SJS: June 2014 Update

SJS June 2014 Update

Hi, everyone!

This post starts the inaugural posting of one of the new corners that I mentioned a while ago: “So Ji Sub Update” corner. 😀

Heh, I bet some of you thought that just because I had given Lee Sang Woo the title of “Mr. Eye Candy 2014” that I had forgotten all about So Ji Sub.

*scoffs* Au contraire, mes amis! Remember that my nickname is “Turtle” and I am ever the diligent, steadily progressing, and most of all, faithful turtle. 😉

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what our dear SJS has been up to since his last unforgettable drama project, The Master’s Sun

CF: Waaaaay too many to count but here’s a sampling of a few. The rest, you can check out over at sjstoprak’s YouTube site (here).

Volkswagen Golf GTI:

Binggrae Acafela:

Cheddar Cheese:

New Music: (*rating PG-13)

“18 Years” (featuring Saetbyul) – Here’s a teaser clip.

Let’s not forget his Asia Fan Tour scheduled for this summer, starting June 28th in Taiwan. He’s definitely been keeping himself busy and rightfully earning the hallyu title. 🙂

All the best to our dear SJS as he continues to bring smiles to our faces and warm fuzzies to our hearts. 😉

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3 thoughts on “SJS: June 2014 Update”

  1. I love your description of yourself as the ‘diligent, steadily progressing . . . faithful turtle’! Speaks volumes, methinks 🙂

    Thank you for sharing. I saw SJS in a new light last year thanks to your recommendation of TMS and it’s nice to know what he’s been up to. His music . . . er, well, I think I prefer his acting, but I give him props for effort!

    1. Yes, his music choices are sometimes a bit…hmmm…I’ll just let the “ellipsis” speak for itself. LOL

      Hope all is well, shl! I love that you’ve been commenting regularly. 😀

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