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(a lot of quick scene changes) K opens the chest, which is the symbol of the birth of a nation/etc. Meanwhile, M fights off the guards. Back at the JongMyong, L scolds K for coming alone…doesn’t she realize how dangerous it is? K, however, numbly replies that it’s not there. Outside on the road, M continues to fight the guards. Back inside, L doesn’t know how to react to her news, but then he notices that K is wearing his ring on a necklace and embraces her, much to K’s surprise. He tells her that he was afraid she was going to get hurt. Back on the road, M suffers a sword wound and barely manages to fend off another swing but is unable to avoid suffering a greater wound to his side. Just when things seem fatal for M, one of the guards approaches and reports to the main guard (the one who delivered all those wounds to M) that there’s no one inside. While their attention is diverted, M quickly hobbles away to safety, his side bleeding profusely.

L and K run with their hands firmly clasped together. They duck behind a wall when they see a patrol of guards running nearby. They look at each other in concern as they overhear the guards saying that HBS went this way and that they need to capture HBS.

G helps lead some peasants/commoners toward SKK and urges them to quickly get to Banchon/SKK with the wounded M, who is being carried on the back of one of the men. G assures them that once they’re safely in SKK, the guards won’t be able to do anything to them.

ByungPan consults with the guards and HIS on what’s been going on and asks if HBS was helped by the king’s men again. They reply that they don’t think it was the king’s men but someone else (didn’t quite catch the Korean). HIS then adds that there is someone at SKK who doesn’t really belong at SKK and fits the guard’s description.

Safely back in SKK, K tells L that she thinks they should go out and look for M and G since the curfew is fast approaching. Two servants come through the gate and state that it’s almost curfew. Although the headmaster is not there, they plan on carrying out their duties fully by enforcing the curfew for one thing. In concern, K and L don’t know what to do. As K paces a bit, she notices G carrying a severely wounded M.

G gently puts M down in his room. L sees the concern that G has for M (perhaps understanding a bit more fully G’s concern/love for M). K waits outside the room, concerned but unable to go inside now that her sex has been revealed (especially since L wouldn’t like it…HA!).

At this time, the gates of SKK are forced open and guards rush inside. The two servants are beside themselves since guards are NOT allowed inside the gates of SKK, no matter what the circumstances. The head servant demands what they are doing here. Don’t they realize that this is SKK. In reply, HIS comes in through the gate and says that it’s with the authority vested in his position as student body president that he is allowing the guards into SKK.

Scholars in several rooms abruptly wake up and huddle in fear as they hear/sense the guards (LOL). K also looks startled as she hears the guards. In G’s room, both L and G look at each other in concern as they sense the disturbance.

Outside, the servants try to block the guards’ progression through SKK, saying that they cannot enter here (the library). Disregarding the warning, the guards rampage through the library (the sacred room of knowledge!), tossing books down. IBC and his friend (the friend looks so cute and sad here) look on, and the friend even hunches down to hold a tossed book in his arms as though to protect it from the disrespectful and rough hands of the guards. In audio, HIS’s voice is heard as he commands the head guard that the guard’s first priority is to find HBS and then also secretly find the location of the GeumDeungJiSa. (GDJS). HIS adds that if the scholars didn’t take it to the palace yet, then it’s certainly hidden somewhere in SKK. Meanwhile, the SKK scholars are all chased out of their quarters by guards who ransack their rooms. The guards continue their rough search of the rooms and classrooms. K panics as the guards and HIS approach G’s room.

Inside G’s room, G makes a move to go outside. L detains him, asking him if he plans on trying to avert danger using the same tactic as last time. G asks L what he means by that. Outside, HIS calmly (and smugly) asks K if he’s seen HBS since there’s been a report that HBS has entered SKK. Back inside the room, G is stunned that L wants to confess that he’s HBS in order to avert real danger for M. L explains that in all the things in Josun (Korea), there is something that he wants to protect and not give up…his faith in right/justice (rough translation). He cannot allow M, in his current state, to be sent to jail.

