Standby: Episode 13 Recap / Summary

Pre-Recap Thoughts: This episode deals with two stories: So Min trying to not fall for Ki Woo’s jokes anymore and Papa Ryu trying to separate Jin Haeng from Si Wan. Needless to say, there are a number of amusing moments, especially between So Min and Ki Woo as apparent by the cover picture. 🙂

 Recap: The episode opens with Jin Haeng opening a box of han yak, oriental herbal medicine.

Papa Ryu sees the box and assumes that Jin Haeng has purchased the precious box for him…due to all the stress from Jin Haeng abruptly submitting his resignation and all. In good spirits over his son’s “thoughtful” gesture, Papa Ryu agrees with Jin Haeng when Jin Haeng comments that the medicine will be good for poor appetite and such, thinking that he is the recipient of the box. But just as he’s about to snip a packet open and drink its contents…

…Si Wan comes home, and Jin Haeng takes the pouch of herbal medicine and feeds it to Si Wan, reassuring him that his father even agreed that Si Wan should have some. With Papa Ryu’s “blessing,” Si Wan drinks the pouch to the very last drop.

In the privacy of his bedroom, Papa Ryu gives into his frustration, squirming and twisting in irritation and anger at the situation.

On another front, Ki Woo continues in his teasing of So Min by letting her think that his diarrhea and stomach cramps are due to the milk that she gave him. She apologizes profusely, telling him that she thought the milk from the morning was good. Ki Woo surmises that the warm weather has soured the milk, even though it was only delivered to the store that morning.

As Ki Woo painfully walks away, Soo Hyun arrives on the scene and comments that Ki Woo must be getting ready for his medical exam. He apparently took an enema and has been going in and out of bathrooms since yesterday. At So Min’s indignation over Ki Woo’s joke at her expense, Simon D fills her in on a secret–Ki Woo’s been teasing her since the very first day she started working at Pasta Montant, from pretending to not recognize her to ordering excessive amounts of food when he knew she only had a small amount of money for his thank-you dinner.

Fuming, So Min receives coaching from Soo Hyun on how to get Ki Woo to stop his teasing. She offers to help So Min not be so gullible around Ki Woo and offers not only fashion tips but also mannerism tips. Heh.

Meanwhile, at the Ryu residence, Papa Ryu overhears Si Wan ask Jin Haeng not to organize his things. Inspired by this new development, Papa Ryu schemes to break the two apart so that Jin Haeng will kick Si Wan out of his house for good.

Operation: Stop Ki Woo commences as Soo Hyun outfits So Min in all black and bright red lipstick. As they role play a conversation between So Min and Ki Woo, So Min gets flustered by Soo Hyun’s “Ki Woo” comment. Soo Hyun sternly tells So Min that So Min can’t get interrupted by Ki Woo, or she’ll never get everything she wanted to tell him off her chest.

Her solution? Tell Ki Woo, “Stop right there!” (Literal translation is “Up to this point”) So Min practices and feels confident that she can now face Ki Woo.

While Operation: Stop Ki Woo commences, Papa Ryu’s Operation: Split Jin Haeng and Si Wan enters its phase 1. His goal? To attack both Jin Haeng and Si Wan to ensure that at least one of them breaks and explodes in anger. Hitting Jin Haeng in his Achilles’ heel, Papa Ryu messes up Jin Haeng’s bedroom with Si Wan’s clothes, only Jin Haeng resists the urge to tidy up because of his promise to Si Wan about not touching his things.

He then tidies up Si Wan’s things, starting with the closet. O-M-G! I want a Papa Ryu to clean my room! 😉

In preparation for her duel with Ki Woo, So Min writes down everything she wants to say on her palm. Heh.

The three stooges (Simon D, Kyoung Pyo, and Ye Won) wonder where So Min is headed in such a hurry. When Simon D speculates that So Min might be going to an interview because she’s been scouted, the two remaining stooges refute his point, saying that So Min is too old to be a scout. O-M-G. Scoffing at their stupidity, Simon D comments that they are, indeed, a match made in heaven. Of course, this comment doesn’t sit well with Ye Won, who declares her undying love for Si Wan, while Kyoung Pyo huffs that he’s not interested in her. *chuckles* I think he doth protest too much. LOL

When So Min meets Ki Woo at the television studio, she starts her speech…and of course, Ki Woo interrupts. So Min sticks out her hand and tells him to “stop right there”…just as she and Soo Hyun planned. Unfortunately, she sticks out the hand with all the writing/notes, and Ki Woo reads everything she planned to say to him. Well…at least Ki Woo now knows exactly how she feels about all the teasing.

Caught red-handed, literally, So Min attempts to leave with her dignity in place but ends up stumbling as she walks away. But Ki Woo isn’t done with her yet. In an attempt to show her just how easily he can trick her, he asks if she paid the entrance fee. “What entrance fee?” asks So Min. Ki Woo tells her there’s an entrance fee to enter the television studio; surely, she knew that. Unwilling to look uninformed in front of Ki Woo, she asks the receptionist how much she needs to pay. When the receptionist gives her a funny look and tells her there is no such thing, So Min pretends that she already knew that and was merely playing along with Ki Woo. Oh, poor So Min.

