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Happy Friday, Twinkles!

Today, instead of our usual “Friday Fun” post, I have a special treat for you…and a FIRST for our “Musings” community: a bonafide interview with The Tourist, the group featured in last week’s “Friday Fun” post (here).  Woohoo~! *blows noisemaker*

I hope you’re all excited to welcome The Tourist to our community here at “Musings of a Twinkie”! They were kind enough to answer a lot of questions from me as well as to provide artistic graphics and links for your viewing pleasure, so let’s get started and learn all that we can about my new favorite group! 😉 

Snoopy’s Twinkie: Welcome, The Tourist! Needless to say, I’m excited and so grateful to you for taking the time to do this interview with me on behalf of my readers.

The Tourist: Thank you for supporting our music and taking such an interest in our group.

Snoopy’s Twinkie: Because there isn’t a whole lot of information about your group on English websites, I hope that you don’t mind if these questions seem basic, but I want to provide my readers with solid background information about your group as well as information about your new release—album #2.

The Tourist: We don’t mind at all 🙂

Snoopy’s Twinkie: I know that you debuted back in 2012. Can you tell my readers about your group? What motivated you to start it, who are the members, how did you meet, etc.?

The Tourist: Our group is a collaboration among 10 people who love to travel. We initially started the group with 4 people: 2 members who used to compose music for DBSK and IU, a designer, and a vocalist. The person you’re interviewing is actually Peter Dal Woo Kim, who is representing The Tourist for this interview, and Lindsey Park, who is the vocalist for the song “October Nightscape.”

In May 2012, a travel photographer joined our group, and we started to make vacation-related connections. In June, a guitarist joined us and helped recruit musicians for live performances. We were able to meet these two members through blogs and Facebook.

In October 2012, we met a music video director who would later film “October Nightscape,” and in December, we added two more vocalists and an engineer. All of these people are either friends or friends of friends.

For your readers who can read Korean, they can find out a lot about the group here. Below is a picture of the entire group.

The Tourist Members

Snoopy’s Twinkie: I love the picture of your group! 🙂 The Tourist sounds like a true collaboration among many different people from various walks of life. Given the nature of this blog and the “Musings of a Twinkie” community, I appreciate how your group formed in part through the Internet. 🙂

Your group’s name is The Tourist, which fits nicely with the themes of your songs. I especially love the idea of going on a tour with your group through your various songs. Do you plan to have more songs that tour the international world—like your recently released “Delayed” that filmed in Macau–or will your songs primarily stay centered on exploring Korea? My readers loved “October Nightscape” and how it took them along for a trip up to Nam San Tower.

The Tourist: “Macau – Delayed” is actually our fourth global project. Our first one was in Yokohama, Japan. You can see the music video on YouTube (here). The second was in Kyushu, Japan (here). And the third one was in Akita, Japan for the Tour + Live Performance  Package Tour (here). We try not to limit ourselves to one particular country and instead create songs from what we experience during our tours of various places.

Snoopy’s Twinkie: I’m glad to hear you say this because I have readers from all over the world who would probably be very interested in having your group write about their respective countries. To just name a few, we have Twinkles from Malaysia, Singapore, France, Jamaica, Canada, Germany, Philippines, etc. 🙂

I was introduced to your group via the song “October Nightscape” last year. Can you tell me about the song, what was the inspiration for it, who sang it, etc.? It uses an instrument that I have never heard before that reminds me of an accordion. It’s the inclusion of this very instrument that I find makes this song so memorable.

The Tourist: The instrument that you hear in the beginning of the song is an instrument called the bandoneon. You can learn more about it here. In Korea right now, there is just one musician who plays this instrument. Below is the cover picture to the song that we used at the time of its release.

The Tourist October Nightscape

The motivation for our writing this song is very similar to the reason why you, Snoopy’s Twinkie, like this song so much. All 10 members of the group have jobs outside of the group. The Tourist is a project–a hobby, if you will–of ours, and we gather together in our free time.  When I wrote this song, it was after a rough day when I thought, “Ah…such a long day. I wish there is someone who can sing to me on the way home.” This thought prompted me to write the song, and I asked Lindsey to sing it. And since it was fall during that time, there are a great number of words associated with the fall season like “cosmos flower,” “chrysanthemum,” “scent of autumn,” etc.

Snoopy’s Twinkie: Needless to say, I absolutely adore your song. 🙂 Your second album just released a week ago. Congratulations! What was the inspiration for the concept of the album? I noticed that there was even a Christmas song included in the list.