Outside, HIS commands the guards to search every nook and cranny since this might be the room that HBS is hiding in. The guards voice their understanding and are about to enter when G comes out of his room. He tells HIS to stop and cautions HIS that all the scholars are watching this situation. HIS ignores G’s warning and attempts to pass by when G grabs his arm. “Do you plan on being the first student body president to dirty the hallowed halls of SKK by allowing guards to enter?” In reply, HIS looks around to the other scholars and announces that he plans on being the first student body president to properly demonstrate his power/authority (rough translation?). Taking G’s hands off his arm, HIS adds that G can anticipate what’s to come. (Love the emphasis on G’s name). The guards enter G’s room against the protests of the observing scholars. Inside, the head guard announces that HBS is inside. L slowly walks out, much to the dismay and shock of HIS. In much the same way, K is stunned by L’s appearance and can only look to G and ask, “Sahyung?” G pats her in reassurance. HIS demands L to explain what he’s about. “Do you really expect me to believe that you are HBS?” As L remains silent, ByungPan is heard approaching and berating his guards on their inactivity. “What are you doing? Arrest HBS immediately!” He commands the guards to take the prisoner to jail. When HIS protests, the ByungPan silences him and says not to interfere; it’s his business from here on out. The scholars look on as L gets taken away. K, with tears in her eyes, shares a meaningful look with L, and L nods to K before leaving with the guards.

Back at L’s house, L’s father is stunned at the news that Soondol has brought him. He keeps repeating, “L is HBS?” He questions why his son would even be/act as HBS.

Safely in G’s room, G tries to reassure K as he continues to minister to a wounded and unconscious M. G tells K that even though the ByungPan has arrested L, he won’t be able to do much since L is the only son of the prime minister. G would never have agreed to the plan if he wasn’t certain of L’s safety. As G sighs and is about to put a wet cloth on M’s forehead to bring down the fever, M wakes up and grabs his hand, demanding if M’sjust heard correctly, that L has taken his place and confessed to be HBS. G tries to calm M down and says that this was their best solution since they couldn’t have M go to jail in such a weak state. G tells M to rest and get better at which point M slams his fist down on the blankets in frustration. G then continues by telling him that guards forced their way into SKK, something that should never have happened. He’ll make sure to correct this violation of their sacred law (rough translation). K asks if G thinks this is possible. G tells her to believe him…because he’s Goo Yong Ha! (LOL) M then asks what happened to the GDJS. G and K silently shake their heads to indicate that they were not able to find it.

In ByungPan’s office, ByungPan rants and raves about how the GDJS wasn’t at a number of places and about the king and L’s father and how they’ve wronged him. HIS asks if this is why ByungPan has arrested L even though he knows that L is not HBS. The ByungPan states that he can make L into HBS.

In jail, L stands up to greet his father, who’s come to visit him. The father notices the ring on L’s finger and then asks L if this is all because of what happened 10 years ago. L’s father asserts that he did nothing wrong that night. To this, L counters, “But you helped cover the wrongs thereafter.” L’s father comments that in his rebellion against his father, L has chosen a path that will cause him much pain and suffering. L answers that he only followed the path that his father instructed him to follow— to cherish his friends, to not seek to save his own life in attempting to right a wrong, etc. L asks his father if he (L) was wrong in upholding his father’s teachings. L’s father slowly walks out of the jail, leaving L to contemplate on the ring on his finger. K, in her room, likewise considers her ring.

(continuation posted 11/4)
One of the little boys at SKK goes around announcing that HBS has been captured. In another part of SKK, K expresses her concern for L and his father when M appears and says that nothing will happen to L, especially when the real HBS is standing right in front of her. She blocks his way as he tries to walk past her and demands if he’s going to confess that he’s the real HBS then. If he does so, L’s confession and efforts to help a wounded M will all have been in vain. M says that he plans on telling his (M’s) father that L’s father had nothing to do with the events of 10 years ago…that he’s not responsible for his brother’s (nor K’s father’s) death. At this K and G are pleasantly surprised and ask if this is really true. M confirms and then is about to leave when he stops to remind G to keep his promise—that G will correct what was heinously a misuse of power and violation of SKK’s sacred law (no guards on the premise, etc.). G says, “Of course.” M then tells him to have everything prepared by the time he returns. When G starts to say, “I’m…” M finishes for him, “Yes, you’re Goo Yong Ha.” (LOL)

