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Pre-Recap Thoughts: *Sigh* It looks like the writers of Standby like to play coy with us in much the same way that the writers of High Kick 3 delighted in yanking our chains. Heh. This episode starts off with Kyoung Pyo’s unexpected and unwelcomed fascination with Si Wan but ends with his irritation with Ye Won as she very quickly changes her loyalties. LOL. Interesting turn of events, but I like the message: Appreciate what you have before you can no longer enjoy it. Or to borrow a more clichéd expression: Don’t take things for granted. 

Recap: The episode starts with Soo Hyun counting the strands of hair and coming up 1 strand short. In a panic to ask if 29 hair strands will work, she calls “fortune-teller” Ki Woo, who quickly reveals himself and asks if she likes his brother. Denying any such thing, she then fabricates a story of a one-sided crush on her lawyer sunbae who recently got married, and learning about it that day set her off; she took it out on Jin Haeng. She swears Ki Woo to secrecy.

As she returns home that day, Soo Hyun receives a phone call from Kyoung Pyo’s homeroom teaching, informing her that he has been missing classes to go play video games. As she puts Kyoung Pyo in a headlock for ditching class to go play video games, she sees Si Wan and asks him to look after her brother and make sure that he attends classes.

However, Kyoung Pyo is not so accommodating. He ridicules Si Wan, calling him feminine and mocks Si Wan’s masculinity. At school, he refuses to attend class and instead attempts to ignore Si Wan in lieu of making plans to play games. Si Wan tracks him down and forcefully grabs Kyoung Pyo by the face.

He tells him in a stern voice that Kyoung Pyo needs to listen to him and go to class.

Strangely, Kyoung Pyo starts to see beams of light shining from behind Si Wan and begins to see Si Wan as a “male” friend. Influenced by Si Wan’s magnetism, Kyoung Pyo follows him to class…along with Ye Won.

Meanwhile, Jin Haeng is reeling from the hair-pulling and tries to console himself by cleaning. When he spots a smudge on the outside of the bedroom window, he fashions a sling/contraption to clean the smudge. It is while he is outside on this “cleaning frenzy” that Papa Ryu charges into the bedroom having heard all about the hair pulling.

He drags Jin Haeng outside to confront Soo Hyun and demands recompense for Jin Haeng’s sufferings. He claims that Jin Haeng cried and moaned in anguish and humiliation. Heh…This is exactly what Joon Geum said earlier to Soo Hyun when she tried to use Jin Haeng as leverage over PDs and their treatment of the announcers. Heh…Papa Ryu and Joon Geum should get together; they are two little peas in a pod. LOL. Embarrassed, Jin Haeng tries to deny any such thing–just as he did while with Joon Geum–but no one believes him. Poor Jin Haeng.

Believing Joon Geum and Papa Ryu over Jin Haeng’s objections to the contrary, Soo Hyun tells Jin Haeng that he can pull her hair as revenge. When he backs away, refusing to do such a thing, she butts her head into his chest and inadvertently gets her hair tangled in one of his shirt buttons.

When the Pasta Montant crew comes out, they assume that Jin Haeng is pulling on Soo Hyun’s hair in retaliation. Soo Hyun quickly clears up the misunderstanding, but not before Jin Haeng decides that it’s best not to see her for the time being, especially after the crew accuses him of tearing a hole on top of Soo Hyun’s head.

Inside the Pasta Montant, Kyoung Pyo blushes as he flashes back to Si Wan’s “masculine” moment.  He asks Simon D what it means if “a friend” keeps thinking about someone. Simon’s answer? The “friend” likes that person. 

At this revelation, Kyoung Pyo is appalled that he might possibly like Si Wan and runs out as soon as he sees Si Wan, who has come to take Kyoung Pyo to class with him.

Si Wan chases after him and forcefully tells him that everything Kyoung Pyo does is his concern and that he will not let Kyoung Pyo go to the arcades. O-M-G! LOL. At that moment, a random motorcyclist drives by and almost hits them. Si Wan pushes Kyoung Pyo to safety, but in the process, he tumbles down to the ground with him.

