Sneak Peek: Arang and the Magistrate Episode 13

I haven’t even watched episode 12 (planning on doing so tonight), yet I’m sneaking a peek at episode 13. LOL. In any case, I thought some of you who are at work or at school with no opportunity to watch the episode would like a glimpse of episode 13. I only saw the last 5 minutes or so of the episode, but wow~the romance and love triangle have really hit full force~! The episode ends with Eun Oh facing off with Joo Wal as Joo Wal asks Arang to accompany him somewhere. Eun Oh refuses to let Arang leave with Joo Wal. Good! 

From what was hinted at during Eun Oh’s and Arang’s conversation, I cannot wait to watch episode 12 for Eun Oh’s big confession. *Sniffles* I can already sense the angst. Poor Eun Oh. In the last part of episode 13, Eun Oh tells Arang that he’s been avoiding her because he didn’t know how to go about accomplishing what he promised, which was to not inconvenience her with his feelings. While he had been trying so hard to suppress his feelings, by the time he thought he got those feelings under control, he found that she was interested in Joo Wal. At this, Eun Oh admits that the feelings he had been trying so hard to suppress ran amuck. He can handle her rejection, but he’s having a heck of a time handling his jealousy. Aw…

As for Moo Young, he fails at his first attempt to kill Moo Yeon. Poor Moo Young…needless to say, Underworld is not thrilled. When Moo Young asks for a second chance, he learns that Jade has been preparing Eun Oh as a backup in case Moo Young can’t get the job done; that’s why he’s given Eun Oh his magic fan. Aw…the fan belongs to Jade then. Interesting…does this mean Jade is that crazy mountain teacher?! Ack! I’ve got to watch ep. 12 and 13 tonight now. My inquisitive mind simply wants to know NOW!

*Deep breath to calm down*

Those are the only two scenes I was able to see when I snuck a peek (OK, two peeks) at episode. 13. Oh wait, there was one more scene I saw: Joo Wal and Arang bump into Moo Yeon, who expresses her desire to have Arang visit her sometime. Creepy! When she leaves them, Arang asks Joo Wal to release her hand, which he had unconsciously grabbed hold of and held onto for dear life. Aw…he doesn’t want anything to happen to Arang and was holding her hand as if to ward off Moo Yeon’s claim on Arang.

I’ll try to be back later tonight for ep. 12 and, hopefully, ep. 13. 🙂 I may end up doing a nutshell of those two episodes just to be able to keep up with the series. We’ll see…until later then, twinkles!

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