M slowly approaches his father and tells him that he needs to release L because L’s not the real HBS. When the father continues to walk by him, M persists by reminding his father that he (the father) knows who the real HBS is, that L’s father had nothing to do with M’s brother’s death 10 years ago, and that the father himself heard the bribed guard testify as much. The father simply asks M not to get involved and that this will change nothing. Disgusted, M asks if his father plans on using the same tactic as those who plotted this whole crime. If so, there will be nothing that the father can do then, for M is on his way to confess. Roughly uncovering a part of his shirt, M punctuates his point with his dad, asking how the officials will be able to ignore his confession when the physical wounds HBS suffered are plainly written on his body. As M turns to leave, his father motions his people to stop him. The father, grave and understanding of his son’s emotions, asks his son not to interfere in his affairs any longer; he has waited 10 years for today.

Meanwhile, G, back in his room, carefully dresses himself in preparation for his task. Along with the other leading scholars/seniors at SKK, G accuses HIS of a number of charges/offenses (allowing guards into SKK, misusing his powers, hurting innocent scholars, etc.) and tells HIS that he will respect and follow HIS if HIS apologizes and rights the wrong he’s done. However, if HIS doesn’t, then G and the other scholars plan on opening a hearing to charge HIS for his violations. The Soron leader adds that G and he will then run for student body president and usurp HIS. At this, HIS smugly says that the time and place is not for G to decide, and then leaning closer, reveals to G that he knows G is merely the son of a merchant and not a born yangban (upper class/nobleman) and has been “parading” around as one with his fancy clothes. If G insists, at that same hearing, HIS will reveal G’s true origins. G is left shaken and speechless as other scholars, who didn’t hear the exchange, ask him for confirmation about the time and location of the HIS hearing. Unable to say anything, much less think properly, G retreats to an isolated tree and mutters to himself that “things are developing in an interesting way.” (Poor G…his whole way of life is being threatened!)

Seated in HIS’ room, IBC rejoices over the ashen look on G’s face. However, IBC’s friend is not that thrilled. HIS’ right-hand man asks HIS to refrain from using guards the next time and to simply use them instead, especially in light of the scholars the guards injured. (Apparently, even he did NOT appreciate the violation of SKK’s rules). At this, IBC’s friend pipes up and says that he was particularly sad about the mistreatment of SKK’s precious books. HIS interrupts and coldly says that he told them not to have any opinions or thoughts…and that, like G says, the coming events will prove to be interesting.

Out by the walls of SKK, G gives a servant some money to relay word to M. When K approaches and asks about news about M, G tells her that M hasn’t been able to set foot outside of his house, indicating that M’s talk with his father, who’s in charge of L’s case, doesn’t seem to be going well. When K then asks if the only option left open to them is to pursue HIS at the school hearing, G struggles to tell her that the school hearing may not go as they originally planned as well. Grabbing her by the shoulders, G tries to tell her that it’s because he’s afraid of his lowly birth being revealed (that he bought his way into being a yangban) that he may not be able to prosecute HIS, but he can’t seem to get the words out, even though K asks him what’s wrong. (G, who knows of K’s secret, is unable to share with her his greatest secret even though K would probably understand…poor thing)

Folding his ceremonial robe (one used for school hearings), G struggles with himself and reflects on 1) how L told him just before L confessed to being HBS that there are certain things worth risking one’s life to protect and 2) M telling him to have everything prepared by the time M returns. Remembering this, G resolutely stands and opens his door to let in blinding light (symbolizing the light of justice and shedding light on the injustice of what’s been going on at SKK?)

