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Poor Suk Jin…He’s taking on both of the Ryu brothers, and the funny thing is that neither of the brothers even notices or cares that Suk Jin feels this intense rivalry with them. LOL. Today’s episode takes us back to the beginnings of this series by reminding us exactly why Jin Haeng just can’t jin haeng (Korean for “advance”). 

Recap: There is a new director for the news department, and word has it that he wants to give Jin Haeng a shot to redeem himself. Suk Jin, who was supposed to get the position, is not thrilled at the possibility of being passed over. Granted, he hadn’t been thrilled to have yet another duty, but it’s another thing to learn that someone prefers Jin Haeng to him. 

Especially when he happens to see the new director talking with Jin Haeng and encouraging him. It certainly doesn’t help that one of his colleagues comments that Jin Haeng’s time seems to have come and that perhaps Suk Jin’s time has come to an end.

Fueled by the determination to maintain his top status, Suk Jin creates a page for Jin Haeng in his “black” book (the one that he uses for Ki Woo).

He even refuses to shake Jin Haeng’s hand when Jin Haeng wishes him luck on the upcoming audition, even though Jin Haeng says that Suk Jin probably won’t need it. Left with his hand just hanging, Jin Haeng does what any self-respecting person does…he shakes his own hand. LOL

Determined to show everyone that he’s still at the top of his game, Suk Jin goes home to practice for the audition but collapses in pain. The cause? Appendicitis. The doctor tells him that he was lucky to have come into the hospital when he did. Had he waited a few more hours, his appendix would have ruptured. All he needs for a full recovery is to remain in bed for three days, three precious days that Suk Jin doesn’t have…not with the audition to determine who gets to be the news anchor scheduled for the next day.

Later that night, he dreams that Jin Haeng, dressed darkly in a sleek suit, vindictively rips up his script for tomorrow’s audition and tells Suk Jin that he no longer needs it; his moment of glory has passed, and now it’s Jin Haeng’s turn to enjoy the limelight.

And then as if that wasn’t enough, Jin Haeng pulls out from his breast pocket a bright blue feather. Its purpose? To be used to tickle Suk Jin so that he’ll sneeze, something the doctor had told him not to do since sneezing could rip apart his stitches and require an additional surgery.

Waking up from the nightmare, Suk Jin resolves to make it to the audition…no matter what.

But he needn’t have feared that his spot was in jeopardy. As soon as Jin Haeng starts his audition and the opening music cues, he begins  well enough…

…only to dissolve into tears, overcome by the fact that he’s once again sitting at the news anchor’s desk. Witnessing Jin Haeng’s unceasing and inappropriate tears, the new director comments to Joon Geum that he now knows why Jin Haeng hasn’t been able to sit at the news desk as he had been trained to do.

As for Suk Jin, he auditions flawlessly despite the pain and secures the nightly news position, adding evening news to his resume. As the rest of the staff watch the broadcast, Joon Geum chides Jin Haeng and tells him that he has no business feeling even the slightest bit of contentment after failing so miserably; Jin Haeng had mentioned that he’s content just to have been allowed the opportunity to sit at the news desk again. She viciously says that only Suk Jin has the right to feel content…

…only Suk Jin is doubled up in pain as he returns to his hospital bed, determined to practice throughout the night to ensure that no one–absolutely no one–can ever threaten his limelight. The episode closes with a split-screen shot of the two men and their diametrically opposite expressions. Heh.

As for our second story, Ki Woo brings his acupuncturist friend for lunch to Pasta Montant, and his friend becomes smitten with So Min and asks Ki Woo for a blind date set-up. Ki Woo asks So Min if she’s interested in a date with his friend, but when she declines, he tells her that he knew she would since she’s obviously still in love with him. Pffft. Just to prove him wrong, So Min tells him–quite emphatically–that she’d love to go on that date with the acupuncturist since she’s definitely not at all interested in Ki Woo.

And just to prove him wrong, So Min goes all out to impress. When Kyung Pyo and Ye Won show up, they mistake the apartment as someone else’s because “So Mi is so pretty” that they didn’t recognize her. Quickly giving up on trying to get Kyung Pyo to give Si Wan the choice beef, Ye Won gives the package to So Min and asks her if So Min will lend her the dress. Heh.

Fully dressed to impress, So Min leaves for her date but runs into Ki Woo. She emphasizes how she’s all dressed up for her date, not him. And then the waiting begins. She notices some vegetation that can be used for cooking and picks those, she plays on the swings, etc. and only checks her phone when she realizes how late her date is…only her cell phone battery has died.

Meanwhile, Ki Woo receives a call from his friend and learns that his friend cancelled the date with So Min via text message. The reason? His mom set him up on a blind date with a girl who has more to her name than So Min, a mere part-time employee, does. What a cad!

Concerned, Ki Woo calls So Min but gets her voicemail. He rushes over to the meeting spot, berating himself that no sane person would wait this long for a blind date to show. However, just as he utters those words, he notices a box and lifts it to reveal a huddled So Min. She had covered herself with the box to keep warm. Pretending to be hot, Ki Woo gives So Min his cardigan and then offers to buy her dinner when he hears her stomach growling. Aw…

At the restaurant, Ki Woo learns a number of things: 1) So Min loves pasta despite the fact that she works at an Italian restaurant every day 2) She didn’t go out to eat until she was in high school! 3) She hopes to become an Italian pasta chef 4) She came to Seoul to try to achieve that dream and 5) So far, she’s accomplished nothing remotely close to her dream.

When the waitress comes by and offers them two glasses of wine–compliments of the house–So Min suggests clinking their glasses. Ki Woo teases her, asking her if she really wants to make this a date and that she knows very well that he doesn’t drink alcohol. Heh. Exasperated, So Min tells him to forget it! Heh…so much for their peaceful dinner. LOL

Musings: This episode brings us back to the basic two narratives that intrigued me from the beginning: Jin Haeng’s journey to become a better reporter/news anchor and So Min’s cute relationship–or non-relationship–with Ki Woo.

This episode also gives us a deeper look into Suk Jin and his deep-seated insecurities of being replaced or passed over for someone else. I guess those memories from high school are harder to put aside than he lets on. His outer appearance may have changed, but there’s a part of him that’s terrified of being that same awkward Ha Soo Do from high school, buck teeth and all. Hmm…this humanizes the otherwise perfect Ha Suk Jin, and I’m liking this aspect of him. 🙂

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