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Episode 22 is full of some very funny visuals. *chuckles* You’ll see what I mean when you see the pictures. Normally, with my Standby recaps, I don’t have that many pictures, which makes sense since this is about half the length of the usual kdramas that I recap, but I just couldn’t seem to resist with so many visual gems. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! 😉

Recap: The episode opens with So Min signing up for a special one-day cooking class, taught by none other than the famous Chef P. 

Much to So Min’s dismay, though, she runs into Ki Woo, who teases her about liking him. He suggests she try out her pasta on him. Who knows? Perhaps he’ll be so taken with her cooking that he’ll fall in love with her. Heh…talk about wooing a man through his stomach.

Meanwhile, Joon Geum drops by Pasta Montant for her complimentary cup of coffee for filling up 10 stamps and runs into Jin Haeng’s father. As she tells him that being linked with Jin Haeng is not a compliment, Papa Ryu asks what type of man she likes then so that he can set her up. After all, she’s no longer a spring chicken; the sooner she married, the better. Joon Geum coldly tells him that she’s not interested in marriage. If she were, she’d already be married by now. Instead, she proudly declares that she’s married to her career.

When she arrives at work, she learns that her beloved program is on the chopping block with the studio executives, who are discussing whether to keep the program or replace it. Never even contemplating any other reason, Joon Geum automatically assumes it is because of all of Jin Haeng’s broadcast accidents and blames him.

At Pasta Montant, Si Wan tries to study a bit while he wipes down the countertop. Kyung Pyo asks why he’s studying so hard; it’s not like the test is the day after tomorrow. Si Wan replies that it is. Kyung Pyo and Ye Won gasp in surprise and tell Simon D, when he asks why they’re so stunned since it’s not as though they plan on studying, that they should still know what’s going on at their school. Heh. Papa Ryu enters the restaurant and firmly tells Si Wan to focus on work and not studies. Si Wan is earning his room and board by working. *Sigh* Why so mean, Papa Ryu?

After work, So Min tells Si Wan that she’ll cover for him tomorrow so that he can study uninterrupted for his upcoming exam. Granted, she had put in for a day off at work because she wanted to attend Chef P’s special class, but as long as Si Wan arrives by 5pm, it shouldn’t be a problem. She calculates that she’ll still be able to make it by the 6pm lecture. Unaware of her important event, Si Wan thanks her, and the two high-five each other. If they don’t help each other as they work towards their respective dreams, who will, So Min asks.

The next morning, the staff meet for an emergency staff meeting to strategize a way to save their program. Joon Geum takes out Jin Haeng’s chair because he was a few seconds late to the meeting. Aw…So Jin Haeng at first crouches by the table and then ultimately ends up sitting on a stack of books. When they decide to have lunch, he comments that he needs porridge because his stomach is a bit upset from worrying about their program all night long. Joon Geum acerbically asks how he can even think to be picky about his food when all of this is his fault.

Self-conscious about “his part” in the emergency, Jin Haeng forgoes lunch and sits outside. Soo Hyun finds him and offers him a roll of kimbap, which Jin Haeng reluctantly takes, tears brimming in his eyes.

Of course, Papa Ryu sees Jin Haeng–the apple of his eye–sitting by the street, eating a slice of kimbap and crying, on his way to the sauna. When he learns that Joon Geum has been bullying his son and taunting him to starve since this is all his fault, he goes to give her a piece of his mind. But cool as a cucumber, Joon Geum merely retorts that it’s laughable and juvenile for Jin Haeng, a full-grown man, to have his father fight his battles for him.

As Papa Ryu attempts to follow Joon Geum upstairs to give her a piece of his mind, Jin Haeng grabs him by the legs to stop him from making matters worse…only, he ends up pulling his father’s pants instead. LOL. Of course, EVERYONE in the lobby sees the unseeable and quickly averts his or her eyes. Heh.

Meanwhile, So Min waits and waits for Si Wan to relieve her, but 5pm comes and goes. By 6pm, So Min resigns herself to missing Chef P’s special lecture and worries about what has happened to Si Wan. Just as she laments the missed opportunity, Si Wan rushes into the restaurant and apologizes for being late; after several all-nighters, he had fallen asleep at the library. So Min tells him that it’s all right. It wasn’t anything important that she had to attend that night. Aw…She’s such a good noona (Korean for “older sister”) to lie so that Si Wan won’t feel bad.

At the studio, the staff learn that the executives have decided to keep their program after all. Incredibly relieved that her “spouse” (the studio/her career) has decided to keep her and stay in the relationship with her, Joon Geum invites everyone to celebrate and quickly excuses herself to use the restroom before leaving.

There, in the privacy of a bathroom stall, she learns the sad truth from two unsuspecting secretaries: The executives were thinking about cancelling the program because of her. The reasons? Despite the solid ratings, they feel that she’s been in the broadcast too long, she’s taking up a spot that could be going to one of her younger colleagues, and she’s difficult to work with. Completely sobered by this hard fact, Joon Geum sits shocked.

She returns to the conference room and excuses herself from the celebration on the pretext that she has something important to do that she just remembered. However, she gives them her credit card to celebrate…the night’s revelry is on her! Aw…she’s taking care of her colleagues.

Meanwhile, Si Wan returns home after a long night’s studying because So Min continued to work for him, and he just got done closing up for the evening. When Ki Woo comments that So Min was planning on attending Chef P’s special class, Si Wan realizes exactly what So Min sacrificed to help him study.

As for Joon Geum, she wanders the streets of Seoul and settles on a pogang macha (tented snack/food place…sort of like a food truck) and drowns her sorrows with alcohol. And who should walk by but Papa Ryu, who just learned from Jin Haeng over the phone that the crisis is over.

When he asks Joon Geum what’s wrong, the sight that greets his question is quite the…sight. LOL. With mascara running down her cheeks, Joon Geum wails that she invested her entire youth to the show.

The next day, Si Wan surprises So Min with a very special opportunity to have a one-on-one class with Chef. P. before he leaves Korea. In complete disbelief, So Min is thrilled…completely unaware that this rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was arranged by none other than Ki Woo, who pulled some strings at the studio to ask Chef. P. for this favor.

And for an hour or so, So Min delights in what will probably become one of the most important moments of her life. She learns to chop, saute, etc. from the master chef. As she leaves the place, she gushes to Si Wan that she learned so much thanks to him.

When they unexpectedly run into Ki Woo, drinking his usual drink (I wonder if the sales of milk in Korea has increased because of this man LOL), So Min forcibly drags Si Wan away. When Si Wan tries to defend Ki Woo and tell her that Ki Woo seems like a good man, she shoots him down and tells him that Ki Woo is the bane of her existence. Aw….

Si Wan looks back in apology and helplessness as So Min continues to drag him away from Ki Woo as if to prevent Si Wan from becoming contaminated. Unfazed, Ki Woo wipes his milk mustache with his thumb and then flashes Si Wan a thumps-up sign with the same thumb. 🙂

Musings: So many comedic moments here. Heh…I hope you were equally amused by the visuals.

A few developments in terms of storyline: So Min comes a step closer to achieving her dream, Papa Ryu and Joon Geum seem to keep running into each other, and Ki Woo continues to help So Min.

So far, so good…Have a great weekend, twinkles!

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      1. There are still cute moments and relationships, but… argh, I don’t want to say anything in case I spoil you/readers who aren’t up-to-date with the show.

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