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RECAP of episode 13: M hides from the pursuing guards. K corners L in the library and asks him if this is all K was to L, that all the time they spent together was so meaningless that their friendship could dissolve over such an insignificant incident (referring to Chosun’s suggestion that K likes Hyo-eun). L tells K to listen carefully: ”I have no intentions of returning to our old relationship.” K runs away and comes across a wounded M disguised as HBS. HIS mutters, “So HBS has jumped the walls of SKK.” M, as he struggles to stand says, “I’ve survived.” K gasps as M reveals himself to her.

SUMMARY of episode 14: K=Kim Yoon Shik, M=Moon Jae Shin, L=Lee Sun Joon, G=Goo Yong Ha, and HIS=Ha In Soo (school president)

HIS and his guys search for HBS. IBC (yes-man) says that HBS couldn’t have gotten far since he’s wounded. L searches the grounds of SKK in order to apologize to K and is relieved when he sees K. However, this relief quickly turns to curiosity as he views her covering her tracks/footsteps from the path with a broom.

K quickly steps into the storeroom where a bleeding M is resting/leaning against a shelf. As she reaches to take care of his wound, he grabs her hand to prevent her from helping him.
M: It’s all right. You can go now. I can take care of myself now.
K: This is how you take care of yourself?! I had wondered who the pathetic HBS was (she had commented in ep. 13 that HBS was smart because of the beautiful writing but dumb because the people he was trying to reach were peasants who couldn’t read the level of his writing). I had no idea it was you! (As she opens his shirt, she’s taken aback by the gravity of his wound. M tries to smile.)
M: All your yelling was a bluff. This is how you react to a wound? It’s all right. I’m used to things like this (getting wounded).
K: (recovering from her shock) You’re the one full of bluff. (She proceeds to strip some of her garment to wrap it around a wincing M. As she tears up at how much pain M is enduring, M reaches over to wipe her tears only to double over in pain before he can do so.) Sahyung!
L enters the storeroom just as K is leaning over to see if M is all right and misunderstands the situation. He thinks that K and M are about to kiss. In disbelief, L quickly leaves and remains deep in thought. The three scholars come across L and wonder if L has come to study like them. Meanwhile, HIS and his gang are still searching for HBS and realize that the only place to hide at SKK at this hour is the storeroom.

Back at the storeroom, K frantically searches for anything to bind M’s wound and is startled to see G, who is holding a knife/fan to a blindfolded man.
G: Don’t worry. I’ve brought a doctor to treat his wound.
Meanwhile, HIS tells his gang that the moment they discover HBS, his men are to notify the guards immediately. They see a man stealthily running away and interrogate him. HIS’s gang barge into the storeroom but find it empty. However, the guy who’s always smiling finds a fan (belonging to G) and rejoices in his discovery with IBC. HIS and his gang wonder over the implication of G’s fan. HIS recalls what the doctor said when he questioned him, that he didn’t get to see the patient’s face but that the patient was definitely wounded.

HIS walks into G’s room and proceeds to tell G a “story” when G asks what he’s doing here so late at night. HIS tells G that he came across a doctor who was trying to leave SKK and that he found G’s fan in the storeroom. HIS asks G why his fan was in the storeroom. When G gets up and winces a bit in “pain,” HIS tries to open G’s garments, hoping to expose a wound. G straightens up from his joke and laughs. He asks HIS if he suspects that G is HBS. G says that he admits that HIS was funny today and that he hopes HIS will continue to amuse him like this in the future. As for the fan, he merely gave it to some of the servants, and he guesses that the fan made its way to the storeroom. As HIS turns to leave, G suggests that HIS give up his hide-and-seek and get some rest tonight since his brilliant mind isn’t working so well right now as a result of his wicked greed to quickly reestablish his rights and position as the student body president. HIS says he’ll return the favor and give G some advice as well. G says he welcomes advice anytime. HIS says that he’ll disregard G’s insolence this time, but the next time, he won’t take kindly to G’s mocking. As HIS and his gang leave, IBC speculates that HBS must be one of the other three then. They barge into the three’s room only to find it empty. IBC wonders where they could be at this hour. HBS couldn’t have gotten far, especially in his wounded state. HIS recalls his time in G’s room and says that the game of hide-and-seek is over. He walks back toward G’s room when he comes across Prof. Yu, who tells them that they are each being penalized 5 points. HIS argues that they need to find HBS, a criminal. Prof. Jung shows up and says that they should definitely find HBS. HIS leads everyone back to G’s room and uncovers G’s curtain/room partition against G’s protests. However, all HIS finds is G’s stash of erotica. G sits on his stack while the servants grab a book or two to read. G repeats to HIS that he told them he wasn’t HBS.