At the hearing, G and HIS stand before the scholars. HIS calmly states that he has no plans on apologizing or acknowledging his wrong. G then says HIS leaves him no other choice than to ask for HIS’ removal from office. Unperturbed, HIS answers that G has no rights to initiate such a proceeding. G may have been able to buy his way into SKK, but he certainly has no rights to act as a yangban among other yangbans. At everyone’s confusion, IBC passes some documents around, and everyone is stunned. Boldly stepping forward (brave, brave man!), G explains that he comes from a long line of merchants. At his acknowledgment of this, HIS and his gang are equally stunned (didn’t expect G to confess) as the other scholars. G continues his narrative by telling the scholars that he grew up without knowing the things that noblemen take for granted and that his father, in a quest to give a respectable life/family for his children, bought a jjokbo (record of family lineage) from someone so that G could pass as a yangban. That paper before them testifies to that exchange. Some of the scholars mutter that they can’t believe G’s been pretending to be a yangban. (the equivalent of someone pretending to be of noble birth…this is probably why he was so sympathetic to K’s disguising herself as a man). Shaken but still determined, G reminds them that today’s hearing is to discuss HIS and L’s case and that all the things he planned to bring forth in the hearing, he now passes on those responsibilities to K. He does so not because he’s from the merchant class and unworthy to bring the complaint but because he’s embarrassed by his actions (not being proud of himself and feeling as though he as to pretend to be someone he’s not). From this time forth, he plans on living more worthily. At this, some of the scholars mock him while others look on in admiration. G then turns to HIS, tears glistening in his eyes (he just gave up on so much!), and tells HIS that this is to show HIS that his threats will not work here…because this place is SKK and because he is Goo Yong Ha (!!!How much do I love this man’s catch phrase! So incredibly well said!) At this, even HIS looks at him in respect.

Strewn on the path are some of G’s precious belongings and clothes. Stooping down to finger a gown, G tries to keep his optimism and says it’s a wonder that these people can recognize the expensive items that came from abroad. Once inside his room, he folds his clothes, aided by K. K remarks that it must have been difficult/a burden to live with such a secret. G replies that he, hiding this truth from the world, “should be expected to experience at least this much discomfort in all fairness, no?” He continues and says that this is perhaps why he so wanted to find the GDJS, to see a world where class hierarchy would have no meaning to a person’s value. He apologizes/reminds K that the task of releasing L and persecuting HIS is now K’s. He encourages her to make sure he completes it. At this, K starts to list how she feels unworthy, has never done such a huge task, etc. G reminds her that K’s earnest and that’s what’s important and gives her the right.

K, with paper and ink, go around asking scholars for their names on a petition to release L, witnessing with their signatures that L is not the HBS and that he was arrested unjustly by the guards. When K interrupts a Soron group from a ball game, the Soron group asks her if Goo Yong Ha put her up to this…how can they believe anything she says when G has lied about so many things. K continues to solicit names from other scholars only to be turned away. Finally, she runs to her fellow classmates and insists on their signatures when they try to walk away from her. As they sign, one of them asks her if she’s absolutely certain that L is not HBS. K affirms that he isn’t. HIS and his gang walk up as the two scholars are signing and rip the parchment paper away. In a loud voice for all to hear, HIS challenges everyone who wants to challenge him to do so but at the risk of having things turn out like they did for G. K retorts that where there’s a will, there’s a way. The sunglassed scholar says that even Confucius would have left by now and leaves. Watching everyone disperse in fear of being attacked by HIS, HIS warns K to listen very carefully. It’s not “where there’s a will, there’s a way. Rather, the strong make the way.” Considering his words, K then says that if this is true, then she must have that strength. She then charges him with the violation of allowing guards onto the sacred grounds of SKK.

Meanwhile, the king holds a conference with LSJ and comments that they are a troublesome bunch of scholars: one is masquerading around as HBS while another has gotten himself arrested and creating quite the trial for the king. The king tells L, “Now, if the real HBS is not caught, then you will have take full responsibility for everything. Will you be all right with this? That is quite the demonstration of friendship!” At this, L replies that he certainly did not consider everything before he started this series of events, but he had always been taught that if there was a difficult road and an easy road, he was advised by his father to take the difficult road because then, even though he wouldn’t always succeed, he certainly would not have any regrets. The king asks L if he resented the king for creating such conflict between such a dear father-son relationship. L answers that although he may have resented the king, he couldn’t tear him from his heart (rough translation). This was the same for the father who gave him life as well as the father would gave him his purpose/task (implying the king as the father of Joseon). (I REALLY love the way this writer masterfully uses her words! She makes L such an honorable man.)

