…if this trend continues, I’m sure I’ll like the fourth episode more than the third, right? Here’s hoping because I definitely enjoy watching this little sitcom with my morning coffee, although today was an afternoon coffee due to morning errands…but yeah, that’s TMI (too much information). LOL. Hope you enjoyed reading! 

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  1. finally, episode 3 recap is here 😀 IMO, this show is getting better and better everyday. thank you so much again for your recap. 😉

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