Standby: Episode 14 Recap / Summary

Pre-Recap ThoughtsWhew~It’s been a while since I last saw an episode of Standby, but thankfully, it was quite easy to get back into the swing of things, especially with Jules’ helpful comments and “recap.” 

Without further ado, I present you with Episode 14…


The episode begins with the news group discussing Joon Geum’s new campaign to recruit potential employees to the television studio. They comment on how youthful she appears, and before Joon Geum realizes, Soo Hyun comments that Joon Geum is merely 3 years apart in age from her mother. Joon Geum protests that she’s not that old, hotly denying that she ever uses reading glasses like the “older” women. Writer Kim agrees that “age is just a number.”

Meanwhile, Si Wan walks in as the Ryu brothers joke around and wonders if they are fighting. Jin Haeng assures him that they aren’t.

When Si Wan tells them that he is returning home from the PC cafe, Jin Haeng tells Si Wan that he should simply study at home. Uncomfortable with the prospect of being more of a burden to the Ryus than he already is, Si Wan tells Jin Haeng that he’s more comfortable at the PC Cafe. Wanting to help Si Wan out in some way or another, Jin Haeng offers Si Wan some money to pay for the PC cafe, money that Si Wan politely declines but Ki Woo tries to snatch instead. LOL.  Ki Woo then offers Si Wan the loan of his computer notebook since he has one that he isn’t using, but Si Wan refuses this offer as well.

As Ki Woo leaves for work, he runs into So Min and teases her about her “crush” on him and how she’s probably waiting in front of his place just to catch a glimpse of him on his way out to work. To his incessant teasing, So Min blusters in sheer disbelief, obviously not amused. Ki Woo leaves for work, but not before telling So Min that he plans on getting off work early tonight…just in case she plans to wait for him. Heh…Of course, this teasing is witnessed by Papa Ryu, who asks So Min is she has a crush on his son. Stunned, she quickly denies it.

Back at the studio, Joon Geum goes over her script, grumbling that she has to use reading glasses, an indication of her old age and validation of Soo Hyun’s earlier comment that Joon Geum is aging despite her youthful appearance. Since Joon Geum doesn’t want to admit she needs glasses, she quickly removes them when she hears Soo Hyun and some of the staff approaching.

Once seated around the conference center, Writer Kim gushes over how Joon Geum is the consummate professional in her preparation for each shoot while Soo Hyun cautiously asks Joon Geum what she thinks of the second segment/corner on page 7. Clearly unable to see the writing, Joon Geum pretends that she can read and approves of the corner, much to Soo Hyun’s surprise and relief since the segment calls for Joon Geum to conduct the interview dressed a certain way.  Thrilled to have so easily gained Joon Geum’s approval for the new segment, Soo Hyun invites the staff to an after-work dinner…her treat. She asks Joon Geum what a woman of her age would prefer. Irritated and slightly insulted, Joon Geum breezily tells them to not be concerned about her and decide on the venue; she adds that she can keep up with them. Once outside, Joon Geum vows to practice some song/dance to wow her staff so that they never make another comment about her “old” age.

Returning home from work, Ki Woo lightly bumps into Si Wan and “lands” on his arm. The result? A hairline fracture on his forearm that requires a cast.

Insinuating that Si Wan is responsible for his injury, Ki Woo asks him for help around the house.

He asks Si Wan to scratch his back, feed him, wash his face and even wash the snot out of his nose as is the Korean custom when mothers wash their children’s faces. Ugh…(Jules: I think Si-wan’s expression says it all…)

Meanwhile, the newsroom staff decide to relax at a noraebang (karaoke bar), and Joon Geum goes up to sing a “modern” dance, complete with the K-pop girls’ group’ butt dance and motions.

Sufficiently impressed, the staff applaud her youthfulness, exclaiming that she’s certainly living the young life. Pleased to have finally proved her “young” age, Joon Geum excuses herself to use the bathroom…

… to apply medicated pas patches to her aching side and back. (ST and Jules: Hahaha!) Throughout the application, she whimpers over how her body is aching after practicing so hard on that one song.

Back at Papa Ryu’s restaurant, So Min learns that Ki Woo fractured his arm after a collision with Si Wan and offers to clean Ki Woo’s room in Si Wan’s stead so that Si Wan can study; after all, Si Wan is a high school senior who needs to devote as much time as he can to studying for the college entrance exam. Completely in a world of his own, Ki Woo teases So Min and asks if this is her subtle way of trying to get a peek inside his room because she wants to be close to him. O-M-G! This man is just. too. much. LOL

Back at the noraebang, Joon Geum returns from the bathroom just in time to hear the staff planning a morning hike before work tomorrow. When some of them offer to excuse her from the group outing–after all, the hike may be too difficult for someone Joon Geum’s age–Joon Geum tells them that she’ll be there and that she can keep up with the best of them.

As the staff comments on Joon Geum’s youthfulness once again, Soo Hyun suddenly smells a medical patch and wonders if there’s a pas nearby. Much to Joon Geum’s utter relief, Writer Kim pulls out several varieties of pas from his “magical” bag. LOL.

As So Min comes back from running an errand, she spots Ki Woo playing with his friends…without his cast! Incensed, she restrains herself from walking up to him and punching him for playing a rotten trick on Si Wan.

