Short Story Done!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let those of you who were interested know that I’ve finally gotten around to posting my short story/chapter on my creative writing blog site, It’s been a while since I took the time to do some creative writing, so I’m curious to see if I was able to accurately convey my points through this story.  Please feel free to leave me thoughts or impressions of the story. I’m especially curious to hear what “Oxford” and my youngest sister in Georgia think of this piece as well as anyone else who’s kind enough to read and comment.  I hope you’ll give me as much constructive criticism as possible. If I can get this short story revised enough for publication, that would be fantastic!  🙂

Have a great post-Secret Garden weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Short Story Done!”

  1. twinkie, since i cant comment at your blog, do permit me saying something here. What happen next? Ha ha, since i am not someone who can give any constructive criticism, allow me to become your fan who eagerly waiting for update. You make me feel as i am one of those who were always get caught in that sardine pack subway in a rushing hour.. you pen it so beautifully

  2. Hi wanzhaf!
    Thank you for the heads-up on the comment situation. I've gone ahead now and changed the settings, so that you should be able to leave comments on Twinkiesworld blog.
    Also, thank you for the feedback on the "sardine pack subway." It was definitely helpful to know that I was able to get that impression across properly. 🙂 You gave me constructive criticism. 🙂

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