Standby: Episode 12 Recap / Summary

Pre-Recap Thoughts: We’re back with Standby! Hurrah! The goal is to try to catch up with this series as soon as Rooftop Prince and The King 2 Hearts end this week…and this goal should be highly plausible with both Jules and me on the job. LOL.

Recap: The episode opens with Papa Ryu at the television studio trying to get in to see Jin Haeng. Apparently, the dad needs to give Jin Haeng something, but since he ran out of the house without any form of ID, he can’t enter and has to wait for Jin Haeng to come get him. Fortunately–or unfortunately, depending on how one sees it–Jin Haeng walks through the lobby, and Papa Ryu proudly tells the guard that that‘s his son, news anchor Ryu Jin Haeng.

However, when a screaming pack of teenage fans completely bypass Jin Haeng and surround Suk Jin, who’s walking with Jin Haeng, Jin Haeng’s papers goes flying everywhere. The end results? Jin Haeng stoops down and pathetically picks up his scattered papers while Papa Ryu looks on from a distance.

Meanwhile, So Min grows a patch of organic lettuce for the Kims on the balcony as a way of pitching in with the household expenses. When Kyoung Pyo muses whether he should try his hand at growing something, Soo Hyun tells him to simply focus on raising himself while So Min tells him that her lettuce patch wasn’t just half-heartedly raised on pesticide and water. She proudly announces that all her leaves of lettuce are organic! Soo Hyun is amazed by the difference in taste and gushes how she’s so glad that So Min is living with them. Otherwise, how else would she have been able to experience such a delight to her palate? LOL

When she tries to give Soo Hyun money for “living expenses,” Soo Hyun suggests that So Min keep the money for her savings and instead just continue to provide her with some of this difficult-to-find organic lettuce. Thrilled, So Min agrees…and when Kyoung Pyo tries to take the money instead, both women smack his hand away. Heh.

At Pasta Montant, Papa Ryu laments the state of Jin Haeng’s unpopularity with Simon D, who adds insult to injury by freely acknowledging that this is old news.

Miffed, Papa Ryu relates to Simon D how he raised Jin Haeng and even bribed Jin Haeng’s classmates to come play with him during the weekend when Jin Haeng was depressed from his mother’s death. Papa Ryu then hung out with the mothers in order to gain invaluable information about how to help Jin Haeng succeed on his college entrance exam and everything. Determined to continue to help this precious son of his, Papa Ryu recruits Simon D to create a fan club for Jin Haeng…no expenses spared!

Later that night, Soo Hyun returns home with high expectations of another organic lettuce meal, even foregoing a dinner invitation from a friend to come home. When she learns from So Min that they ate all the lettuce for breakfast and that it’ll take at least another week for the new batch to grow, Soo Hyun goes back inside disappointed that she can’t have the lettuce everyday. Seeing the disappointment on Soo Hyun’s face, So Min starts to feel guilty.

Unfortunately, So Min overhears Soo Hyun complaining to a colleague about Writer Kim and mistakes those complaints for complaints about her. She creeps outside and worries that Soo Hyun might kick her out of the apartment. Aw…poor So Min.

Back at Pasta Montant, Fan Club Jin Haeng is in full swing with Simon D having recruited two of the “best” fans around: Kyoung Pyo and Ye Won. Ye Won especially plans on giving it her all since Jin Haeng is Si Won’s father.

Having gained Papa Ryu’s carte blanche on plans to bolster Jin Haeng’s popularity, Simon D gives Papa Ryu the option of a steak lunch or a lightly salted rice lunch. Why? Because crazy *cough cough* fan clubs buy the staff and/or cast expensive presents. When Papa Ryu balks at the $1,500 price tag for the discounted streak lunch from Ye Won’s place, Simon D tells him that Suk Jin’s fan club bought all 100 staff members lobster lunches. Assured of the success and necessity of these lunches, Papa Ryu gives the go-ahead on the lunches, the specialized shirts that tout Jin Haeng, the fan meeting set for tomorrow, etc. When Simon tries to calculate the entire cost–he struggles with the mental math–Si Wan quickly tabulates the total cost at $2,500! Papa Ryu gulps and authorizes the expenses…with his credit card. LOL

At the office, the staff are amazed to learn that Jin Haeng has his own fan club, and they congratulate him. Overwhelmed by the love–100 steak lunches for the entire staff, countless comments on the website praising him, etc.–Jin Haeng cries in his brother’s arms. O-M-G! LOL

Stage 1 of Fan Club Jin Haeng is a success! However, Papa Ryu balks at the expenses for stage 2: the fan meeting. The cost? $3,000. When he asks what happened to keeping the costs at a minimum because the fan meeting was going to be held at Pasta Montant, the three “fans” start listing the must-have items: fog machine, bubble-maker machine, live musicians, professional video that highlights Jin Haeng, etc. Stunned by the expense, Papa Ryu tells the three “fans” to cancel the fan meeting.