When he tries to check on Kyoung Pyo, to see if he’s all right…

…Kyoung Pyo once again sees Si Wan in the light, only this time, he also sees baby pink flower petals raining down from the sky. Heh.

Kyoung Pyo jerks up and emphatically announces that he’s “not that type of guy” and runs off. Ye Won wonders what’s up with Kyoung Pyo as she brushes the dirt from Si Wan’s clothes.

The two Kim siblings return home and consult each other about “a friend’s” situation. Kyoung Pyo’s advice for his sister’s “friend”? Confess her true feelings to her crush and clear up any misunderstandings. And Soo Hyun’s advice for Kyoung Pyo’s “friend”? Date a girl so that he stops thinking about the guy. The two siblings thank the other and rush off to implement their respective advice.  

Soo Hyun meets Jin Haeng and confesses her true feelings for him and explains that everything she did was because of Ki Woo’s prank on her. She was merely trying to clear the bad karma so that she could have a shot at a relationship with Jin Haeng…because she really likes him. Unfortunately, Jin Haeng has already heard from Ki Woo about her “lawyer sunbae who recently got married” and thinks that she’s lying to him. He tells her that he’s disappointed in her, that he didn’t think she was this type of person, and stomps off, leaving Soo Hyun crushed. Aw…poor girl. She finally gathers enough courage to confess her love for him, only to have him think she’s lying.

Meanwhile, Kyoung Pyo confidently asks Ye Won to be his girlfriend, but before he can even properly ask her, she bypasses him for Si Wan and offers Si Wan a package of some choice beef she brought from her father’s store. Si Wan politely declines her gift and her heart, telling her that he doesn’t have the luxury of dating anyone right now. Ye Won comments that Si Wan is so unlike Kyoung Pyo, who always accepts the gifts despite rejecting her. Aw…She sighs that Si Wan is such a great guy.

As she tries to leave, Kyoung Pyo grabs her by the shoulders to try to make her see “reason”: He, Kyoung Pyo, is asking her to be his girlfriend. Ye Won tells him that she no longer likes him. She now likes Si Wan. LOL

Back outside, Ki Woo spots Soo Hyun crouched on the ground, lamenting her continued bad luck with Jin Haeng. She confronts Ki Woo and asks why he reneged on his promise to not tell anyone about her “crush on her sunbae.” Ki Woo replies that he did keep his promise; his brother is not anyone. Heh.

Frustrated, Soo Hyun grabs Ki Woo in a headlock and proceeds to punish him…which is how Jin Haeng finds her when he passes by. Jin Haeng thinks that she’s taking out her anger on Ki Woo because of what Jin Haeng said to her. Ki Woo comments to his big brother that she’s really strong, and Jin Haeng concludes that she’s like a gangster.

They advise each other to be prepared to make a break for it…before she retaliates again.

And as the two brothers prepare to run, Soo Hyun tries to vindicate herself in explanation…but to no avail.

The Ryu brothers make a break for it and run away from her…as fast as they can. LOL

Post-Recap Thoughts: Is it just me or does the sight of the two Ryu brothers side-by-side cause the eye-candy meter to register incredibly high readings? LOL 

The show continues to parody various drama scenes in this episode, poking fun at the melodramatic lines from various kdramas. 🙂 

Pretty solid developments here as Kyoung Pyo finally learns that he can’t take Ye Won for granted, Ye Won comes to see Si Wan as the better choice over Kyoung Pyo, and Soo Hyun confesses her love for Jin Haeng, even though no one believes her now. Aw…

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  1. Poor Soo Hyun! I guess she’ll have a long way to go to make him see her true feelings. Thanx again Twinkie for a great recap. 🙂

  2. Omg Si Wan is just like his role in The Moon That Embraces the Sun! The light thing and how he’s like a teacher….

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