So Ji Sub: Happy Birthday!

SJS 30

*sings* Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear SJS! Happy birthday to you…And many more….! *finishes singing with a flourish of bells and kazoos*

Our Mr. Eye Candy 2013 celebrates his birthday today! Wishing him all the best this upcoming year! 🙂


A myriad of thanks and well wishes to the man who portrayed the character Lee Jang Woo (Road No. 1). *warm fuzzies at the memory of Lee Jang Woo* For those of you new to the community, you may not know this about me, but SJS’s Lee Jang Woo successfully usurped my beloved Mr. Darcy from his 1st place in my heart, a spot that Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy had held since I was 12 after I had read Pride and Prejudice for the first time.  *happy sigh* Fond memories…I’m looking forward to seeing how SJS fleshes out his newest character in Oh My Venus. 🙂

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  1. I agree with MC Johnston, the man gets more and more handsome as if time just stands still. But then again, my sister who, by the way, had her birthday yesterday also becomes more beautiful over the years. Perhaps it has something to do with our beloved and sexy Scorpios, they mature in a classy style (Won Bin, you’re one of them, arent you?). Happy birthday, SJS 😉

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