That is, until Jin Haeng walks into the restaurant all smiles. He excitedly shares with his father his elation at having his own fan club. All this time, he thought he was merely a laughing-stock, but now that he has fans, he feels like he can really do things now. He keeps dropping the fan letter a “fan” sent him because he keeps wanting to remind himself of the love. Aw…

As soon as Jin Haeng leaves to practice his script for tomorrow, Papa Ryu calls the three and tells them the fan meeting is back on…just with a lower budget.

Back at Soo Hyun’s apartment, So Min tells Soo Hyun that she’ll be able to eat some more organic lettuce tomorrow. How? Because So Min is the amazing “Green Thumb” and remembered a secret method her grandfather taught her. Soo Hyun retires for the night in complete anticipation of a delicious breakfast of fresh lettuce.

As for this secret method, there is none. So Min, afraid of being kicked out, does anything and everything to get that lettuce to grow: set up a “heat” lamp, play soothing music for maximum growth, fertilize the soil with cat dung, and pray…for a miracle.

The next morning, Jin Haeng learns from Joon Geum that she’s arranged for him to shoot a segment at an aerobics studio under another PD. But instead of thanking her for the opportunity, Jin Haeng refuses to humiliate his fans by dressing up in aerobics attire–at his age!–and walks out on the job.

Furious with his ingratitude, Joon Geum gets her blood pressure taken by Writer Kim.

As for the lettuce, Soo Hyun gapes amazed that So Min was able to grow them overnight. So Min modestly takes credit for having the greenest “Green Thumb” (she tells Soo Hyun that vegetables react to love) and tells Soo Hyun to get ready for work while she prepares the breakfast table.

And then we learn what really happened…

Having failed at the miraculous overnight growing, So Min did the next best thing–she bought lettuce and replanted them…all because she was afraid of being kicked out. Aw…poor girl. So she created her own miracle.

Papa Ryu and Simon D prepare for the fan meeting, and Papa Ryu hopes that Jin Haeng will work harder because of the strength from these “fans.”

Unfortunately, the exact opposite happens.

After Jin Haeng walks out, he calls out one of his hoobaes, real-life famous announcer Park Ji Yoon, and asks her for advice on becoming a freelance announcer. She advises him to stay put with the studio, but he decides that he can live as a freelancer with his newfound popularity with his fan club. She then asks him to feed her since he called her out, and Jin Haeng makes a comment about how she still eats a lot and that’s why all that food goes right to her SHOULDERS. Heh…it’s an allusion to her stint as an MC on Golden Bell. The two other MCs used to tease her about her wide shoulders. Her response to Jin Haeng’s comment? It’s because she has wide shoulders that her face looks so small–a sign of beauty in Korean culture. Heh.

Unwisely puffed up by the love from his “fan” club, Jin Haeng submits his resignation and then returns home early to see his father helping with his fan meeting preparations. Papa Ryu tells Jin Haeng that he’s merely “helping” with the fan meeting when Jin Haeng asks what he’s doing. Thinking that his father should know about his resignation before he tells his fans later that day at the fan meeting, Jin Haeng tells him about the resignation…

…and in return, Papa Ryu tells him the truth about the “fan” club. Ohhhhhh noooooooo….

The next thing we see is Papa Ryu completely dressed in hair salon attire bringing Joon Geum a fruit drink in the hopes that she’ll overlook Jin Haeng’s rash resignation and behavior.

And Jin Haeng?

He’s already in “uniform” at the aerobics studio filming his little segment with gusto. Heh.

Post-Recap Thoughts: This was a cute little episode briefly examining two points: 1) overnight success can really go to a person’s head and have disastrous results when said popularity is not warranted and 2) So Min still lives in fear of getting kicked out. Aw…I hope her living situation stabilizes so that she doesn’t worry about where she’s going to sleep for the night.

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  1. Hahahaha! This episode is hilarious!! I mean all episodes of standby are. Thanks for the post Twinkie. The recap makes my day! Love Ryu Jin!! 😀

  2. wow, thanks goodness! i thought you already gave up recapping standby. if not for your recaps, we, non-korean speaking viewers, won’t be able to get the whole story. there are things that we just can’t rely on what we are seeing.

    anyway, this episode is one of my favorites. now i get to know fully jin haeng’s reaction. heheh! thanks again Twinkie 😉

    1. 🙂 I should be able to recap more regularly once RTP and K2H recaps are done. Thanks for your patience and interest! 🙂

  3. I also appreciated these recaps. You have my support! I only found one site with eng sub…but they stopped at episode 7. I have been able to continue watching this show because of you. Most synopsis are to brief, but because of your detail it allows me (and many others) to watch, understand, and fully enjoy the show. Thank you very much. Though I dont have much patience so I hope you can catch up soon lol Just thought I would make sure you know your work is appreciated with this message.

    1. Aw…thanks, Addy! I’m approaching finals in my classes, so my plans to recap are going slower than I had hoped; however, I definitely plan on continuing in my recaps of Standby, so stay tuned! 🙂

  4. I see that you have with ep 13! ahhh a bad day just got a little better. 😀 Good luck with your classes. And thanks again for taking your time amd doing this for us <3

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