Prof. Jung reprimands HIS and his gang back in his room, saying that SKK is off limits to guards and such unless by direct command of the king. They shouldn’t go around accusing SKK scholars. SKK is a place of study and pursuit of knowledge. HIS interrupts and says that as student body president, he has rights. Prof. Jung agrees but also adds that those rights are, unfortunately, not available to HIS right now due to his probation. Prof. Jung sternly warns, “Listen to me, Scholar (not president) Ha In Soo. From this moment forward, you cannot exercise your rights as president toward any student here. If you violate this, I plan on sanctioning you and removing you from office.” HIS looks vengeful.

Back at G’s room, he declares to the “empty” room that it looks like HIS will not be bothering them anymore. He clears his stash of erotica and opens the door to a large cupboard that was hidden behind a curtain/tapestry. Inside, K is hiding and watching over a sweating/ill M. G and K lay M down in G’s room as G watches tenderly over both of them.
K: Thank you, sahyung.
G: That’s for me to say.
K: How did you know about M being HBS and this situation?
M: (as G looks away) That guy is Goo Yong Ha. For the past 10 years, he’s been following me around like a shadow.
G: Just say one more word, and I’m going to beat you until your side bursts open. (pretends to want to punch him) However, I’ll overlook it since you came back alive. (grabs M’s hands and puts it next to his cheek) I’m so happy!
M: (jerks his hand away) What a guy! What’s with the dramatic/girlish emotions!
G: Daemul, no one must know of tonight’s events. This guy, he’s a criminal being hunted by guards with a King’s warrant out for his arrest. LSJ is no exception. For his sake as well, you have to keep this quiet. (perhaps referring to L’s political ties? His sense of morality?)
K: I understand the situation.

L is in a room drinking by himself. (He’s trying to deal with the shock of “seeing” K with M!) HIS drinks as well in anger for losing HBS when they were so close. The right-hand man restrains him and says that there will be a next time. Right now is not the right time. HIS asks if it’s because he fears that HIS will get his position revoked. HIS declares that HBS is somewhere in SKK.

In a dark secluded barn somewhere, ByungPan tells Chosun that until she’s healed, she should refrain from working. As he walks away, Chosun asks him to please keep his promise, that before it’s too late, she wants to live properly as a human being.

ByungPan has a tense meeting with L’s father. BP makes excuses before L’s father who is silent and reproachful. When BP says that he almost had HBS when these two warriors magically appeared, L’s father inquires if BP is referring to the two warriors (musas) sent by the King. The king wants to protect HBS in order to discover the book and its truth. BP says that the book doesn’t exist so this doesn’t make sense. L’s father lists facts (HBS is a SKK scholar who keeps talking about the book, the King sent Prof. Jung to SKK, etc.) Does the BP need any further explanation about the importance of the situation? If that book is ever found, it will signal the end of the Noron political party. L’s father adds that What he’s really afraid of, though, is what will happen afterwards. What is the king really planning?

Prof. Jung unscrolls a document before the King, who says that he (the King) anticipated the plans to take 10 years but thanks to this, the plans will only take 3 years. The king then reaches for another cigarette. Prof. Jung tells him that he should try to cut down on smoking. The king says that sometimes the smoking is better for him than an advisor who doesn’t listen very well to him (referring to Prof. Jung). When the King proceeds to roll his smoke, Prof. Jung is shocked and asks the king if this isn’t a pain reliever (like morphine). He asks if the king’s state has gotten so bad that he has to use a pain reliever. The king merely smiles and says that he’s been found out sooner than he expected (I guess this is why he’s so intent on finding the book). Prof. Jung asks why he wasn’t told earlier at which the king says, “I did tell you. The time left to me is not much longer. Do you think that I have to wait for those scholars still, Prof. Jung?” At this, Prof. Jung asks the king if he’ll promise him one thing then. That if something were to happen to those scholars or they are found to be at fault/guilty in some way, the king will put all the responsibility/blame on Prof. Jung. (What an incredible man! He’s so brilliant, articulate and wise!) The king says that he promises and that he will not ask Prof. Jung to elaborate any further. Whatever it may be, he promises to not hold the scholars responsible. After all, how can he refuse when the teacher is looking after his students as a father looks after his children. (What a sure way to protect K!) Prof. Jung then says that once the sun rises, he will enter the palace with the four scholars. At that time, the king should commission the four with the royal command/task of finding the book.