Back at the Ryu residence, Papa Ryu steps up his scheme to separate his son from Si Wan by executing stage 2: He sprinkles potato chip crumbs all over the floor to drive Jin Haeng nuts, he covers all of Si Wan’s textbooks to drive Si Wan nuts, and he even washes all of Si Wan’s underwear…by hand, no less. His hope? That one or all of these tactics will drive a wedge between his son and Si Wan.

Still stinging from Ki Woo’s teasing, So Min answers the door to find Ki Woo at her doorstep. He’s here on an errand for Soo Hyun to retrieve one of her black formal outfits because she has to attend a friend’s father’s funeral…only So Min thinks it’s all a joke, especially when Ki Woo leans in and asks, “Am I joking, or am I being sincere?”

When So Min opts for the joking, Ki Woo tells her he’s being sincere this time and even calls Soo Hyun to corroborate his story when So Min refuses to believe him. Unfortunately, Ki Woo has called “wolf” one too many times, and So Min is determined to not fall for his tricks again. When Soo Hyun tells her over the phone that Ki Woo is being serious and that she needs her black clothes for a funeral, So Min says that although the voice sounds awfully like Soo Hyun’s voice, she’s not falling for Ki Woo’s tricks again.

Realizing that Ki Woo won’t be able to bring her mourning clothes to her, Soo Hyun excuses herself from the meeting to rush home.

Joon Geum comments on how certain people–like Jin Haeng–leave as soon as the clock strikes the end of the work day (Korean culture dictates that employees often stay at work until their supervisors leave regardless of whether they themselves are done with the work). Writer Kim offers her an array of reading selections to choose from when she comments that she plans on staying up the night reading a book, her definition of a memorable evening. However, when she falls asleep upon reading the first page, the two men leave to find a quieter place where they can do their work. Heh.

Back at Casa Ryu, Si Wan grabs one of his panties and confronts Jin Haeng, who is cleaning the refrigerator–again–to alleviate his stress. Papa Ryu observes the fight with great glee.

And across the hallway, another type of fight ensues with So Min backhugging Ki Woo in an attempt to prevent him from taking Soo Hyun’s black trousers.

She successfully latches onto one leg while Ki Woo holds onto the other leg…and just as Soo Hyun arrives home, the two combatants pull…effectively splitting Soo Hyun’s pants right down the middle. Oh no…

The two apologize to her, and Ki Woo leaves Soo Hyun’s apartment with a parting shot at So Min, suggesting that she backhugged him because she likes him. LOL. Naturally, So Min fumes while Ki Woo leaves, once again having teased her. Will he never learn? He’s like the perpetual little boy who likes to pull the pigtails of the girl he likes. I can’t wait until Ki Woo realizes that he’s starting to like So Min. 🙂

Later that evening, Jin Haeng comes to see his father, who is covered with medicinal patches from all the work he’s been doing around the house in an attempt to divide Jin Haeng and Si Wan. Jin Haeng tells his father that he’s thought a lot about what Papa Ryu said that his relationship with Si Wan being difficult because they’re not blood relatives. Of course, Papa Ryu is completely excited that his plan has worked…until Jin Haeng tells him that since this is the case, he’s decided to move into Papa Ryu’s bedroom.

Ha! Operation: Split Jin Haeng and Si Wan completely failed!

Unable to sleep because Jin Haeng insists upon cleaning his bedroom, Papa Ryu sleeps outside and gets stepped on by Ki Woo. At Ki Woo’s question of why his father is sleeping outside and not in his bedroom, Papa Ryu resolves to kick Jin Haeng out of his bedroom…

…only to be startled by the sight of Jin Haeng covered like a bandit. Apparently, Papa Ryu’s room needed a thorough dusting…including the spaces behind the wardrobes. O-M-G. Jin Haeng takes cleaning to a whole new level.

Unable to handle anymore, Papa Ryu confesses his scheme to the two men and tells them to please, please, live in harmony in Jin Haeng’s bedroom; he doesn’t want Jin Haeng sleeping with him anymore.

Unfortunately, the damage is already done, and the two roommates eye each other in distrust. Heh.

Post-Recap Thoughts: Today’s theme of the “best” of plans backfiring was an amusing one. We got to see Ki Woo’s perpetual teasing of So Min backfire in his face as well as Papa Ryu’s “ingenious” idea do the same as Jin Haeng decides to room with him instead of kicking Si Wan out of the house as Papa Ryu hoped. Heh.

I know that I’m incredibly behind on Standby recaps, but hang in there with me. I’m hoping to start making a serious dent in recapping the episodes since I’m not watching any 1-hour shows right now. Here’s hoping that none of the new dramas tempt me away from my plan. Enjoy!

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