The Tourist: Thank you! We try to release a digital single each month. That’s how we have 11 songs and were able to release our second full-length album. The completely new song in our second album is titled “Delayed.” As for the Christmas song you mentioned, we released that back in December 2012 as our Christmas song. You can see it on YouTube as well. (here)

Snoopy’s Twinkie: I can tell you now that your “Christmas Day” will be getting a lot of play time in the coming months, especially around Christmas time. 🙂 I’ve already shown it to some of my church minions, and they loved the music video! I showed it to two of them last Sunday and was quite surprised when the two girls were ahhing over the ending. I think they sat there for about half an hour just watching/listening to your YouTube videos. 🙂

The Tourist: That’s great to hear! 🙂 As for our title track for the second album, we wanted to convey this meaning: “I detoured too much to meet my true love.” The word “delayed” is usually used in airports or train stations to indicate that a plane or a train has been delayed. We wanted to apply this to the idea of meeting true love, too.

Snoopy’s Twinkie: For some of my readers who are in Korea right now and would like to listen to you perform live, where can they find you? I know that there were two video clips on your YouTube channel of the group rehearsing for a live concert, but that video was uploaded about a year ago. If they want to hear you live in 2014, where can they go to hear you perform?

The Tourist: Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions on live performances, we are unable to upload video clips of our live performances. However, from now until July 2014, we have a number of events planned.

1. In collaboration with Attirer Chocolatier, we will be performing every Saturday at 6 PM at Attirer Chocolatier. Of course, chocolates and our CDs will be available for purchase. Your readers can find out about Attirer Chocolatier through its Facebook page (here).

The Tourist Chocolate

2. On June 7, 2014, we will be holding a small intimate showcase. The venue is at a place called Rulla Tone in Shin-Sa dong (신사동 가로수길). The poster for the event is below for your Korea-based readers.

The Tourist Concert

3. From July 25th – 27th, we will be holding a concert at Seong Su Art Hall (here).

4. And then from May through July, at random dates and times, we will be holding outdoor concerts at Sun Yoo Do Park (선유도 공원)

Snoopy’s Twinkie: Wow~! The summer months are going to be busy for your group. I’m just sorry that I won’t be able to attend any of your performances. Thankfully, I have a little hoobae who has also fallen in love with your music and has volunteered to attend one of your July performances and report on it while she’s visiting her family in Korea. 🙂

The Tourist: That’s wonderful! We look forward to seeing her!

Snoopy’s Twinkie: Lastly, where can my readers who don’t live in Korea right now–like me!–find your music? I know that you have a Facebook (here) and two YouTube channels (here and here). Are there any other sites—even if they are in Korean—that they can access to learn more about your group’s upcoming events?

The Tourist: Our Facebook page is our main site. You can find posts of our upcoming events on there.

Snoopy’s Twinkie: And of course, the most important question for those of us who want to actually own a physical piece of your beautiful songs…where can they purchase your music? I know that you recently told me that Sony Music was not going to be shipping overseas as was originally intended.

The Tourist: Digital download of our songs is available through iTunes as far as we’ve been told. However, since we can’t access iTunes from Korea, we haven’t been able to personally verify this. Our second album will be available to the United States in about 2-3 weeks. As of right now, though, Sony Music is not distributing our second album overseas, but the company has approved purchase orders from us directly. 🙂

Snoopy’s Twinkie: That’s good to hear! I’ve been listening to “October Nightscape” on YouTube and can’t wait to get my hands on an actual physical copy of your music! 🙂

Thank you so much for answering these questions! I know that you must be busy, so I really appreciate your taking the time to interview with me like this. I look forward to hearing more wonderful songs from your group and great news of your continued success!

The Tourist: Thank you very very much for supporting The Tourist and showing such interest in our music. 🙂

Snoopy’s Twinkie: Well, Twinkles…This was such an incredible experience for me this week to communicate on this level with my new favorite musical group! I hope you enjoyed reading and learning more about this group. I know that I certainly did! 🙂

And definitely stay tuned for the June giveaway because I’m planning something special for you. Hopefully, I can get the details works out in time for the giveaway. 🙂 Let’s just say that it’ll be a “special” prize package in connection with The Tourist. 😉

Anyhow, this first interview was a blast for me to do. A great big thank-you to The Tourist for spending time with us and for sharing their music with us! Here’s to many more wonderful years of songs and memories together! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 🙂

Oh, and I mustn’t forget their newest song, “Delayed” which has fast become a favorite song of mine already. Unfortunately, it’s not yet available through YouTube, but you can listen to it on their Facebook page (here).

Enjoy! And Happy Friday!

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    Look forward to hearing more of their songs since I’ve only heard October Nightscape so far.

    How cool will it be if we meet them in Seoul!

    1. Definitely blessed to have this opportunity! 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting…and YES! Let’s try to listen to them live. 🙂

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