Back at G’s room, the three are sleeping. M wakes up first and looks tenderly over his friends, especially K. When K stirs, M pretends to sleep. K feels M’s forehead before she leaves the room. M smiles.

K stands before her room. Inside, L wakes up after his night of drinking. When K enters, she’s stunned to find that L has been drinking. She starts to pick up after L.
K: You’re drinking alcohol when you can’t even handle it. (L grabs the bottle from her and attempts to leave) I heard you. I heard and understood everything you said, that we cannot go back to how we were before. So, you don’t need to put on such a scary expression every time we meet. As you wish, I’ll live as merely your roommate.
She bumps into Soondol as she exits the room. Soondol asks her to eat these delicious dried persimmons and to make up with his master. (Soondol likes the influence K’s been having on L because L’s been acting more like a human being instead of a cold, emotionless scholar). Soondol says that this is part of the food that’s been prepared for L’s upcoming engagement and that a date has been set for the wedding. K leaves quickly at this unexpected news. When L comes out of the room, Soondol chastises L for being so mean and chasing away his only friend, the pretty scholar. He demands to know what exactly K’s lacking that has caused L to give K a hard time. L replies that it’s not because K’s lacking in anything but that it’s because of him. “It’s because my heart is overflowing/I can’t control my emotions.”

At the library, K sees M.
K: Sahyung! Are you all right? (M looks shy) Aren’t you supposed to be resting? If you move around like this…(As she asks these questions, M slowly tries to walk away while she still asks. Some servants walk by with books in their arms, so M grabs K toward him and winces in pain as she comes in contact with his wound. She continues to keep asking questions, so M grabs her close to him while three scholars observe them unnoticed by M and K.)
M: (whispers) Do you plan on spreading rumors or something? “Here is HBS. Please come and arrest him.” (K looks apologetic and hits her lips. M and K walk out of the library without realizing that they were being observed. The scholars speculate that the relationship is odd and that this explains why L looked like he had seen a ghost last night. One scholar says that this is worse that seeing a ghost if your roommates are engaged in such a relationship. The oldest scholar says that Daemul is truly a daemul, one who doesn’t distinguish between men and women. Other scholars join and the rumors start flying. M overhears people spreading rumors in the halls. K overhears in the classroom. L overhears in the library. G hears the rumors in a local bar. The headmaster reads the rumors on the walls of the bathroom at which point he takes the notices and demands the brilliant professors (Yu and Jung) to deal with this situation. Meanwhile, the other scholars start arguing among themselves as to who posted/spread the rumors. HIS comes and says that there are rules and order at SKK. Violence is not allowed to resolve conflicts. The scholars present a formal request/hearing before the professors to try M and K for dirtying the name of SKK as homosexuals. This is their way of protecting SKK. M seeks out HIS and says to desist since it’s just rumors. HIS says that he’ll give M a chance to come clean. What were they doing that night at the storeroom? When M can’t say anything, HIS starts to taunt him about how it must be of a private nature. M attempts to strike him but is stopped by the Soron scholars who ask that M defend himself at the hearing since this affects the Soron party, too.

At the library, K sees L and asks him if he saw them (K and M) that night at the storeroom.
K: I’m a guy. How can I, as a man, like another man, Gul-oh sahyung? This is impossible!
L: You’re right. If liking a man is an impossibility, then I suggest you behavior properly the next time. Then there wouldn’t be any cause for people to assume/misunderstand things about you.
HIS: Why don’t you save the questions and answers for the hearing. Scholar L, I recruit you as a witness in this hearing since you are their roommate and are reported by others to have seen them at the storeroom. Is there any other suitable witness than you? At the hearing, you must tell the truth. Not even the king or the nation’s leaders can interfere. In the hearing, only the president’s authority matters. (Interesting how HIS has conveniently forgotten that his privileges have been revoked) I have called you to stand before the hearing as a witness.

