Standby: Episode 11 Recap / Summary

Pre-Recap Thoughts: This episode packs in the stories as we deal with not just two but multiple stories that focus primarily on Ki Woo, Suk Jin, and Si Wan. The result? One parody of The Moon That Embraces the Sun, some odd visual images of Si Wan, and of course, various eye-candy scenes of Ki Woo and Suk Jin–clothed and semi-clothed. LOL. As I mentioned before, the writers of this show sure do enjoy their visual and non-visual gags. 😉

Recap: The episode opens with the staff coming in from a meal together. Jin Haeng comments on the irony of the restaurant owner’s name, and Joon Geum counters that his name is just as ironic: His name means “progress,” but there’s very little progress in his life. Aw….Ki Woo adds his two cents about his high school classmate named Soo Do (a pun for “sewage”).

At the mention of Ki Woo’s friend, the staff–minus Suk Jin–asks to see a picture of this garlic-allergic friend. Ki Woo promises to bring the photo to work the next day, a promise that throws Suk Jin into a panic.

How bad of a panic? Suk Jin dreams that Ki Woo brings the picture, and everyone in the office recognizes him as Soo Do, despite all his cosmetic surgery and dental work. As a way to wake himself up, he goes to the bathroom to wash his face with cold water…

…and recoils in horror. What he sees in the mirror horrifies him even more than the daytime nightmare, which makes it a “daymare.” LOL

Soo Do looks back at him. *Shudder for Suk Jin…Poor thing* He vows to do whatever needs to be done to prevent Ki Woo from bringing that picture to work…even if it means “befriending” Ki Woo.

Meanwhile, Soo Hyun tries to apologize once again to Jin Haeng, who responds coldly…that is until he receives a phone call requesting him to MC an upcoming show. Learning that Soo Hyun used her connections with her colleague PD to get Jin Haeng the job, Jin Haeng quickly reassures Soo Hyun that everything is forgotten/forgiven.

At Pasta Montant, Ye Won stares at Si Wan and continues her pursuit for his affections. Her method? She offers him choice cuts of beef from her father’s store. She even makes a cute phrase/pun about how the beef is 2 units of the Korean measuring system for beef (doogeun) while her heart goes pitter-patter (doogeun doogeun). 🙂 Ever the moral lad, Si Wan politely refuses her heart and the beef since he’s not interested in a relationship right now.

All of this lovey-dovey exchange is witnessed by Simon D and Kyoung Pyo, both of whom are seated at the next table. As Simon D delivers a running commentary on Ye Won’s fickle heart, Kyoung Pyo snarls and insists that this turn of events does not bother him…at all!

As Kyoung Pyo stomps out of the restaurant, however, Simon D chuckles as he views just how “not bothered” Kyoung Pyo is by the scene.  Love the bent fork!

Meanwhile, at TV11, Suk Jin commences with Operation Befriend-Ki-Woo-So-that-he-can-snatch-the-incriminating-photo. Suk Jin invites Ki Woo for a drink–with “no other motive than to get to know Ki Woo better.” While eating dinner/drinking, Ki Woo suggests that they become friends since they are the same age. Suk Jin swallows his distaste and pretends that he and Ki Woo are now “friends,” speaking to Ki Woo now in banmal (informal speech). In an effort to gain access to Ki Woo’s home, Suk Jin pretends to fall asleep after drinking several glasses of alcohol while our little Ki Woo drinks his usual beverage–milk! 🙂

At a loss for what to do, Ki Woo decides to bring Suk Jin to the studio since Suk Jin has an early morning recording at work. Heh…Suk Jin’s plan A just got foiled. LOL. And since he can’t possibly leave his new friend alone in the conference room, Ki Woo hunkers down on a chair to sleep next to Suk Jin, an action that Suk Jin really doesn’t like. Not only does Ki Woo not take him to Ki Woo’s house as he planned–since Ki Woo doesn’t know where Suk Jin lives–but Ki Woo is now spending the night with Suk Jin in the conference room so that Suk Jin cannot go to his house. He has no choice but to sleep uncomfortably on the couch for the rest of the night.

The next morning, the staff learn that Ki Woo and Suk Jin are now friends, an announcement that is welcomed by all. When Writer Kim learns of their late-night drinking, he offers them a choice of soybean soup or dried fish soup and takes out the two bowls from where else but his bag. LOL. However, when Joon Geum realizes that this means Ki Woo didn’t go home to fetch the picture of Soo Do, she demands that he bring it the next day without fail. Of course, Ki Woo promises while Suk Jin plans stage 2 of Operation Befriend-Ki-Woo-So-that-he-can-snatch-the-incriminating-photo.

Telling Ki Woo that his boiler at home is broken and in need of repairs, Suk Jin asks Ki Woo if he can spend the night at Ki Woo’s place. A loyal friend, Ki Woo agrees to house him for the night…just as soon as he finishes the rest of his work. Fortunately for Ki Woo, Suk Jin becomes extremely impatient and ends up doing all of Ki Woo’s remaining work for him in record time. LOL.

