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This episode aired back in early May as Korea celebrated its Parents’ Day and examines how a number of the characters choose to spend that day. Unlike the United States, Korea celebrates both parents on the same day, right around the same time we celebrate Mother’s Day. This episode reminds us that Si Wan, no matter how well-adjusted he may seem after his mother’s death, is still, in fact, a young boy mourning her passing. For those of you who cry easily, be prepared to wipe those tears….

Recap: The episode starts with Papa Ryu giving Ki Woo an empty envelope. Thinking that it’s some allowance money, Ki Woo is disappointed to find that it’s empty. Why? Because Papa Ryu wants to remind Ki Woo to put some allowance money for him inside the envelope in honor of Parents’ Day. Ki Woo cheekily replies that he’s already given his father a gift: himself. Pffft. 

Si Wan walks in from school, and Jin Haeng invites Si Wan to join them for Parents’ Day dinner, an invitation that Papa Ryu rudely cancels. Instead, he tells Si Wan to hurry up and go downstairs to the restaurant and earn his keep. Aw…why so rude, Papa Ryu? Perhaps I should call you Papa Rude.

After Si Wan leaves, Ki Woo continues to taunt his father until Papa Ryu resorts to their usual try-to-slap-my-tall-son-who-keeps-jumping-and-evading-my-attemtps-to-slap-him game.

Meanwhile, Writer Kim thoughtfully prepares gifts for the parents of his co-workers, earning high praise for his thoughtfulness. However, when his colleagues leave and he receives a phone call from his own mother, he yells at her, telling her that he’s too busy to go home for a visit in honor of Parents’ Day. *tsk tsk*

Soo Hyun goes home to an unexpected surprise. In a sweet gesture, Kyung Pyo presents his older sister with a red carnation (typical gift to give parents on Parents’ Day) and a beautifully wrapped package. Oh, and one mustn’t forget the song he tries to sing her before he forgets the words. Touched by his thoughtfulness in honoring her as an older sister who’s been taking care of him like a mother, Soo Hyun starts to unwrap the present, but Kyung Pyo tells her there’s no need; he only had enough money to buy the box and the wrapping. Heh. He adds, though, that he’ll soon make money and fill that box with lots of wonderful things.

Soo Hyun decides to buy him some pork and have themselves a little BBQ party that night. She tells Kyung Pyo that since she’s so touched by his gesture, she’ll grant him one wish. What’s the thing he wishes most above all else? That she stops hitting him. Why? Because it hurts. LOL. She agrees and the two siblings dance their little dance in anticipation of the BBQ.

Meanwhile, Joon Geum arrives at Pasta Montant to meet a friend but finds herself dining alone when the friend cancels to have a meal with her daughters instead. After all, it’s Parents’ Day. Joon Geum scoffs at the cancellation and comments that she would never have come to the restaurant if it weren’t for the discount/free meal she receives (probably as a result of the scandal with Jin Haeng). When she gets complimented by So Min that she reminds her of some beautiful and graceful woman, Joon Geum tells her story after story in the hopes that spending time with her will jog So Min’s memory. And so the recounting of her television history begins…from episode 1 all the way to episode 324. Yeah, Simon D falls asleep. LOL. However, he jerks awake when Joon Geum storms out of the restaurant furious. Why? So Min finally remembered at ep. 324 who Joon Geum reminded her of…her father’s 80-year-old aunt. LOL.

As the two Kim siblings sit down for their BBQ, all starts well…until Kyung Pyo tells Soo Hyun to eat some meat. She needs to gain some weight so that she can attract a man. He then feeds her vegetables, saying that eating vegetables will smooth out people’s nasty personalities. Unable to bear any more, Soo Hyun kicks Kyung Pyo. After all, she had just promised not to hit him with her hands.

Meanwhile, Jin Haeng leaves with Papa Rude to eat that Parents’ Day meal of eel BBQ and stops by a park so that his father can use the restroom. While waiting, he receives a phone call from Si Wan’s homeroom teacher informing him that Si Wan didn’t come to school that day. Concerned and completely forgetting about his father, Jin Haeng rushes back home to check on Si Wan.

Only, he’s not there. Jin Haeng remembers that Si Wan had said that he had an important place to go and finds him presenting his mother with her long desired LP album and red carnation. In a flashback, we learn that Si Wan used to sing her selections from the album while he waited for the music store to locate that rare LP. Holding back his tears, Si Wan tells his mother’s picture that he’s doing well and that he’ll come visit her again when he misses her so much that he needs to be close to her. Aw…

When Jin Haeng and Si Wan leave the memorial, Si Wan tears up and continues to whisper that he’s all right as if to convince himself. Jin Haeng hugs him in comfort while Si Wan clings to him.

Later that night, Jin Haeng nurses Si Wan’s fever, a fever that he developed while walking home the other day in the rain after acquiring the rare album.

When Ki Woo walks in from work and gives Jin Haeng fruit for Si Wan, he asks how Jin Haeng was able to coerce their father into not going out for that dinner. Jin Haeng comments that he himself is surprised by how quiet their father is…until he remembers that he left dad at the park!

With dark bags under his eyes, Papa Rude sits on the same toilet, unable to leave because there’s no toilet paper and no one anywhere to help him get some.

Frustrated beyond belief, especially when he drops his carnation boutonniere/corsage after trying to use the leaves for toilet paper, he screams out his frustration that this is the crappiest Parents’ Day ever.

Musings: This is a short yet poignant episode about Parents’ Day, encouraging its viewers to honor their parents. What I found interesting, though, is the fact that the majority of the characters took care of other people while neglecting their actual parents. Hmm…what a telling commentary about our society.

As for Si Wan, this little episode reminds us that he really is just a little boy who desperately misses his mother. She’s all he’s had since his father passed away, and to have her die while he’s so young must have been devastating. Life goes on, yes, but this episode reminds us that the surviving family members still mourn their loss…despite their outer appearance that “life must go on.”

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