G: So, LSJ has been called as a witness (in conference with HIS in G’s room. Claps his hands) It’s perfect. Getting the upright L to stand and give testimony against his roommates. What a plan! (HIS says that he definitely likes G, that G understands him and should be on his side) Do you really believe that M and K are gay? (HIS says that they were caught embracing each other. He doesn’t really care if they are accused of being HBS or gays. The result will be the same—expulsion from SKK and L will turn his back on his roommates.) LSJ will turn his back on his roommates? (HIS explains why he thinks L will turn his back—L’s upright as well as his father’s son. L won’t be able to stand this type of dirtiness. G applauds HIS on his planning.) This time around, you’re going to be able to get M and K together. (HIS says that there’s one more thing. Once they are gone, there will be no one around Yeorim. This causes G pause as he becomes lost in thought)

M: Hey Noron! (referring to L) Have you seen him? Have you seen Daemul? You’re in the same class taught by Prof. Yu. (sigh) Where did this guy go, making me worry like this?
L: Worrying? Is that how you do it? Plunging the person you cherish into hell and causing him to be fingered at by people? Is that the type of worrying you do, sahyung? If you really cared for K, this shouldn’t have happened.
M: Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care—
L: Then take care of it properly! (drops the honorific/polite speech scholars use to address their seniors) I, too, don’t want to be concerned any further. (M looks stunned)

Prof. Jung: I asked you what you two were doing in the storeroom that night. Not even the king can protect you in that hearing once it starts. If you tell me the truth, I might be able to help you. However, once the hearing starts, it’ll be too late. If you are found guilty of homosexuality, your name will be erased from all records. You will never be able to take another exam or position with the name Kim Yoon Shik. Are you really OK with that?!
K: We did nothing wrong. That’s the only answer I can give you at this time. (K bows in apology.)

K is about to enter her room when she overhears G’s raised voice.
G: So you’re going to do as HIS wants?
M: Don’t make a big deal out of it.
G: Confessing that you’re HBS is a direct path to hell. Is this your way of saving your dead brother? Just think about confessing tomorrow at the hearing, and I’ll kill you with my own hands.
M: (grabs G’s hands) With these tiny fists? (LOL. I can’t believe M can still joke around.) I’m in the process right now of thinking what’s the best course of action.
G: This best course of action that you speak of? Is it what’s best for Daemul? (M’s feelings are found out!)

Headmaster tells L that he will convince the president to withdraw L from the hearings tomorrow. L says that adults, not even the King, can interfere. This is his business/fight. He’ll deal with it. The headmaster then says to make a clear line between L and the other two then, so that there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that L is separate from his roommates.

On the grounds of SKK, the other scholars throw salt and vegetable at K as a way of ostracizing her. L sees her being persecuted and blocks the other scholars. He leads K away, much to the other scholars’ surprise and M’s who happens upon the scene.

K: I don’t know whether to say thank you or I’m sorry. Tomorrow at the hearing, will you help me then, too? Gul-oh sahyung and I, we don’t have that type of relationship. In any case, we’re innocent.
L: Then speak. That night, tell me honestly what happened at the storeroom.
K: That…that…it’s for Gul-oh sahyung’s sake that I can’t say anything. Will you simply believe me and help me? This hearing for Gul-oh sahyung is—
L: This situation, do you realize how huge this situation is? If something goes wrong, you can spend the rest of your life stuck in a dungeon. And yet, even at this moment, you’re worrying more for M than for yourself?! (Jealousy LOL)
K: Sure, I suppose you can doubt me. Since LSJ is an upright man, you may not be able to understand. However, I would like to ask that you believe me once and help me.
L: I…how far? How much more do I have to do? For you, how much more?! Do I have to do something this stupid, this pathetic, etc.? (L walks away.)
K: (to herself) What can I do? At this time, the only person I can think of (to trust and lean on) is you, LSJ.

Scholars are gossiping. M hugs a random scholar and then demands if he’s had enough. Go and start rumors now that M is interested in this scholar. M then threatens that if they do anything else to hurt K, he’ll tear their arms apart. The other scholars back away.

At a local bar, G buys everyone drinks and then urges them to testify that M and G are not like that. He’s G and he knows them well. The other scholars are torn but drink anyway. G keeps lobbying to get the scholars to vote in favor of M and K. IBC comes and says that all this is useless since once the hearing starts, it implies that their guilt is a given. G says that the hearing is tomorrow and the voting/verdict hasn’t even been cast.