So off they go…  

…to the sauna! Voicing what is probably in the minds of many female viewers, Ki Woo comments that Suk Jin must have spent some effort on his body. LOL. Ah…the writers are so cheeky! 😉 When Suk Jin asks if Ki Woo wasn’t tired–as a way to hurry Ki Woo home–Ki Woo replies that that is why he comes to the sauna to unwind after a tiring day. Heh.

When they finally arrive at Ki Woo’s house, Suk Jin is unsuccessful in retrieving the photo; however, the good news is that he knows where Ki Woo has now placed the picture–inside Ki Woo’s jacket pocket so that he’s sure to take it with him to work the next morning.

Meanwhile, Si Wan realizes that Papa Ryu is taking his passive-aggressive resentment on him by complaining about the increased electricity bill…supposedly “astronomical” because of the tiny little desk lamp Si Wan uses to study. In a pique, Papa Ryu disconnects the lamp and takes it out of Si Wan’s bedroom. However, when he answers the door and sees Ye Won with a good chuck of Korean Prime Beef for Si Wan, Papa Ryu completely changes his opinion of Si Wan and offers Si Wan the desk lamp again. He even prepares dinner for Si Wan…with the Prime Beef that Si Wan was going to return to Ye Won. 

Si Wan belatedly realizes that Papa Ryu is only being nice to him because of the beef and the prospect of continued beef-eating as long as Ye Won likes Si Wan…so, when Ye Won contacts him for a date, he reluctantly agrees to go with her to “this place” she’s been dying to take him. 

And this fabulous place? None other than Min Sok Chun, the Korean folk village (or at least I think that’s where they go) where the two dress up as Heo Yeom and Princess Mi Na from The Moon that Embraces the Sun. There, she plays catch-me-if-you-can with Si Wan and even tries to prompt him for a kiss over a water fountain. Aw…poor girl…she likes him so much.

However, unwilling to lead Ye Won on just so that life with Papa Ryu would be easier, Si Wan tells Ye Won at the end of their “date” that this outing with her today does not mean that they are dating. He asks her to not bring any more beef to him, and as for the beef that he’s already consumed, he’ll pay her back slowly as he earns the money. Ye Won is crestfallen yet again, but not as much as Papa Ryu, who openly shows his displeasure over Si Wan’s decision.

And how does he express this displeasure? By turning off any and all lights whenever he sees Si Wan: while Si Wan is studying from a TV program, while he’s doing hand-laundry in the bathroom so that he doesn’t use more electricity running the washing machine, etc.

Si Wan’s solution to this obvious onslaught of “displeasure”?

He creatively finds ways to iron his shirts the old-fashioned way and devises a light source with which to study by harnessing the energy from pedalling his bicycle. Aw…why does this “funny” scene make the teacher in me so sad? 

As for Suk Jin and Ki Woo, Suk Jin rudely refuses Jin Haeng’s offer of breakfast in order to walk to work with Ki Woo. Realizing with growing panic that he doesn’t have much more time before Ki Woo shows that offending picture to his colleagues, Suk Jin backhugs Ki Woo, creating an awkward moment for Ki Woo. However, Operation Befriend-Ki-Woo-So-that-he-can-snatch-the-incriminating-photo is a success as Suk Jin stealthily retrieves the photo…all without Ki Woo’s knowledge.

When they arrive at work, Joon Geum asks for the photo, and Ki Woo reaches for his jacket pocket…and comes out empty-handed. And to add insult to injury, Suk Jin switches his speech back to the honorific form and coldly tells Ki Woo that he’s decided they aren’t compatible as friends. In the closing scene of the episode, Suk Jin sits inside a bathroom stall and rips up the picture while Ki Woo wonders just what happened to his picture of Soo Do (cover picture above)

Post-Recap Thoughts: As enjoyable as the episode was, there wasn’t too much development here. I felt as though the writers advanced the story, only to retract their steps by the end. After all, Si Wan is still “disliked” by Papa Ryu while Suk Jin is still gunning for Ki Woo. *Sigh* I felt like the writers were leading us around with carrots, promising development but not delivering.

Nevertheless, the visual gags were quite amusing to watch. The parody, Writer Kim’s never-ending bag of tricks, the eye-candy in the sauna, etc. all go to prove that the writers of Standby are starting to flex their wicked sense of humor. It should be interesting to see just how far these writers take that humor. LOL.

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  1. Thank you for your recaps. Please continue to recap Standby. I watch the show everyday, but I don’t understand the conversation. Your recaps help a lot. I feel everyone in Standby is the main character. The characters development are slow. It is very different than a typical drama.

  2. thanks for the recap! i think this is a good show but not quite stellar yet. hopefully it improves throughout the series.

    1. Agreed! I need for this to get really good to justify all the time spent on it. LOL So far, it’s entertaining, but I sense that it can be So. Much. More.

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