In the library, K asks G how anyone can possibly think that L is really the HBS, considering all the time that the scholars have spent with L and know him. G replies that one cannot possibly know another person’s heart just because of the time spent together. Does she really believe that? He adds that it’s human nature to not even know the mind of one’s roommate despite living together. Into this conversation, the headmaster interrupts and suggests that they need evidence to show that LSJ is NOT HBS, undeniable evidence to prove without a doubt before the king that L is not the real HBS. G and K look at each other…(brilliant minds activated! LOL)

In a darkened room, G emphatically voices his objections regarding his outfit. (This is too funny that I have to translate the dialogue)
G: I really can’t tolerate this! Daemul, do I really have to go this far? My skin is so fair that I can’t handle dark clothing like this. Look! (puts on his black hat and makes a tigerish face) Don’t I look like a soaked tiger (I couldn’t quite catch the Korean so I’m not certain if G said “soaked tiger”)
K: (trying to hold in her laughter) Sahyung, the clothes suit you well. Today, your hair matches your clothing! (LOL)
G: (Mollified) Well, I am a fashionista (rough translation)
G gives his usual twirl and Soondol adds that he’s pleased with his clothing. He feels like a ninja and can rescue his master at least 10 times. (LOL…love the ninja hand movements) K then asks G if the first place on their agenda is to M’s house.

Trapped inside his father’s storeroom, M vents and rages, sweeping items roughly onto the floor. His father walks inside and tells him to stop, especially in his wounded condition. M simply tells his father that LSJ is not the HBS and to release him. Taking revenge on L’s father like this will not bring back his dead brother. M comments that if the father had been thinking of the brother, he shouldn’t have kept silent then. The father has always taken the coward’s way and is continuing to do so even now. The father retorts that staying silent was the only way to protect M. Because he remained silent then, he was able to protect M and protect his power. Now, the time to use that power has simply come. As the father turns to leave, M tearfully apologizes to his father, telling him that he was wrong. He was wrong for acting as though he was hurting more than his father was over the brother’s death. He was wrong for believing that he loved his brother more. He continues to apologize and asks his father to please release L because L and M…they hadn’t even had the chance to properly start (a true friendship) yet. (Dang, talk about friendship!) As the father steps away to leave, M earnestly pleads with his father to please help him not ever think badly of his father again…he doesn’t ever want to live in that type of hell again. The father rushes outside and M collapses to the floor.

Seated in his room, M’s father quietly pours himself a drink, deep in thought.

Stealthily peering at the guards assigned to keep M locked inside the storeroom, G and Soondol hide behind the door. G comments that they need to get the guards to leave their post. At this Soondol tells G to get his brain moving and come up with a plan. (LOL…love G’s reaction—wanting to hit Soondol–to Soondol’s disrespectful comment/sound mimicking brain movement). Without another word, G shoves Soondol from behind the door and clearly into the courtyard. As Soondol stumbles and catches his balance, G announces in a loud voice, “It’s a burglar!” At this Soondol runs away, and G says that he used his brain. (LOL)

Entering the storeroom, K proudly and happily announces to M that they have come to rescue him. G rushes to clasp M’s face tenderly in his hands and merely utters M’s name. At this, M resignedly asks if G’s starting up again (bromance! LOL) Ignoring M’s comment, G embraces M tightly and tells him that M can’t possibly know…today was an incredibly long day for him. Hearing this cryptic comment, M asks K for clarification, to which K merely smiles and adds that G was quite impressive today. M tries to shake G off, but G merely hugs him more tightly.

A servant rushes into M’s father’s room and tells M’s father that several people have come and broken M out of the storeroom. The father takes a quick drink and tells the servant to just leave the situation as it stands. There’s no need to apprehend them.

As the J4 (minus L) are huddled together while M writes more red messages, the headmaster’s voice is heard in the background: “That LSJ is not the HBS, I as well as the king knows this fact. However, you need to provide definite proof, so if the HBS goes around spreading red messages while LSJ in locked up in prison, then it will conclusively prove that L is NOT HBS.” As people pick up red messages from off the ground, the J4 look on in celebration as their plan seems to be working.

