Standby: Episode 23

Episode 23 continues Suk Jin’s ongoing battle with the Ryus, and this time, he’s taking both of them on in a game of ping-pong. Yes, you heard right. He competes with them in a fierce battle of ping pong…and the end result? Another person gets added to his little black book. Heh…if you’re curious, read on! 

Recap: The episode starts with Ki Woo and Writer Kim adoring a cute little bunny rabbit that is going to be used as a prop for an upcoming broadcast. Ki Woo comments that the bunny’s front two teeth remind him of his classmate, Soo Do, a comment that irritates Suk Jin.

He insults Ki Woo, and Ki Woo asks why Suk Jin has been so rude to him lately. Suk Jin pretty much ignores him and leaves. Heh…I love the metaphor of Suk Jin/Soo Do as the little furry bunny.

Meanwhile, Kyung Pyo celebrates that he’s no longer the very last ranked student in his class; he’s moved up one and is now 39th. He wonders who could be the 40th student and comments that the poor sucker must be really dumb. He walks out and overhears Si Wan talking on the phone with Jin Haeng, telling him that he came in 40th. Heh…Kyung Pyo thinks back on all the studying that Si Wan does and thinks the guy is an idiot for coming in last after ALL that studying.

Unfortunately, Kyung Pyo doesn’t realize that Si Wan meant 40th in all of Korea!

Back at the studio, a sports competition of studio departments is about to happen, and Joon Geum suggests that Soo Hyun, who’s won trophies for ping-pong the past few years, partner with either Suk Jin or Ki Woo to represent their department. Jin Haeng is under no circumstances allowed to compete. Aww…poor Jin Haeng.

So Min learns from Si Wan that he’s placed 40th in all of Korea, but he’s not pleased since he’s always been no lower than the 20’s. The combination of studying and working has obviously taken their toll on him. He vows to just do better. When Kyung Pyo arrives at the restaurant, teasing Si Wan, So Min lightly scolds Kyung Pyo and tells him to take pity on Si Wan. He’s been under a lot of stress, trying to keep his grades up while working and still grieving for his mother. She relates how Si Wan seems depressed that his grades have fallen so much.

Back at the studio, the two men being their campaign to win Soo Hyun’s favor. What’s at stake besides the whole ping-pong championship? Their victory over the other. Interesting…using a ping-pong game as a metaphor of the two men’s battle against each other. Suk Jin arrives with a highly prized box of sushi, only to find that Ki Woo has already bought Soo Hyun lunch–sushi.

When Soo Hyun leaves to take care of something, the two men follow her, each grabbing a hand in an attempt to win her favor. Unfortunately, this tug-of-war causes some speculation among the studio employees as to whether the three people are involved in a love triangle.

In the process of detaching herself from the two men, Soo Hyun accidentally smacks Suk Jin and gives him a bloody nose. Apologetic and wanting to make amends, Soo Hyun decides to pick Suk Jin as her ping-pong partner.

Ki Woo’s response at losing to Suk Jin on an “injury”? He downs a carton of milk.

When Jin Haeng asks what’s wrong, Ki Woo belatedly realizes that he had a big brother. Heh. Hugging Jin Haeng, Ki Woo devises a way to use his brother to get back at Suk Jin.

Meanwhile, the person in question has a heart-to-heart with the furry bunny, reassuring it that its dignity and reputation has been protected. He then gives the bunny a pretentious-sounding name and tacks on a III (“The Third”) to give the bunny’s name a more old-money feel. Heh…Oh, Suk Jin…Do you see yourself as the little bunny?

As for Kyung Pyo, he starts to devise ways to help Si Wan, his poor little buddy. Suffering a beating from Soo Hyun for taking the precious packs of herbal medicine, Kyung Pyo unloads the precious cargo onto Si Wan’s desk, encouraging Si Wan to not give up but to keep working hard. He even gives Si Wan his notes from class since the notes of a 39th place student must be better than a 40th place student’s. Heh…Si Wan and Simon D are amazed that Kyung Pyo has fit an entire day’s worth of notes on a single sheet of notebook paper. LOL.

Then during a test, Kyung Pyo tries to get Si Wan to cheat off of his test. When he gets caught by the teacher, he tries to explain the situation, which is absolutely ludicrous to the teacher. After all, Si Wan is 1st in the class, 1st in the entire school, and 40th in all of Korea. When Kyung Pyo learns of this fact, he reverts back to his mean old self and vows to no longer be nice to Si Wan. Heh.

As for the Ryu brothers, they challenge Soo Hyun and Suk Jin to a game.

The stakes? Winners go on to represent the department. The Ryu brothers pose and posture how they are going to demolish Team Suk Jin.  Heh…last famous word. Point after point, viewers witness the sad losing streak of the Ryu brothers as Jin Haeng misses ball after ball. LOL. I knew Joon Geum didn’t trust Jin Haeng’s athletic abilities, but this is really awful!

When Soo Hyun overhears Ki Woo and Jin Haeng talking about their imminent loss, she decides to help Jin Haeng and starts to lose. In complete disbelief, Suk Jin watches as the sure victory slips from his fingers. Soo Hyun apologizes, saying that she must be more tired than she thought.

As for the Ryu brothers, the two are completely clueless and celebrate like monkeys. OMG, they even have their names taped to their shirts. LOL

Taking a much-needed time out in his car, Suk Jin whips out his little black book and pens “Kim Soo Hyun” as one of his “enemies” now.

Of course, the end result is pretty obvious. Team Ryu completely embarrasses itself as well as the department, and Joon Geum rails at Jin Haeng, demanding to know why he competed when she told him not to. Heh…I wonder why Soo Hyun didn’t realize that Jin Haeng would be suffering much more humiliating by representing the department.

With the ping-pong tournament loss quickly dealt with, Joon Geum suggests that Soo Hyun represent the department at an award show since she can’t attend. When Soo Hyun mentions that she doesn’t want to go by herself, Joon Geum suggests that she take either Ki Woo or Suk Jin…and before she can blink an eye, the two men jump up from their seats and grab a hand, each determined to escort her to the awards ceremony.

Musings: Today’s episode was nicely done; I appreciated the metaphor–actually metaphors since there were multiple– and look forward to seeing how this growing rivalry between Ki Woo and Suk Jin develops in the coming episodes. 

I hope you enjoyed…Good night!

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