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Wow…I had no idea so many people would be reading the summary of episode 12. Yogurutu wasn’t kidding when she mentioned the crazy number of viewers she had.

Thanks to those of you who left comments of encouragement. It’s definitely appreciated. I started the summary for two reasons this week:
1. My younger sister isn’t able to access the episodes as quickly as I can and likes updates, especially since the old Korean can be a bit tough for her to understand at times.
2. I heard about’s licensing problems and empathized with non-Korean speakers wanting to know what was going on but only being able to watch the episodes and guess at what’s happening. I’ve been there and done that with Japanese dramas and Taiwanese dramas when subtitles were slow to surface or nonexistent. In my crazier frenzies, I’ve been known to spend an hour on the Internet searching for any news/comments on the latest episodes. 😛 Thankfully, that phase has passed.

Anyhow, Monday’s episode 11 was my first attempt…word for word…but what you see on the blog took over an hour to get down, and it only covered a small fraction of the actual episode. 😛 So when my sister and a viewer both suggested just providing detailed summaries to save time, I thought that would be more time efficient…hence episode 12 in it’s embarrassingly choppy form. Still, I think it suffices for what it was meant to accomplish, which was to provide people with a summary of the dialogue while they watched the raw episodes. (Incidentally, I don’t know if the links to joonmedia are helpful, but that’s where I watch my episodes. Just make sure you have a really good virus protection program to protect your computer and not one of those freebie anti-virus programs.)

Tuesday’s episode (12) took about 3 hours to summarize. I basically pounded out the summary while watching the episode, pausing occasionally (OK, many times) to catch up on the typing or to think of a coherent way to express the dialogue in English. I typically don’t like to rewatch episodes once I’m done, at least not the entire episode, so I’m not sure if I’ll ever get back to finishing episode 11, especially with midterms coming up.

So…as long as my sister and others need/enjoy the summaries, I can continue to summarize every Monday and Tuesday. The new episodes upload around 9AM Pacific Standard Time in the US, so I’ll try to start viewing/summarizing around that time and hopefully finish by noon.

Glad I can help!

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13 thoughts on “SKKS Summarizing”

  1. Wow! We non-korean speakers definitely appreciate the summaries. I'm a frequent visitor of yogurutu too, and it's so hard to watch SKKS right now because of the licensing issue. Call me skeptical but I'm not sure the license will be given to vikii soon. I think it might take months. I really enjoyed your summary and made me watch ep 12 again, and I understood it better.

    Thank you again. I hope you continue summarizing, and I'm sure the traffic to your blog will be crazier because there really are so many international viewers who are watching SKKS devoutly.

  2. Thank you soo much – Its great that there are so many people who are actually watching these dramas. My younger sister got me hooked on to korean drama and after watching youre beautiful , coffee prince i ahve become seriously hooked on . so its nice that i am not wierd in anyway by liking to watch these dramas so much. please continue on your good work and thanks again

  3. thank you so much for the summary!! words can't express the amount of appreciation i have but to say im definitely floating on cloud nine!! i couldn't help but smile and feel all giddy while, it sure helps a lot when watching the raw (^_^)

  4. Thanks for all your hard work, it's greatly appreciated. <3 I don't think the summary of ep 12 was embarrassingly choppy, it was awesome, very detailed and easy to understand. Thanks for offering to continue doing the summaries in the future. *happy*

  5. If you were my sister, I'd totally make you my special pumpkin, white chocolate cheesecake to say thanks. For all of this work, you totally deserve cheesecake!

  6. 3 hours ? *bows and a gazillion more bows in advance* Twinkie-chan really really thanks so much for all your effort. All of us non Korean are really grateful to all of you voluntary translators sharing summaries and recaps with us.
    Yogu-chan and you .. thanks to all of you. I'm so happy t Hopefully it won't bother your mid terms neee? THANKS!
    *am lilygomenapple at yogurutu's blog, but I name my blog as my one other account so I don't have too many names.. hehehe*

  7. Thanks a lot…. was getting really frustrated trying to make heads and tails out of the RAWs. you are indeed a life saver.your translation is very detailed and interesting. Please keep doing it till the series ends…

  8. thank you so so so so muccchhhhh….i really love this drama and every week im waiting for the next episodes….and it really makes me frustrated every time i cant find the english sub for this drama…so thank you again and keep it up until the drama ends…

  9. thanks a lot!!! 😀 😀 you have no idea how long i have waited and searched the net for any kind of english subtitles/summaries/recaps! you made my week!! 😀 😀

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