Some scholars are lined up to sign out/leave SKK grounds and a servant asks L if it’s true what they say about M and K. L ignores the question and says that he’ll return before curfew. The servant congratulates him on the engagement and says that L must be busy with preparations. K and M both observe the scene unnoticed.

In the classroom, K is seated to study and M comes up to her and takes her book.
M: Was it like this? I don’t want to talk to anyone, so don’t mess with me. Buzz off so I can read?
K: I’m reading it because it’s fun.
M: If you keep lying blatantly like this, it’s going to become a habit. (K laughs) There’s something twenty times better than reading this book.
(He takes her to his tree! They view the panoramic view of SKK from one of the tree branches)
K: Twenty times better? If you keep lying like this, it’s going to become a habit. This is hundred times more! Why do you act as HBS? I’ve heard that it’s dangerous and that you can die if you’re caught. Why? Why do you risk your life like this?
M: As punishment. I’ve never really thought about those things you just mentioned. It’s because I feel suffocated. Because I can’t bear things. Because if I don’t, then I can’t live. I’m trying to live. What about you? Aren’t you the same, the reason why you’re here at SKK. Someone once said that when you’re up here, you can hear the breathing of the palace guards (not sure of exact translation). There was a guy who used to tell me lies like that (his brother). But he told me also that the doors to SKK aren’t the doors into the king’s palace but that they open into the poorest and more deprived part of our country, Banchon. (K views Banchon)
K: You’re right. It’s true.
M: I think it’s because of that guy (that I take the risks I do). Someone should know that the guy comes to and fro on this earth, don’t you think?
K: Who is this person?
M: My older brother. Kim Yoon Shik.
K: Yes?
M: Kim. Yoon. Shik. There will/must be a way to not dirty that name. And I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you this before today ended. (from the back, they look like a couple, spending a quiet day together in the tree)

ByungPan laughs while L sits in front of him. He’s thrilled that he’s going to become in-laws with L’s family. BP starts to call L his son-in-law and gives him advice about life. He says that being so upright like L can be tiring and that he’s merely giving him advice on how to rise up the ranks. Hyo-eun walks L out and says that she thinks it’s better to get married before it gets too cold. When L stops, she quickly backs off and says that getting married at first snow would be nice, too. L says nothing, so she says that spring flowers will best suit L. She tries to link her arms with L, but he pulls away and apologizes. L drinks tea with his dad, and the dad asks if this is the expression of a groom. He knows that L doesn’t like ByungPan but that BP will be someone who will do anything and everything for his son-in-law. L tells his father that after the wedding, he would like to withdraw from SKK because he doesn’t feel that he’s ready to advance yet. The dad says that since it’s something that L has decided after much thought, he won’t ask him any questions.

At the hearing, HIS proclaims that this hearing is to decide on the fate of M and K’s homosexuality incident and that the results will erase their names forever and protect the integrity of their honored school.
HIS: I will ask K. Is it true that you and M bonded that night in an inappropriate way?
K: No. I ask that you believe me.
HIS: Then will you tell us what happened that night?
K: We…We were only….
HIS: Then I have no recourse but to listen to the testimony of the witness. (L comes forward) Scholar LSJ, did you see them together that night? They are definitely gay, are they not?
L: The homosexual…is me. (shock all around)
HIS: What did you just say?
L: The homosexual is me.

PREVIEW of episode 15 (can’t wait!):
HIS: As student body president, I deliver the verdict/judgment on MJS and KYS.
M: Everything will be all right if I take off my clothes (leave? Ambiguous meaning due to Korean language…not sure what’s intended since the quote is taken out of context. Take clothes off to reveal wound or to leave SKK)?
K: LSJ? Have you seen LSJ?
A fellow scholar: It’s true that LSJ has left SKK?
L: (to K) Leave. Let’s never see each other again.
G: So, are you happy, Garang?
L: (to his father) Are you happy? (Dad laughs. Scene of him searching for K) You, I like you KYS.
Soondol: Isn’t that the pretty scholar?!
(Scene of L and K hugging by some boulders/waterfall. This must be the much-talked about waterfall scene!)
M: KYS! (Jumps into the water to save her)
L: (carries K out of the water) No matter how hard I try, I can’t stop myself from seeking you out. Run far away from me, KYS.

Whoa…can’t wait for episode 15! Have a great day!

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