Walking back to the school, the three J4 members discuss the next day’s events. K wonders if the scholars will show up for the protest demonstration. G answers that they will or what was the purpose of his having suffered all day wearing such drab clothing (LOL). He adds, though, that if nothing else than to protest HIS’ letting the guards into SKK, the scholars will be there. M then says that L should know of the day’s events. G claps M’s shoulder and says that they are currently on their way to see L now and to tell L the good news. At their surprised looks, G tells them, though, that he can’t stand wearing such drab clothing any longer and must change first so he’ll meet them there; they should go on ahead. He starts to walk away but turns around looking quite worried. (LOL…love his voice and expression) G asks them to not go inside without him because he’s never been inside such a place. At this unexpected comment, M merely shakes his head. (LOL)

As M and K continue on without G, K can’t seem to stop asking M about L’s possible reaction. Realizing that K and L need their time alone, M finally tells K that this won’t do, that she’ll have to go see L on her own. Fabricating an excuse, M tells K to go on ahead and see L without him. As she turns to leave, M stops her and asks her if he’s ever said what he’s about to say to her: “Thank you.” When K asks for what, M replies that he thanks her for her. At this, K smiles and turns to go see L. (And with that, M figuratively sends K to L…sigh…what unrequited love)

While K is on her way to the prison, Hyo-eun and her maid are also on their way to see L. The maid expresses her concern that there will be an uproar at home if the elders find out that Hyo-eun went to see L. Hyo-eun explains that she’s going to see L because her heart’s just too troubled sitting at home doing nothing.

Inside the prison, K gazes upon L’s resting form. She rises to leave so as to not wake him when L opens his eyes and calls after her. They smile at each other, and K touches L’s face and comments that L’s face looks like he’s suffered. As L takes her hand, he notices her ring on the finger. K tells him that she’s heard the news. L, in a grave tone, tells her that he doesn’t expect her to forgive his father, but if it’s possible, he would like to at least ask her for her forgiveness. At this K shakes her head and says that she cannot do so, for people cannot pick their parents. What she can give him is not forgiveness, but the heart of a woman who loves him. Likewise, she asks him to give her not the heart of a person who’s wronged her but one who loves her. Unnoticed by the two lovers, Hyo-eun and her maid observe the scene in shock, for they have just realized that K is a woman!

Outside the prison, M walks slowly back and meets up with G who is colorfully attired once again. G asks M if he ended up sending K inside alone. When M says nothing, G tells him to forget K then and that if he keeps doing so, it’ll become a habit. (LOL…M’s famous saying!) G continues by telling M to let tonight be the last time M simply looks on. G pats M on the shoulders and the two head back to SKK.

-The scholars all rally to go together to get LSJ released. M joins them all dressed in normal clothing (LOL) Sorry…the dialogue is great, but I’ll let you enjoy it via English subtitles on
-HIS reminds K that he warned her not to challenge him. She retorts that she told him her plans as well. She asks HIS if he will lead the way to the king. He refuses and commands everyone to stop, threatening that no one who goes will be safe from him. G wisely reminds HIS that he told him the scholars were watching…it wasn’t the scholars who abandoned him first; HIS abandoned SKK first.
-The smiley friend tells HIS that he wants to go as well because even a dumb scholar like him knows that HIS is in the wrong. If he stays by HIS’ side any longer, he’ll just continue to get dumber. When HIS tries to strike him, HIS’ right-hand man stops him and says that he can’t stand to watch HIS deteriorate any further. They leave to join the other scholars in their formal protest before the king.
-The scholars tender their formal protest of the past events (L’s wrongful imprisonment and the entrance of the guards into SKK)
-K views all the happenings with wonder as she talks to her father, expressing her amazement at how her life has turned out with such dear friends and such.
-As she plays with her father’s wooden game, she flashbacks to a childhood memory of when her father played with her. Then making a connection between what her father said and what M once told her about Banchon (his brother’s comment), K rushes to the gate between SKK and Bancho and start digging…finding the GDJS (!…gotta love the music LOL)
-HIS overhears Hyo-eun and the maid talking about how K is a girl.

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