SKKS episode 16 summary / recap (highlights)

Hi everyone! You guys are extremely kind with your thanks and praises. Perhaps once SKKS is over, I’ll start writing my own stories again. The academic life pretty much drains any creative juices I have in me. After reading so many students’ papers, I tend to not want to tax my brain too much. LOL

Anyhow, I had planned on coming home after work tonight to summarize episode 16, but I think it may be wiser for me to go to bed early tonight and summarize tomorrow morning after a good night’s rest…it typically takes about 3 hours to write each summary, and I can’t guarantee how long my brain will remain functional, especially since there are some tricky dialogue in episode 16. After lecturing for five hours straight on Ruth Benedict (culture and individualism) and entertaining those darling kids (4 years old and 2 years old) all morning, I think it’s fair to say that I am, or at least my body is, no longer a spring chicken. 😛 I feel so old! (sniffles)

However, for those of you who couldn’t understand the dialogue, I’ll leave you with some major highlights:
1. L keeps bugging K to tell him what she was about to say at the waterfall before she slipped and fell (inside his room up in the mountains, in their room at SKKS when M isn’t there, and then at the library before K kisses him). He insists that he only wants to know because he’s a scholar. (Sure, we believe you! LOL)

2. M recognizes Chosun as the fake HBS because of her distinctive perfume. He tries to warn K to put some distance between her and Chosun, but K brushes it off and says that she’s “Daemul,” which exasperates M.

3. At the mountain house, Soondol locks K and L in the room all alone so that K can convince L to return to SKK, unwittingly forcing a man and a woman to spend the night together. LOL…the look on L’s face, especially when Soondol was telling K that L’s been sick, dazing off into space because he’s been missing someone. LOL…L’s expression is absolutely priceless!

4. G invades their room while L and M are arguing over sleeping positions because he heard a noise and thinks there’s a nine-tailed fox out to get him. LOL

Hmmm…I’m probably missing some other great points, but oh well…I’ll write a full summary tomorrow morning (8 hours from now) to cover everything. Until then, I wish you all a great day/night!

Oh, someone made a comment about future summaries of others series…LOL…we’ll see how my sanity is after SKKS. G’night!

Addendum at 11:30 pm: I just dropped by and noticed that she recapped episodes 15 and 16! I think it’s safe to say that episode 16 has been nicely summarized already. 🙂 I’ll summarize ep. 17 and 18 next week, everyone! No need to duplicate something that’s already been done quite nicely…and with pictures, too! Check it out!

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  1. Thanks for the highlights..appreciate it so much. And don't worry, we can wait…lol Have a good night's rest. Off to bed too because I think I re watched the part of the sleeping arrangements so many times…just by looking at them even if I don't understand the words they said, it sure is so funny…:)

  2. OMG..thanks so much for sharing..just can't wait to read your summary, its almost a habit to visit your page and reread all your summary, its interesting..:D fighting!! rest well …

  3. thanks for your summary again, Ì`m so happy to found you. Pleasy care for yourself and your health, we`ll wait till you have time for oure hobby :))

  4. but but…your summary is more detailed and so fun to read. turning into a mad skk fan now (only 4 more to go). will be sad when it ends.

  5. Hey, Twinkie, please don't stop recapping Ep. 16. We love to visit various blogs because we want different takes from different authors. And I love your asides which are hilarious. I don't see your recapping as duplicating Bad Milk's because you give more details and your insights are also different from other bloggers. And I always visit your blog several times a day. Please go ahead with your recapping as I've so much fun reading it.

    Your fan in Pittsburgh, PA

  6. Thank you for the highlight Twinkie. However I visited Yogorutu's blog but her recap for ep16 was not coherent, it was like a bit here and a bit there. I believed she was recapping the long preview of ep16 and not the whole episode itself.I am an academic taking a doctorate in english literature at Oxford university and i recognised an excellent writer in you. I therefore urge you to reconsider recapping the whole of episode 16 for the enjoyment of your many fans around the globe. The way you write is pure enjoyment & a literary piece.Your writing indeed is on the level of great writers like Harper Lee & J.D. Salinger.I am sure all your fans out there would like to read an excellent recaps of ep16. So please do not disappoint us. We simply love your writing.Do reconsider again please:-))

  7. Oh !!! nooooooo **Twinkle** I know you're tired and have a good rest. I'll be good ( sit nice and quiet ), until you're fully charged ,do take your time
    please……please……please……..THANK YOU……..londonloveyou XXX

  8. it is very impressive that you manage to recap while still managing to teach what sounds like a full load. i think the only thing i was able to do while teaching was to go shopping… anyway, thank you, i've been enjoying reading your posts, and i hope you continue "musing" on other topics long after skks is done…in two weeks! i can't believe it's almost over.

  9. Thinking of next MONDAY&TUESDAY already ( ep.17&18 ). *SKKS Pae-in*

    Have a lovely time with your friends and her kids.

  10. Bad Milk, take a bow. To be put on the same par with Harper Lee is just amazing as this is my favourite author although she wrote only one book, and "To Kill a Mocking Bird" is my all-time fave, as well as the film version. Salinger, of course, is another author whose work will always strike a chord with the young people. So, please go on recapping and sneaking in your funny asides for us to enjoy. Looking forward to your recap soon,

    Your fan in Pittsburgh, PA

  11. Many thanks for your input to SKK. Amazing you can stay up so late and function the next day!!

    Don't you think the drama's OST by JYJ, together and solos are wonderful?

    grateful fr new york

  12. First off, thank you very much for the recaps. I'm new here and I was wondering who is IBC? You put IBC = Yes-man … so who is Yes-man?

    Love your recaps. it's always so interesting to read. ^__^ I look forward to it every week. Thank you for your hard work.

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