She returns to the restaurant and apprises Si Wan of the situation. She tries to get him to scheme with her, but Si Wan decides to take the “high” road and not retaliate. But this resolve doesn’t last long as he hears So Min wonder if she should throw a water balloon at Ki Woo or perhaps plant a banana peel somewhere for him to step on and slip. Leaning over the counter, Si Wan suggests a different plan:

Ask Ki Woo to come meet her in the storage room, and when he enters the door, a bucket will tip, pouring flour on his head. As he stumbles, blinded by the flour, he’ll trip on a string by the door and land face-down in a tub of water. They both smile in satisfaction over the brilliance of the revenge. (The emphasis on water is a play on words; there is a Korean phrase about making a person “drink water” as a form of exacting revenge.)

The next morning, Joon Geum learns from Soo Hyun that the men have bowed out from the morning excursion for one reason or another and that it’ll only be the two of them. Poor Joon Geum. Citing woman power, Soo Hyun enthusiastically starts up the mountain. Eventually, Joon Geum trips and falls in exhaustion, revealing that she’s hooked up to a lactate ringer to ensure that she stays hydrated during her mountain hike. She cries that she’s no longer young and tells Soo Hyun that she can tell everyone at the studio about this incident. She doesn’t care anymore!

With their plan get-back-at-Ki Woo-and-make-him-drink-water firmly in place, Si Wan returns home, only to be pleasantly surprised by Ki Woo who tells him that he no longer needs the cast. And since Si Wan was so helpful during his “illness,” Ki Woo offers Si Wan his notebook as a compensation for all his help.

Overwhelmed by Ki Woo’s thoughtfulness, Si Wan quickly pieces together the clues and realizes that Ki Woo faked the entire arm injury so that he could get Si Wan to use the computer. Ki Woo confesses that that was his ploy and tells Si Wan to not feel like he’s a burden to the Ryu family. Whether they have any blood or not, because they live together, they are family. Aw…

As Si Wan lovingly caresses the notebook, Ki Woo receives a text message from So Min, asking him to meet her in the storage room. Commenting to himself that she must really like him, Ki Woo walks out to meet her while Si Wan is completely enthralled with his “new” notebook. It’s only after Ki Woo gets on the elevator that Si Wan remembers the revenge plan and rushes out of the house to stop it.

Racing up the stairs in a hurry, Si Wan opens the door, trips the bucket of flour, and falls face-down on the hard floor (Because he’s shorter than Ki Woo, he misses the tub of water and gets a bloody nose). As So Min comes out from her hiding place wondering why Si Wan’s ruined the plan, Ki Woo arrives and wonders how Si Wan got to the storage so quickly when he was at the apartment only minutes ago. Ki Woo then asks why So Min texted him, and Si Wan quickly improvises that So Min sent the text to Ki Woo by mistake. She meant to send it to Si Wan since they were supposed to “clean the storage room” together. So Min chimes in that Si Wan’s correct; she meant to text Si Wan, not Ki Woo. At this, Ki Woo teases her about how much she must be thinking of him to send the text to him instead of to Si Wan. LOL

Meanwhile, Soo Hyun presents Joon Geum with an enlarged copy of the next episode’s script so that Joon Geum doesn’t have to wear her reading glasses. She tells Joon Geum that she’s requested enlarged copies for everyone in the group so that Joon Geum’s copy won’t be obvious to anyone. When Joon Geum asks why Soo Hyun would do such a thing, Soo Hyun replies, “Because we’re on the same team.” Aw…Touched, Joon Geum starts planning a nice thank-you gift for Soo Hyun.

Later that day, Si Wan tells So Min the whole truth behind the arm injury and tells her that Ki Woo is actually a nice guy whom they’ve misunderstood. Soo Min agrees and vows not to get caught up in any more revenge plots…until she receives a text message from Ki Woo telling her that he’ll be leaving for work tomorrow morning at 7AM because he has a lot of work to do.  He adds that he’s merely telling her since he knows that she’ll be waiting for him. So Min sternly tells the cell phone, “That’s enough!” (Jules: Heh, they are just. So. Cute!)

Post-Recap Thoughts: Adorable. After a long time away from Standby, it’s definitely nice to reenter the world of the Ryus. 🙂 There were a number of cute scenes and silly scenes, one of which is when Si Wan runs up to stop the revenge plan. Jules’ comment on this: “What, couldn’t you have texted her instead of foolhardily rushing in? boys. *sighs*”

All in all, an enjoyable way to take a break from my grading. 🙂 Thanks for reading and thanks to Jules for the screen caps, without which I would probably have never recapped this episode. LOL

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  1. Thank you Snoopy’s Twinkle and Jules for an awesome recap of Standby.

    For this episode. Liked the focus on Joon Guem and Soo Hyun. I bet one day, Ki Woo jokes may come and bite him back in the butt. Can’t wait for the romance to begin for Ki Woo and So Min.

    1. I would love to, but alas, there is only so much time in a day. 🙁 I will try to recap at least one episode a week once my schedule resumes its normal pace…hopefully, more than one since I have a lot of catching up to do! Thanks for continuing to read the recaps!

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